March 9, 2010

Author Samantha Storm

A freelance Web Designer and Graphic Artist, Samantha Storm spends her off hours working away on the stories roaming around in her head. Samantha lives in a small mining town in Arizona , a place with only dialup internet connection, and no Starbucks to appease her constant craving for caffeine. She lives with her husband, two dogs, and a black six-toed cat.

As her alter ego, Chaoscat, she is the Owner/Operator of Romance Junkies (click the blog title to visit). Samantha's favorite color is red, and she loves Chinese food in the morning for breakfast. Her love of mysteries and everything paranormal keeps her tapping at the keyboard, combining the two in her own stories. Samantha loves hearing from readers and you can reach her at:

How do writers come up with ideas for their stories?

I see readers asking this question all the time. And writers answering that they get inspiration from everything around them. Maybe they see a report on the news that starts the spark. Or it might be a snippet of conversation they overhear while standing in line at the bank. Really inspiration comes at the oddest times and you never know what will fuel it. And that is true for most of my stories.

Then there are the few stories I create just to be contrary. ;-)

I get an idea that entertains me. Something that sounds like a challenge. Can I write a murder mystery in under 120 pages? Sounds incredible hard, right? So now of course it's something I have to try. I jump on the computer and run the concept past my writing buddy. I can tell even over instant messenger that she is doubting my sanity. Especially when I mention that the characters are going to be very zany and there is going to be a love triangle.

Writing Buddy: "Let me get this straight. You're going to have a murder and love triangle all in one small novella."

Me: "Doesn't that sound exciting? Imagine how hard it will be to pull off!"

Writing Buddy: "Um, yeah sounds hard. Now who is going to be in this love triangle?"

She asks this question because -- she has known me for seven years and she can tell by my use of exclamations points that I am totally excited which means I am about to do something extremely nutty.

Me: "The love triangle will be between the heroine, cop and bad guy."

Writing Buddy: "The cop and the bad guy? ARE YOU CRAZY!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!"

The fact that this usually calm woman starts typing in all caps just makes the idea that much more appealing. I have no choice but to get to work writing it, especially now I've been told it's something I shouldn't be doing.

And so the novella Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe was born. The zany mystery comes in at 112 pages. Did I succeed in the challenge? You will have to be the judge. For every person that loves the story there is someone else out there that absolutely hates it. Which of course makes me love the story even more. I have to say sometimes it's a lot of fun being contrary.

You must be over 18 to read the story. It is spicy in nature. You can download Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe as a free read in PDF format from this link:

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  1. What a fun interview! Samantha your love for the out-of-the-ordinary, dare-me attitude peeks my interest. I'm off to download Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe and I plan on being thoroughly entertained!

  2. She is definitely out of the ordinary, Christy! LOL

    Samantha/Chaoscat is one of my favorite people, and an excellent writer. I know you'll enjoy her books.

  3. I read Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe. It's a sexy story and a lot of fun. Samantha, I love your free reads. (But I'd also willingly pay for them.*smiles*) Do you have plans for any future books? What's next on the horizon for you?


  4. Samantha's always up for trying something that's a little off-the-wall, especially when it comes to her writing. Hmmm, maybe that's why her nickname is Chaos and her pen name is Storm. She loves to shake things up. LOL

    MM&M is a really fast-paced, fun read. I know I enjoyed it. =)


  5. Diana L Smith3/09/2010 2:56 PM

    Great interview and I love your animation of the chat between your writing buudy and you. Does every author have a writing buddie? And is it someone who is also a writer or just someone to bounce ideas off of like a muse? It is always fun reading your comments. I love being a part of RomanceJunkies as well. Lot of fun.

  6. Hey Kayelle! Thanks for having me ;-)

    ChristyJan - hope you like the story it's a bit out of the box LOL

    MarieH- I'm working on a sequel to Eye of the Storm and also working on erotica paranormal called Blood Magic. I know how much you love free reads LOL

    Anara - thanks for coming by. You know I love to cause whenever possible chaos. my tagline - (Chaos - It's not just a lifestyle, it's a state of mind)

    Diana - Most the writers I know have writing buddies and/or critique buddies. Often they are aspiring or published authors. But not always. I know quite a few authors who have readers they trust to critique their work before they send it onto their editors.

    Basically just friends you meet along the way. You pass each other a couple chapters and see if you like each others writing style. Some of my writing buddies are critique partners. Some of my writing buddies are just buddies on the same journey ---striving for that NY contract ;-) And some of my writing buddies are just gossip buddies LOL.

    Hope that all made sense. I am still sick with this wicked cold from hell. ;-)

    off to get another cup of coffee
    Samantha Storm

  7. I like your attitude and really enjoy your website. Have you ever turned down a dare?

  8. Maureen -
    When I was six I ate the milk bone biscuit. Not something I would recommend.

    In college I said yes to the double dare and introduced myself to the cute neighbor. The dark eyed, dark haired hottie who my best friend was dying to meet. So I knocked on his door, introduced myself and then came back ten minutes with friend in tow and forced her to meet Mr. Too Delicious for Words. They dated for two years ;-)

    But that same year I said an emphatic "NO" to the triple dare to streak naked down the street at two am.

    So yes, I like a good challenge and good dare. But I draw the line at anything that might land my ass in jail LOL ;-)

    Samantha Storm

  9. Samantha has been entertaining me for years and I love her writing. She has a knack for doing off the wall things but let me warn you, she enjoys taking her friends along on that wacky trail just as much. LOL

    Great blog, Samantha!

  10. You absolutely did succeed with Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe!

    You know... I just realized, I don't think any of your characters share your addiction..erm, I mean great love of coffee. (correct me if I'm wrong). Wassup wit dat?

    Great interview. Looking forward to your next release. :-)

  11. Chaos has many fans -- and you can take that any way you want. LOL

    I appreciate the many drop ins today. It's fun reading comments especially when they're made about crazy writers who aren't me for a change. ^_^

  12. Yeah, here's another who liked the interview. . . and this non-writer sort of figures, if you get a response like that, the you want to do what?? type, it's just an invitation to try it out. I mean, what's the worst that can happen, the idea doesn't work? LOL

    And yeah, hope the cold is better-- but you do know what they say, hold the chicken soup, you feed a cold coffee. Definitely works better. :)


  13. Hi Samantha/Chaos,

    I've know you for just at a year and have to say love your writing and the fun you ensue over at the RJ Group. Will glady pay for and shamelessly promote any future books published you have out :).

    Best Wishes,
    Pam S/Pamela Denise

  14. I'd sit with you in jail, Samantha:-)
    I love your 'dare me attitude!'

  15. I love the "I'd sit with you in jail" comment! LOL

    Read somewhere once that a good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will be there with you, saying, "Damn, that was fun!"

    Somehow, I imagine Chaos / Samantha would have a crowd in her cell. ^_^

  16. Dorine - Thanks for coming out of lurkdom and blogging LOL

    Vanessa - You're right I need to portray a character with my coffee addiction ;-)

    Lois - this cold has serious kicked my butt. Been a bum watching tv for two days. Have been trying both the chicken soup and caffeine.

    Pam - thanks!! Very cool that you like my stories

    Morag -you realize that you are the one that got me addicted to kona coffee. And now I have recently passed that addiction onto my buddy vanessa LOL

    Kayelle - Well here is hoping we are smart enough to pull off whatever heist we have in mind and we can skip the cell entirely LOL ;-) Thanks again for having me!

  17. Cool - I'd much rather pull off the heist and go free. =^_^=


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