December 10, 2010

Battlesong by Allison Knight

Battlesong by Allison Knight (Medieval Romance set in 13th century England) Rating PG 13
This is the second of a series of medieval romances involving the ab Brynn Ffrydd family. The first book, "Heartsong" was Rhianna's story. She's the only girl in a family of six. Arthur is the youngest in the family. I'm working on "Windsong" now, the second oldest brother. Meet Arthur and his wife, Laren.
Arthur stood and watched her ascend the stone steps, not able to muster a sound. This was his wife? And she wanted him gone? Suspicion raked his soul. Why did she want him to leave?
However, he had no intention of leaving his own keep. But, Sweet Jesu, she had become a beauty. How could he have known she would turn out to be so pleasing to the eye? She had little height, not as tall as he remembered her sister, but her eyes were the color of new pine needles. They'd snapped with anger and something else as she stared at him. The wisps of hair escaping her crispin were a dark red, not the orange red of her childhood. Aye, and her curves. Even her dark gown couldn't disguise the full swell of her breasts or the slimness of her waist.
For a second, he allowed a smile to curve his lips. 'Twas not going to be too much of a hardship wedded to Laren Blair. Still, none answered his original question.
"Halstead?" he shouted over the hum of conversation around him. Where was his steward?
Ward, the knight he'd left in charge of Rexton's security, approached. "Halstead is no longer here, my lord."
"Did something happen to him, did he take ill, die? Why was I not informed?"
"Nay, he did not fall ill, nor has he died. Your lady wife dismissed him when she found him collecting rents he failed to record. After she examined the accounts."
"Halstead dismissed?"
"Aye, my lord."
"She had no right," he muttered under his breath and more suspicion pricked at him like an annoying nit. His leg began to throb and he sought the closest chair. "She examined the accounts? Nay, I cannot believe that. Women have no mind for numbers."
The words slipped past his lips even as a picture of Rhianna danced before his mind's eye. His sister could cipher and more. So, why not the woman he married? Laren claimed she ran her father's estate, he remembered, but he hadn't credited it as truth. Nor could he believe it now. She must have engaged someone else to act as steward. Some of her kin?
Without his permission! And she ordered him from his own keep. His anger rose like bitter herbs in his throat. How dare she claim the position of steward? Also to demand he take his leave of this place. Nay, it would not do, not until he knew the why of it. So, what other changes had she wrought?

Award winning author Allison Knight began her writing career like many other authors. She read a book she didn’t like and knew she could do a better job. She grabbed paper and typewriter (computers were not available back then) and announced she was going to write a book. Her children hooted with laughter.
“Yeh, Mom, when cows fly,” her daughter declared.
She took classes, joined a critique group and wrote, rewrote and wrote some more.
When her first book sold, she came home from her teaching job to find a stuffed toy cow rotating from the ceiling fan in the family room. It seemed - “Cows did fly!”
Since that time, Allison has written and published seventeen romances with her latest medieval romance released in August. She has a valentine novella coming out in February. Because she loves to share her knowledge and her love of romance novels she often blogs with other authors. She also loves to talk about the growing digital market.
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  1. This looks really good, Allison. How many more books do you plan in the series?


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