July 6, 2010

How a Horror Author can Write the Same Scary Stuff for Dark Paranormal Romance

When I decided to write my first paranormal romance I looked no farther than what I’ve been doing already under another name: horror. And I loved reading paranormal romances myself. It was a no brainer for me. I’ve read paranormal romances where the vampire didn’t drink blood nor did bad things. Let’s admit it, European vamps drink blood—humans are food for goodness sakes. I also had a problem about a vampire getting together with a human—necrophilia came to mind for me. My first vampire romance was set not only in the future but on another planet. The hero was the last Undead Earth vampire in existence and he had to escape from Earth to another world as pollution had killed all the others of his kind. It was on that new planet that he met his ‘soul mate’, Nalessa, a living alien vampire. She was the last survivor of her civilization, which perished eons ago. That story became Crimson Promise. This got published by Phaze Books. Since then, I overcame my issues and wrote a vampire with a human romance story, which also was a second chance at love for two lovers separated by terrible circumstances. This will be coming out in the anthology, Just Another Paranormal Monday, to be published by Mojocastle Press, LLC. Monsters are scary. We all are afraid of the dark. What better way to conquer that fear of the dark then have the heroine or hero fall in love with a monster? You have the bad boys or girls in contemporary romance novels, but this takes that bad idea and making them even more bad assed. Besides the reader wants to be taken away from their mundane day-to-day life and suddenly they can find that in a tale where the heroine moves to some creepy town. Each night something or somethings are taking innocent citizens. These monstrous things are also after her. Then she meets a tall, dark and handsome man, who saves her from a pack of howling things. She falls for him. Maybe even makes love with him. It is later that she learns he’s not human, but one of those ‘howling’ things. He’s a werewolf, cursed to take another shape, but he’s tortured and doesn’t want to harm humans. Will she, can she, change him for the better? When she does, and both ride off into the sunset on his motorcycle (or drive off in a car or truck—doesn’t matter), the readers close the book with a snap, knowing once again there’s a happily ever after for another couple. You don’t have to stick to supernatural creatures either. Why not an alien, whose people want to take over our world? Not just an alien, but a parasitical one? I did this with Iridescent Invasion once upon a time with an epublisher whose doors closed in 2008. One day, I hope to go back and turned this story into a full blown novel. Latest stories I had published have demons in it as heroes and heroines. One is an erotic urban fantasy, Being Familiar With a Witch. It’s a short novel that already has made finalist for two different awards—EPIC Awards 2010 and now Prism Awards 2010. The latest is an erotic paranormal romance novella, Ain’t Nothin’ Like Succubus Lovin’—this has a succubus just as the title implies. But it doesn’t matter what kind of being your hero or heroine is, a paranormal allows you to take chances, to go where no reader has been before in a love story. You can take the theme of racism, religion and prejudice, and add a twist by making one of the lovers a merperson or a vampire or shapeshifter. They say that love overcomes everything--well, here’s a writer’s chance to prove that. With writing paranormal romance and being allowed stretching the limit with blood chilling horror I have proved that a horror author can apply it to a paranormal romance with no problem. Readers: chime in with a comment if you agree with this or not. We authors love to know what readers think since you are the one who buy our books. Paranormal Romance Authors: Let us know what led you to write paranormal romance, and why. Sapphire Phelan http://www.sapphirephelan.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sapphire-Phelan/324399690647 http://SapphirePhelansPassionCorner.blogspot.com http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SapphirePhelansParanormalNewsletter Go beyond the usual, instead take the unusual that stretches the boundaries and find romance with Sapphire Phelan's aliens, werewolves, vampires, fairies, and other supernatural/otherworldly heroes and heroines.


  1. I enjoy author posts where they discuss their thoughts on writing. I enjoy many genres and paranormal is one of them

  2. I agree. Everyone loves to read about some "monster" who meets a girl and turns into a good monster. I do. (I'm such a sucker for a badass.) But I agree that we like them so much because it does take us into another world where stragne things happen. It's just appealing.

    Lately I've been wondering if an author can write in the same way with a story similar to the above or just a bad boy falls for girl story, but not end in the same way and the readers still love it. Hmm. Does that make sense?

  3. I am a sixty-two-year old paranormal virgin. I read and write contemporary and historical romance with some elements of suspense thrown in. I've never read anything in your genre, but can see that I should. One should be well-rounded, after all. OK, I've been "well rounded" for years, but we don't need to go there (If I share that I've lost 32 pounds and am STILL well rounded, you know my plight).

    Your blog is well written. I love it when I can learn something! And I did reading your blog. Write on!!

  4. Sapphire, having you on my blog is such a treat. Just like in your writing, you never know what will happen next! ^_^ I need a smilie that represents vampires... Vamp romance is my favorite thing to read.

    To the others who have posted so far, I agree. I love having authors discuss characters and writing, and am also a sucker for a badass alpha hero. And Vonnie - the first step is admitting there's a problem. LOL! Yes, definitely come over to the vampire side for a book or two. You will find paranormal to be quite delicious, and available in every shade of light and dark you can imagine.

    As for being well rounded... I resemble that remark. ;o

  5. Thanks for the comments, and thanks, Kayelle, for having me post to the blog today.

    It nwas super for me, when paranormal romance took off as I love writing that kind of stuff. By the way, Vonnie, I do read historical and contemp romance too. :D

  6. I'm an all genre reader. Hmm, no that's not quite true. Let's say I read most genres. I also write in many genres. I love to "mix-it-up."
    And I do love paranormal romances, so keep the monsters and romance coming.

  7. Hi, I like the post. I read all genres BUT paranormal and historical are my favs. I love alpha's myself but also if they are 'tamed' by a good or not so good woman. I like that you use alittle of everythig, keeps things interesting!!!

  8. I started the same way, as a horror fan and aspiring horror writer. I wrote my first vampire story (over 30 single-spaced pages) at the age of 13. From the beginning, I wanted to write fiction sympathetic to the "monster" and often from the monstrous viewpoint. When paranormal romance became a recognized subgenre, it was what I'd been trying to write all along -- in any kind of fiction, the relationships are what interest me most.


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