April 14, 2012

A Day in The Life Of An Erotic Author - Dawne Prochilo

Insatiable Kate.
My days are spent like any other erotic author...nothing special really. But let me first squelch any myths that may have evolved over the years.

Myth: All erotic romance authors are addicted to having sex all the time.

Fact: We may think about sex, write about sex and talk about sex all the time...but in reality, we're too tired for sex. Why? We promote, write and have a 24/7 job. Simply...we ARE tired.

Myth: Every scene we write in our novels we have performed, witnessed or participated in- that's why the scenes are so descriptive.

Fact: No. We just have a very creative imagination. Maybe some of us have experienced these incidents, but not me.
Why? First off, I'm a female, so anatomically I cannot perform M/M scenes and vice versa for male erotic authors with F/F scenes. *NOTE: Plus we're tired.

Myth: Erotic authors' wardrobes consist of lingerie, sexy short skirts and provocative clothing. 

Fact: We sit at our computer desks in our ratty pajamas, usually no make-up, uncombed hair and maybe showered before noon. We have a cup of cold coffee next to us because no one is around to refill it for us.
Why? Because we live double lives. The one you read, and assume we are, and the one actually are.

Myth: We are on the prowl for our next sex scene and novel idea wherever we are...OK, I'll give you that one but don't ask us to name a character after you.

So there it is ladies and gents...what a real erotic author's day is like. But let's not forget the laundry, the dishes, the kids and family and most importantly, a shower before noon.

Books by Dawne Prochilo
Books by Dawne Prochilo-

Crape Myrtle- June 2009
On Her Own- July 2009
Sex Sells- Feb 2011
Room 11- Feb 2011
Rachel's Desire- March 2011
When We Meet Again- May 2011
His Holiday Seduction- Oct 2011
Insatiable Kate- Oct 2011
On Her Own (re-release)- Nov 2011
Wildfire Beach- Nov 2011
A Cougar's Revenge- 2012
Callie's Way- Jan 2012*
Lynn's Chance- March 2012*
Weekend Retreat- April 2012
Melody's Dance- May 2012*
Tessa's Passion- July 2012*

Dawne is the Promotion Director for Secret Cravings Publishing.

To learn more about her go to her blog at: http://dawneprochilo.blogspot.com.
*This is a re-release of A Day in The Life Of An Erotic Author - due to popularity and concise accuracy, it needed to be said again.


  1. Can I say AMEN to tired?! It's funny because I don't think Stephen King lives under the same stigma as erotic romance writers do. Do you think he's ever asked, why horror? Did you recently bury a dead cat and it came back to life?

  2. Fabulous! And so true. I've written whole scenes dressed only in my housecoat.

  3. I LOVE it. Not that my life is anything like that (either one). No Sir. Not mine. Hmmm. Does anyone else realize it's lunchtime and you haven't brushed your teeth yet? M. S. Spencer

  4. Thank you for having me today- this post and these words just make me snicker every time I read it-


  5. So true M.S.... it's the little things in life we soon forget-

    Marie Rose... yuppers- don't judge me by my career (or my choice of pajamas)- lol

  6. Amen! Although instead of 'tired' I'll insert 'exhausted' LOL.

  7. How about totally exhausted? Is that overkill? Why am I worried about the details of that? Could it be because I'm an author? LOL

    Fun post, Dawne.


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