February 24, 2012

Sexcation - Kharisma Rhayne

Holding on to the Pain.

I need a "sexcation."

That's right. It's not a typo. It's like a vacation, but way better. You know? With sex. Lots of it. It's the vacation where you get the sex you want, not the sex (or lack of) that you're stuck with.

This all started on Facebook (just goes to show you—you never know what I might toss up on my facebook account). Imagine that. I was amazed at how many actually felt like I did and the reasoning behind it. I mean, is it just to have that vacation with perfect sex? Is it a need to reach sheer exhaustion so that you can rest? Is it because you aren't getting any at all and some is better than none? Is it because you are unhappy with the sex you're getting? Is it maybe a combination of several factors?

As much as I've read erotic romance, I find that I'd love to pull the heroine out of the book, kick her ass and jump into the story and take her place. A strong man, generally bent on protecting family and his woman (who is more than likely fighting him every step of the way), who's always got a huge cock and is great in bed. Damn! Where do I sign up?

Think he'll take me if I promise no drama, like he's getting from the woman he's trying to make his? I'm very independent and stubborn. But for something like that? My own "knight in shining armour" (so to speak) – damn right I'd play the obedient female. Hell, I might even enjoy it.

Oh right, back on point. You'd get all that and more on my sexcation, of course. You see, each vacation would have to be a custom fit. Take your favorite steamy erotic romance man (or hell, it's your vacation, combine a few attributes from certain ones and get your perfect mega-man) and make it your dream vacation. Do you dream of the Highlander who will fuck you until you beg him to stop? Perhaps it's the man who enjoys a good meal right between your legs? The one that gets you off with his tongue, then his tongue and fingers and then finally, when you can't wait any longer, with his cock. Maybe you prefer the English gentleman who respects you, wouldn't dream of saying the word fuck around you, and treats you with extra care. Or maybe it's the hot Native American that can ride bare back and take you by a stream.

Your vacation. You choose. And the news breaker in this? Sexcation is going to be a new short series. Where men and women get to make their own rules and have the perfect vacation that fills their own unique fantasy. Want your fantasy to appear in one with mention of your name in the dedication? Email me your fantasy ( KharismaRhayne (at) gmail (dot) com )

Thanks so much for having me here today.

Only Happy When it Rhaynes

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Finally, if you have a few more minutes, take a peek below for some details on my latest release from Rebel Ink. It's Holding on to the Pain (Book 2 in the Living Deadly Series).

 Holding on to the Pain blurb:
"I was blessed by the gods Hera and Ares. This was their gift to me. I am dead, but not dead. You see, when I became transformed into a Vampire, my heart stopped beating and it still does not beat. But I can do everything and so much more than any human with a heartbeat can. Wonderful. Is it not?"  ~Xander

As the product of an oddly unusual experiment by the gods – they wanted to create the first vampire, Xander exists.  It wasn't something he had asked for but none the less he reaped the rewards just the same.  As the first of his kind, he's no longer plagued by human limitations, especially pain. Hera and Ares may have created him to be the ultimate killing machine, but there is a learning curve for even him.   While enjoying his newfound power, he kills without mercy, often simply for his own pleasure. His desire for pain at times even surpasses his sexual needs. He was gifted with invincibility as well as impatience. As the years added up, he grew bored of his dominance over those in the society of war and the civilized. Humans are merely toys for him to play with and toss aside after he's had his fill. He cares nothing for them other than the blood-thirst they sate.  It can be a truly boring existence as he finds out.

Kharisma Rhayne
Whether out of boredom or desperation, none know for sure, Xander decides he must have  a companion, but who is worthy of his immortal bite?  Kings, warriors, or merchants?  This is part of Xander's tale…come along for the ride as we journey with one of the greatest warriors of our time as he searches for more than mere existence.   He may be a warrior like no other, one who felt no pain. In a single word: Indestructible.

You can pick it up HERE


  1. Oh wow. I think even if you're getting what you want every night, this sexcation thing would grab your attention. Lovely post, hot idea. Thank you for being my guest today, Kharisma.

  2. Hi Kharisma...nice post. Sexcation...love it! Made me smile...and I think it makes for a great series. I agree with Kayelle, hot idea.

    I look forward to reading a few when they release.

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Kay. ^_^ Made me smile, too! And giggle, now that I think about it.

  4. Thanks Kayelle (and thanks so much for having me today) and Kay.

    I agree...even when you are getting the sex you want..there's always something that's generally in your mind (or comes to you from that favorite book or movie). I have two shorts series' already, so I'm trying to decide what to do with this one. They may go up on my blog as limited time short free reads and then when I have enough, be combined into an anthology. I think this one has limitless possibilities. :D

  5. Just goes to show that we are never satisfied. ;) And I mean that as a people, rather than as a woman, or as an author. If you have an imagination, there is always something new to try.


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