June 7, 2010

Just Another Paranormal Monday

Why have just another Monday, when you can have Just Another Paranormal Monday? I'm the guest moderator at the group today. Come over and join us! If you're a member, click here:

If you're not, click to join ParanormalMonday: 

Click to join ParanormalMonday

This is a fun group, a great place to learn about new authors who specialize in paranormal romance, and the only day people post is on Monday! One day of activity, and then your inbox is quiet for a week. How great is that? It's almost ... paranormal. o_O

 I'll be sharing info, including a peek at the book coming out next week: For Women Only. Here's the cover by Anne Cain. Destined to be another winner. Is that gorgeous or what? Anne outdid herself. That is Khyff and Mehfawni, by the way. Their first love scene is three chapters long. Did I mention he is a former "slake" (prostitute) nicknamed the Machine?

If you love a hero with a tortured past, Khyff is your man. Warning: Before you start the book, make sure you have ice handy. It won't help, it just keeps your cool drink from getting too hot to drink.  

Come on over to JAPM and say hello. I'll be there all day.

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