December 5, 2010

One Simple Truth... there's No Easy Way

Thank you Kayelle, for welcoming me to your site today.  I am excited to share the release of my latest novel with your readers.

First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Susan (penname S.R. Claridge).  I grew up in St.Louis, Missouri and shortly after graduating from the University of Missouri with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, I married a man to whom I am still married today… 18 years later.  We live in Colorado with our two children and dog.

I began my writing career being published for poetry, lyrics and greeting cards, but have finally found my niche in the fiction world of mystery and romantic suspense.  I believe it is my background in theatre and psychology that helps me fill the pages with enough dramatic suspense to keep readers guessing until the very end…which is my intent with every novel. I am currently working on a Mafia style mystery series.

Someone asked me what it takes to be a published author and a million things popped into my head, but one stood out from all the rest. Never quit. No matter how many rejections you receive, never stop writing.  Don’t let yourself fall into failure simply because you grow too weary or feel too beaten down to grasp toward success. The best advice I received was to stay the course, despite the frustrations and the disappointments common to this industry.  It is my hope that in some way I can support and encourage all writers to believe in their work and continue the journey, especially when it feels there is no easy way.

Speaking of no easy way...

My novel, No Easy Way, published by Vanilla Heart Publishing was released in ebook format in October 2010 with the print edition coming out in February 2011.  It is a mystery/romantic suspense story that will tug at your heart and taunt your mind.  A story about faith and forgiveness, where missing evidence, mistaken identity and manipulation leave the characters hanging in a twisted balance of crossed lines and misunderstood motives, all pointing to one simple truth…there is NO EASY WAY.

Readers may read a FREE excerpt of at:
No Easy Way

No Easy Way is available for download or purchase at:  AMAZON, Smashwords, OmniLit, AllRomanceEbooks

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Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to talk about my book.  Happy Holidays!


  1. Welcome to RLF Susan. Your blog is lovely, and I like the way you coded the one here. Quite clever and attractive. I like suspense and mysteries, especially action driven ones. Your books sound like good reads.

    Thank you for being here today!


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