May 6, 2015

Lesbian Lovers by @BerengariaBrown #RLFblog #LGBT

Cover Love includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the author. Today's featured book is Lesbian Lovers by Berengaria Brown.

About the Book

Title Lesbian Lovers
Genre FF
Author Berengaria Brown
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Three lesbian couples. Three very different situations. Three fulfilling journeys to happiness.
“Fist Me”: Maeve nearly fell off her barstool when Taryn, the sexiest woman she’d ever known, asked her to fist her. But is it the right thing to do? Taryn’s not lesbian, and has just broken up from Mr. Perfect. Is she taking advantage of her? Or is this the ideal opportunity for them to begin a relationship?
“Lady Caroline’s Reward”: Lady Caroline Eversley needs a chaperone so hires Miss Dinah Watkin, a distant relative. Dinah and Caroline fall in love and Dinah teaches Caroline all about sex, but the problem of Caroline’s suitable chaperonage refuses to go away. Can they find a solution and have their own happy ending?
“Stubborn Attraction”: Laid off for ramming her knee into a co-worker’s balls after he tries to feel her up, lesbian Jaelle heads to her father’s cabin in the mountains. There, she takes the form of a mountain goat and climbs, free and uninhibited. So, what happens when she finds a very attractive interloper on her favorite rock ledge?

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About the Author

Berengaria is an award-winning, best-selling, multi-published author of erotic romance with over one hundred published digital, print and audio books.  She writes contemporary, paranormal (magic, ghosts, vampires, fairies, dragons, and werewolves), futuristic, medieval, and Regency-set historical. She loves to read all different kinds of romance so that is what she writes: MMF, MFM, FMMM, FFM, MM, FF, and MF. Whatever the characters need for their very hot happily-ever-after, Berengaria makes sure they get it.

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May 5, 2015

Pool Man by @Sabrina_York #RLFblog #Contemporary #Romance

Cover Love includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the author. Today's featured book is Pool man by Sabrina York.

About the Book

Title Pool Man
Genre Contemporary Romance
Author Sabrina York
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
     Paige Barber needs a vacation. She can’t resist her best friend’s offer of a remote vacation home on a private Caribbean island. Jimmy, the sexy pool boy, is part and parcel with the offer. But recently dumped Paige has no intention of taking advantage of that amenity…until she sets eyes on Jimmy. He’s not a boy at all, but the sexiest man Paige has ever met.
And he can cook. Oh, man, can he cook!
     She thinks it will be easy returning to the real world after an utterly wanton and sensuous week in the arms of a hot, hard, perfect man. But it’s not. It’s not easy at all.

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About the Author

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy to scorching romance. Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests.

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May 4, 2015

Mason from False Hope by Marianne Rice @Mariannericeaut #RLFblog #romance

Marianne Rice shares details about the creation of Mason Tucker in the book False Hope.
About the Book
Title False Hope
Genre Contemporary Romance
Author Marianne Rice
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Emma Fulton never had to worry about much. Socially-driven and happily single, she's been blessed with charm, good looks, and supportive friends and family. But after a medical emergency, a dollop of family drama, and a series of near-tragic events, she finds she must question who she can trust.
Preferring solitude to intimacy, Mason Tucker's large family makes it difficult to escape large gatherings and small talk. When Emma's mother marries into the family, he finds himself reluctantly drawn to the beautiful woman who is his complete opposite. But after helping her through a terrible discovery, Emma begins to break down some of Mason's communication barriers and insecurities.
When Emma asks for his assistance in tracking down family secrets, Mason finds himself following along in order to keep her safe. Unfortunately, not everyone has Emma's safety in mind when danger waits for the perfect opportunity to strike.
Introducing Mason Tucker
Name: Mason Tucker
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Newhall, New Hampshire
Profession: Computer Systems Engineer
Describe his/her body build, skin tone, height and weight. Include any unique features such as dimples, freckles, or scars: 
Mason’s lickable washboard abs are proof he doesn’t let the countless hours he spends behind his computer screen catch up to him. With his dark hair, chocolate eyes, and deep-set dimples that are only seen on those rare occasions when he smiles, Mason Tucker exemplifies male beauty.
Who is the significant other in your character's life?
Emma Fulton
Tell us about this character, please.
Emma is Mason’s opposite. She’s outgoing, confident and fights for what she wants…which happens to be Mason. After dislocating his shoulder in a rough game of flag football, Emma is laden with guilt and is determined to look after Mason’s physical well-being. Because, you know, he’s hot. He tries his hardest to keep his distance from her, and she tries even harder to keep them together. She’s stubborn to the core and will not let him slip away so easily.
If you could only hear this character's voice (but not see him) what characteristic would identify him?
Mason only speaks when necessary so his words are short and to the point. His voice is deep and low, and he has a tendency to stutter when he’s around Emma.
What is your character's family like?
Mason has two brothers who respect his need for privacy, but love to egg him on. Mason’s mom plays matchmaker quite a bit in this series, but she doesn’t get much of an opportunity to in this book. She pushed his older brother Connor and Meg together in False Start and does some meddling with Cole, Mason’s twin in the third book, False Impressions. Cole does some meddling of his own though, and gives Mason the kick in the pants he needs.
His family is loving, accepting and are all outgoing and very social, while Mason is shy and reserved. He feels like he never fits in with his brothers. His oldest is a retired NFL player and his twin is Mr. Playboy of the town.
Is he close to family?
Yes. And he is extremely loyal to those he cares about.
Does this character see morality as black-and-white, or with shades of gray?
Everything is black and white in Mason’s eyes.
How do others perceive your character based upon looks, and is is this assumption accurate?
Because he shies away from social gatherings, Emma has never gotten to know him. While she’s best friends with Mason’s identical twin, she never felt the chemistry with him that she has with Mason. He’s incredibly fit but feels insecure next to his NFL brother and popular twin. He doesn’t speak much and Emma is constantly wondering what she’s said or done to piss him off.
Does your character care about what others assume about him?
Not one bit.
Can your hero keep a secret (why or why not)?
Of course he can keep a secret. He’s the nonjudgmental type who doesn’t divulge information and only speaks when necessary. If he’s asked a question he’ll answer honestly, but not say any more than what was specifically asked. However, ironically, Emma turns to him because he is the only one who hadn’t kept a secret from her.
What inner doubt causes your character the most difficulty?
Mason doesn’t think he’ll ever be good enough for Emma. She is his polar opposite and thrives on idle chatter and social gatherings while Mason would rather work on his computer and be by himself. He knows she deserves someone who can make her laugh, but he can’t resist the pull.
What is your hero's biggest personal flaw?
Lack of communication. He doesn’t talk about his feelings and is afraid to open up.
About Your Writer
Why do you think your writer chose to write about you?
Thankfully Marianne appreciates the strong and silent type. I believe I’m semi-modeled after her husband. He seems a little rough around the edges and doesn’t say much, but he’s reliable and the most loyal person you’ll meet. Kinda like me.
What do you wish your writer had not told others about you?
It isn’t until the end of the book that my mom tells Emma some of my childhood skeletons. I’d rather not share them here. It makes me feel weak and…never good enough. Definitely not issues a strong man would want to have.
What other character from your book do you think your writer should write a book about, and why?
My cousin Paige hooks up with the detective in my book. She’s a minor character but I love her and think she deserves her own story. Of course my cocky identical twin gets his own book in June. Thankfully Marianne took him down a few pegs. It’s kinda nice to see my confident brother squirm.
Why do you think your writer loves to write?
For the hot men. She was always checking out my abs or dimples or some crap like that.
Is there anything you'd like to say to your writer?
Thank you for giving me a chance. So many heroes have smooth lines (like my brothers) but it’s nice to have the quiet awkward ones get the girl as well. And thanks for making me so hot. I’m normally not vain, but hey, I’m still a guy.
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Author Bio
Marianne Rice writes contemporary romances set in small New England towns. Her heroes are big and strong, yet value family and humor, while her heroines her smart, sexy, sometimes a little bit sassy, and are often battling a strong internal conflict. Together, they deal with real life issues and always find everlasting love. When she's not writing, Marianne spends her time buying shoes, eating chocolate, chauffeuring her herd of children to their varying sporting events, and when there's time, relaxing with fancy drinks and a great read. She tries to make time for her husband too, but he often places behind her love affair with books.
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May 3, 2015

#amreading Dark Stranger a new #pnr #shifter romance by @lisacbooks #RLFblog

This quick interview includes info about the author, and introduces the story.

About the Author

Lisa Carlisle is a USA Today Bestselling author of romance and suspense. She loves stories with dark, brooding heroes and independent, caring heroines. Lisa feels very honored to be a multi-published author since she's wanted to write since the sixth grade. Her travels have provided her with inspiration for various settings in her novels. She backpacked alone through Europe, and lived in Paris before returning to the U.S. Now she lives in New England with her husband, two children, a cat, and many fish.

Interview with Lisa Carlisle

Why did you write this book?
Dark Stranger is part three in the Chateau Seductions trilogy. The manager of the art colony is a loyal companion to the owner of the chateau, Antoine. Since Cameron was first introduced in book 1, Dark Velvet, I knew he deserved his own story. How did he end up working for a supernatural being on a remote island when he is human? How does he feel about the isolation?
With the wolf shifters coming to the island and his wariness of shifters from an earlier altercation, I wanted to see what would happen with him paired up with one of them. And oh my, the forbidden attraction is hot! Especially when Nadya resists the idea of her mate being human.
What is your favorite genre to read?
Paranormal romance, especially shifter romance at the moment.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
I’m a sucker for dark, brooding characters. My favorites are Dracula and Heathcliff, and if we’re including movies, Darth Vader. I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with him.
What are you working on at the moment, and will see from you in coming months?
I’m finishing up a short story with one of the characters from the Chateau Seductions series. Also, I’ve started book two in the Highland Gargoyles series, the follow up to Knights of Stone.
Please tell us about your latest book.
Dark Stranger is part 3 of the Chateau Seductions trilogy
Wolf shifters come to Chateau seeking a missing pack member. During an altercation, Cameron Stevens, the manager of the art colony, is separated from the others. He ends up alone with Nadya, one of the female shifters.
Together, in the forests of DeRoche Island, they struggle against conflicting feelings. In addition to battling each other as well as their mistrust, they fight a powerful, inexplicable attraction to one another—one that leaves them irrevocably entwined.
They’re mates? Cameron can’t comprehend or accept such a thing is possible. They’re two different species and their worlds don’t mesh. He can’t fight the heated desire burning between them and her touch is impossible to resist. His heart and mind aren’t on the same page where she’s concerned. One thing is certain—Nadya is stamped on both.
Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Shifters, vampires, gargoyles

About the Book

Title Dark Stranger
Genre Paranormal romance
Author Lisa Carlisle
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

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May 2, 2015

Colton Blake from Scorpio Sons 1 by @nhysglover #RLFblog #Romance

The character interview allows a hero or heroine to tell readers about himself or herself. Today's interview is with Colton Blake from Scorpio Sons 1: Colton.

Interview with Colton Blake

Tell us about yourself, please.
What do you want to know? Talking about myself isn't my thing. Staying in the shadows is my thing. Okay, I guess I have to do this, don't I? Well, my name is Colton Blake and I'm one of a hundred genetically-engineered clone warriors who got stuck with a heavy dose of panther DNA. I guess you could say I was a test tube baby and when it came time for us to be hatched – I can never work out what to call it. We weren't born; we were just taken out of our gestation tubes. Anyway, whatever you call it, once it happened, me and my brothers were secretly removed from the labs and given to the Résistance, a covert organization fighting the Guild, the monsters who created us as their own personal army.
The people who raised me were decent and loving people. Sometimes I think I see that time in my life through rose colored glasses, because it can't have been as good as I remember it, can it? But compared to what came later I guess it was pretty perfect. Anyway, my folks were killed in a car accident when I was seven, and I was put into foster care.
I wasn't there long before my cat got activated and I killed my foster father. I did say I got a heavy dose of panther DNA, didn't I? That latent DNA gets activated in extreme situations, usually around puberty. Mine came earlier because I'd just lost my folks, I was living with strangers, and I was watching the bastard who called himself my foster-dad molesting one of the girls in his care. I just cracked, and when I came back to myself there was a dead man on the floor. I freaked and ran. After that I lived on the streets, playing vigilante like 'Dexter', until Chase found me and brought me into the Scorpio Sons. For about five years now I've worked covertly with my brothers to bring justice to those who consider themselves above the law.
Authors call what you want but cannot have "the conflict" -- what is yours?
I want to protect my mate from danger. You'd think that'd be easy, considering I could kill a man with my bare hands at seven, wouldn't you? But it's not. I'm forced to stand at her side while she takes on our enemies. My cat (that's what we call the panther aspect of ourselves) fights me every step of the way. See, my human side knows Lyss has her part to play in saving the world, but my cat's primal urge is to lock her up somewhere safe so I can get on with my job. So far my human side has mostly won the fight.
What can you not do (but need to do) during this story?
Trust. Lyss is my world, and yet I can't seem to trust the bond we created. I'm a work in progress in lots of ways. Luckily, she's okay with that.
What inner doubt causes you the most difficulty?
That Alyssa can't possibly love someone like me; that I can't be good enough for her. I'm just a killer who grew up on the streets. Maybe she just thinks she loves me because I saved her life four years ago. I don't know. Sometimes I feel like gelignite. I only need the smallest bump to explode. My intensity scares me. Especially the intensity of my feelings for Lyss.
In the story world your author created, explain what it is you fear most and why.
I fear losing Lyss. The bonds we Sons form with our genetically-engineered mates is as close as any bond between two individuals can be. It's instantaneous, powerful, and all-consuming. The idea of losing Lyss guts me. So, yeah, I live everyday afraid that she'll wake up to herself and leave me – or she'll be taken by the Guild and I won't be able to save her.
Tell us about your significant other, that person who makes living worthwhile.
That's Alyssa. I've probably raved on about her too much already. But maybe not about her specifically; just about how I feel about her. So… yeah, I met her, for want of a better word, when I saved her from rapists at her college. Back then I was still doing my Dexter thing. So I let my dark passenger out on those bastards.
As I was the first of the Sons to find my mate, I didn't have a clue what was going on when I came face-to-face with her. Suddenly, a sex drive I never knew I had, came to life. So I got out of there fast, real fast, before she ended up having to fight me off too. I didn't see her again for four years. But I never forgot her. That would've been impossible.
Okay, doing it again. You wanted me to tell you about Alyssa herself. So, yeah, Alyssa Aimes became America's Sweetheart after almost winning a talent contest on TV. You'd expect that image to be artificial or something, but there's nothing staged about Lyss. She really is as sweet, and beautiful, and talented as she seems on TV. America got that right, at least. (I'm Canadian, can't you tell?) She's sort of fragile too, which makes me feel like I might break her if I'm not careful. But even though she doesn't see herself as strong and brave, she keeps proving she is, even when I wish she didn't have to. And did I mention she's beautiful? Not in a glamorous way. She's more like the pretty girl-next-door type. Can I quit now?
What would that person say about you?
More? You'd make a great shrink. Maybe I should've been lying on a couch for all this. Okay…Lyss would say I'm intense, moody, and have a hair-trigger temper. The first time I met her I'd just injured or killed her would-be rapists. So she knew right from the start what I was; what I'm capable of. But she loves me anyway. Maybe it's my cat that attracts her cat. Maybe that's what makes her so accepting of me and my many faults. But yeah, if you asked her about me, she'd end up saying something mushy like I'm everything she ever dreamed of and more.
What is your family like?
I don't have any except for Lyss. And yeah, I guess my cloned brothers count as family too. It's weird, you know, having the Sons in my life– like finding your identical twin you were separated from at birth. But not just finding him once, but over and over again. We've only tracked down 40 or so of us yet, but we'll find the rest. That's what we do – save the world, find our brothers and the Mates who were made for us.
What special skills do you rely on?
Huh, where do I start? My cat DNA means I have enhanced speed, strength, and sensual acuity, (I can see in the dark and hear things a normal human couldn't, that sorta stuff). I'm a super-soldier. Oh and I'm a pretty good tactician.

About the Writer

After a lifetime of teaching others to appreciate the written word, Aussie author Nhys Glover finally decided to make the most of the Indie Book Revolution to get her own written word out to the world. Now, with over 100,000 of her ebooks downloaded internationally and a winner of 2013 SFR Galaxy Award for 'The Titan Drowns', Nhys finds her words, too, are being appreciated.
Living in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales of England, Nhys these days spends most of her time "living the dream" by looking out over the moors from her window as she writes the kind of novels she loves to read. The ones that are a little bit steamy, a little bit different, and wholly romantic.
What was your biggest challenge in writing this book?
Coming up with distinctly different characters for all the Sons, who are basically all the same person. I did a lot of reading about identical twins, because that's what clones are. Then I drew up an astrological natal chart for the Sons' 'birth' and started assigning qualities to each from that chart. Yes, I used to be a professional astrologer. It taught me a lot about people.
Why did you choose this character for the interview today?
Colt is wonderfully intense and complex. A real Heathcliff. I love deep and moody. And as he's the first of the Sons to find his mate, his was the steepest learning curve.
When writing the book, what did you discover about this character that surprised you?
My characters are always surprising me. I'm more reporter than novelist. I just follow along behind my people, recording what goes on, and not knowing what will happen in the end until I get there. So, Colt was no exception. He handled putting Lyss in danger a lot better than I expected. He's like Alyssa in that way; doesn't see how amazing he really is. But he proved it to me.
Are any sequels planned for this book?
There already are six in the series. The seventh is on pre-release and will be available on the 20 May.

About the Book

Title Scorpio Sons 1: Colton
Genre SF/Shifter Romance
Author Nhys Glover
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Staring into glowing cat-eyes, while her attackers lay like broken dolls in the snow around her, shouldn't have been a turn-on. But it was. She shouldn't consider the man who killed to save her from her rapists a hero. But she does. She shouldn't feel as if she belongs to that hero, mind body and soul, but there's no way she can deny it. And the hardest part for Alyssa Aimes to get her head around, besides his extraordinary eyes: the knowledge that she'll never see him again.
But four years later, Colton Blake does come back into her life, just as dramatically as he left it. And this time she's determined to keep him there, even if she has to risk her recording contract and her life to do it.
For Colt, much has changed in four years. No longer a homeless drifter with a dangerous secret, he has found his place among the Scorpio Sons, an elite band of genetically engineered cloned warriors charged with bringing to justice a secret cabal that has been exploiting the world for millennia. But one thing that hasn't changed during that time: his obsession with Alyssa, the stranger he met just once and can't seem to forget. But now his mission has brought Alyssa back into his life. And with her comes a secret she doesn't even realize she harbors; a secret that could bring not only Colt to his knees, but the whole band of the Scorpio Sons along with him.

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May 1, 2015

RLF Gem: @Collette_Author Top Blogger April 2015 #RLFblog

RLF Gem 
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About Collette Cameron


Top Five Bloggers for the Month

(judged by page views). Congratulations to each one!
1. Collette Cameron
2. Allie Ritch
3. Tess Delacour
4. Marianne Rice
5. Susan Behon

Honorable mention: Jessica Cale, Elle Rush

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April 30, 2015

Tales of Lust and Longing @britaaddams #RLFblog #LGBT

Born in a small town in upstate New York, Brita Addams has made her home in the sultry south for many years. In the Frog Capital of the World, Brita shares her home with her real-life hero--her husband, and a fat cat named Stormee. All their children are grown.
Given her love of history, Brita writes both het and gay historical romance. Many of her historicals have appeared on category bestseller lists at various online retailers.
Tarnished Gold, the first in her gay romance Tarnished series for Dreamspinner Press, was a winner in the 2013 Rainbow Awards, Historical Romance category. The book also received nominations for Best Historical and Best Book of 2013 from the readers of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group.
A bit of trivia--Brita pronounces her name, Bree-ta, and not Brit-a, like the famous water filter. Brita Addams is a mash-up of her real middle name and her husband's middle name, with an additional d and s.

About Tarnished Souls

Tarnished Souls 
Genre Historical Gay Romance
Author Brita Addams
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Hollywood's Golden Age is not all glitz and glamor. Mob boss Frankie Monetti controls the unions and the studios, which makes him and the syndicate very rich. But after five years, Frankie runs afoul of the law and those who put him in power.
Primo hit man, and Frankie's lifelong friend, Arvin "Gent" Vitali, goes west with orders to clean up the mess and then bring Frankie back to New York to answer for his double cross. But as the noose closes tighter around Frankie's neck, Gent questions where his loyalty truly lies. Is business just business, or is freedom worth the risk?

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About Tarnished Gold

Tarnished Gold 
Genre Historical gay romance
Author Brita Addams
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
In 1915, starstruck Jack Abadie strikes out for the gilded streets of the most sinful town in the country—Hollywood. With him, he takes a secret that his country hometown would never understand.
After years of hard work and a chance invitation to a gay gentlemen's club, Jack is discovered. Soon, his talent, matinee idol good looks, and affable personality propel him to the height of stardom. But fame breeds distrust.
Meeting Wyatt Maitland turns Jack’s life upside down. He wants to be worthy of his good fortune, but old demons haunt him. Only through Wyatt's strength can Jack face that which keeps him from being the man he wants to be. Love without trust is empty.
As the 1920s roar, scandals rock the movie industry. Public tolerance of Hollywood's decadence has reached its limit. Under pressure to clean up its act, Jack’s studio issues an ultimatum. Either forsake the man he loves and remain a box office darling, or follow his heart and let his shining star fade to tarnished gold.

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April 29, 2015

Gilding Lillian by DawnMarie Richards @DawnMarie55555 #RLFblog #Romance

Cover Love includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the author. Today's featured book is Gilding Lillian by DawnMarie Richards.

About the Book

Title Gilding Lillian
Genre Contemporary Romance
Author  DawnMarie Richards
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Griffin Bennett returns to his childhood home unprepared. Despite his long absence, he learns he has been named the sole heir to the fortunes of two venerated Bostonian families. Possibly even more disturbing is his reaction to his father’s widow, a stunning woman whose mere presence provokes vivid images of sex in wildflower meadows.
Lillian Gustave Milton Bennett has always enjoyed men, even marrying a select few. But when circumstances conspire to keep her in the family home with her deceased husband’s estranged son, a mutual sexual attraction becomes an unwelcome complication. She resists, but it becomes clear the most efficient way to exorcise the man, and his odd effect, from her psyche is to sleep with him.
Griffin is well aware Lillian wants nothing more than to work him out of her system, but in a few short weeks his feelings for her have grown from the primitive to the sublime. Realizing her next husband awaits, Griffin struggles to make her understand. But for Lillian, love is an excess, an unnecessary construct, and Griffin’s heartfelt declarations are not enough to make her stay.
Content Notes: Spicy, Contemporary, Spanking

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About the Author

DawnMarie Richards’ grandmother introduced her to the romance novel, providing an endless, ever-changing supply of dog-eared Harlequins from a stash kept in a paper grocery bag. As a romance author, DawnMarie writes what she most enjoys reading—passionate love stories spiked with sensual heat in all the right places. She delights in doing that very thing from her home in southern Arizona, which she shares with her husband and their crazy dog, Rand. Want more? Visit

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April 28, 2015

Meet Mage Thabit: Marked for Magic @DaisyBanks16 #RLFblog #Fantasy

Daisy Banks shares details about the creation of The Mage Thabit in the book Marked for Magic

About the Book

Title Marked for Magic
Genre Fantasy Romance
Author Daisy Banks
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
The witch mark on Nin’s hand is a curse. She has no magic powers, whatever the lore says. But the village believes. The old crone’s wisdom is to see her banished. Ragged and hungry, she must serve the Mage. Alone in his tower, she is his chattel. But Mage Thabit is not what Nin expected—the bright green eyes and supple form under his cloak are not the stuff of nightmares, and kindness hides in his brusque heart. Thabit senses that Nin is more than she seems, too. When true nightmares haunt the land, it is precisely her elusive powers that might deliver them…

Introducing The Mage Thabit

Name: Thabit
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthplace: In a country not found this side of imagination.
Profession: Mage
Ethnicity/Species (if not human): Magean
Describe his build, skin tone, height and weight. Include any unique features such as dimples, freckles, or scars:
The Mage is tall, slender and athletic, with a long stride. He has shoulder length dark hair and green eyes. His features are refined, somewhat angular and he has an alluring smile. People take note when he smiles as he doesn’t do so often. He rides well, knows the forest in a way many of his community can’t understand and is seen as an aloof individual. Many of the villagers are fearful of his power and he has earned the respect of his peers.
Who is the significant other in your character's life?
The young woman Nin who is sent to him because she bears the sign of a witch, although he finds her presence a trial she becomes important to him.
Tell us about this character, please.
Nin is a typical village maiden, undersized due to years of malnourishment, but at almost nineteen she is a woman grown. However, the appearance of the mark on her palm pronouncing her a witch means she is cast out of her community. As the old wise woman tells her she is fit for nothing but to be the Mage’s whore. Terrified by the prospect but with nowhere else to go she journey’s to Thabit’s tower. Once he accepts her as a servant she finds a very different kind of life and her magical powers she has not previously recognized blossom.
The Mage earns her trust and she is prepared to give him her heart, if he will accept it.
How does your hero dress?
Thabit wears robes, one set are patched and well worn. He has others that are far more elaborate as befitting an experienced Mage but he only wears those when circumstance demands he must. Rather like wearing a comfortable pair of old denims he prefers his green robes.
How educated is this character?
To reach the position of Mage, Thabit has spent many years in study. He was trained from childhood in all the magical arts. His powers are well honed but he continues to develop his skills and study deeper into the arts. His learning journey will last all his life.
What is your character's viewpoint on wealth?
Thabit does accept payment from Lord Farel for some work, but as a Mage he believes that there are things far more important than wealth. His life journey is one of spiritual development.
On what special skills does your character rely?
Thabit depends on his own abilities. He takes responsibility for the psychic search despite the threat it might offer. He prefers to keep his magical powers hidden because he isn’t a market day trickster but he will use them when the need arises.
Are any of his skills a source of pride or embarrassment, and if so, which ones and why?
Thabit is rather ashamed of the fact that telepathic communication is one of his weaker skills. He does improve and become proficient but it takes him some time to do so. As a Mage Thabit is not inclined toward pride in his accomplishments as it is too close to what he perceives to be vanity. However, there are times when he is grateful to have the skills he has learned.
What kinds of things does your character always carry (in pockets or purse)?
Thabit usually wears a tawny owl feather in his hair. His chosen bird for transference is the tawny owl. Being a vegetarian he isn’t very fond of the bird’s eating habits but does enjoy the capability of flight when he transforms. As his robes don’t have true pockets Thabit wears a pouch on his belt, alongside his dagger. He carries a comb, leather hair thongs and some coins in his pouch. This is also where he stores small but important things like the vial of seeing brew he takes with him to the castle.
Is your character involved in his community?
Thabit offers his skills to the locals as well as the nobility. He visits the village market and trades goods in exchange for things he needs. The locals swap bread, honey and other foodstuff in return for his herbal brews, ointments and tonics. He also makes scarves the local women like because none of them can dye things in the same way he does.
What is your character's biggest need at the beginning of the story?
Thabit would probably say he has no specific need as he is quite settled in his day to day life at the beginning of the story. He has a set of tasks he has chosen to undertake and of course, his study and meditation take up much of his time. He has established himself with the local community and made inroads in dealing with the superstitious villagers. His need is for peace, quiet and time to continue his work. It’s a shock when all this gets turned on its head.
When there is a setback, what doubt or flaw surfaces?
The person Thabit doubts most is himself. He is very aware of his position and the level of skill and authority he should demonstrate to those he comes into contact with. If he feels he has failed to behave appropriately or offer the wisdom others need he is very harsh with himself.
How emotionally expressive is your character to others?
Thabit does not give his emotions free rein. Part of his personality and his level of self control is to meditate on things he feels are important, to consider his motivations for his actions in response to others. He finds dealing with Nin, who is an emotional creature, very disconcerting.

About Your Writer

To honor the person who chose to share your story, please answer the following questions.
Why do you think your writer chose to write about you?
The process fell into being rather like love at first sight, and yes, I will admit it, I plagued the poor girl doing the writing. Once Nin arrived at the tower I needed some answers from Ms. Banks and fast. Things like that can’t be left unwritten. Ms. Banks and I had several differences of opinion on events but overall I was happy with the way the story progressed.
What do you wish your writer had not told others about you?
I remain ashamed of how I treated the slavers who kidnapped Sparrow. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to be overwhelmed by my anger. I accept I will face a penalty from the gods due to my actions, but I do think Ms. Banks could have tweaked the incident, or at least kept the truth from the readers in that instance.
What other character from your book do you think your writer should write a book about, and why?
I think Ms. Banks should spend some time to write about Lady Cassandra. The lady is such an important character in the story I would like to see readers given the chance to discover more about her and her wisdom.
Why do you think your writer loves to write?
The task is one of her passions. Some people are like that, and I think the world is a better place for having story tellers of all kinds in it. I tried where I could to make the story easy for her but saying that, Ms. Banks does not always take the easy option.
Is there anything you'd like to say to your writer?
Thank you for sharing our story.

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Author Bio

Daisy Banks writes sensual and spicy romance in the Historical, Paranormal and Fantasy genres. She is an obsessive writer and her focus is to offer the best tale she can to readers. Daisy is married with two grown up sons. She lives in the delightful village of Penkridge, England. Antiques and collecting entertain Daisy when she isn’t writing and she occasionally makes a meal that doesn’t stick to the pan.

Author Social Media

April 27, 2015

Got Any Steampunk Horns? #cosplay #gaming @OutlantaCon #RLFblog

OutlantaCon May 8-10, 2015 Atlanta GA 
OutlantaCon is an Atlanta-based event for the Queer Geek audience! You'll find all the usual convention fare here--discussion panels, gaming, costuming, special events, etc. The difference is that it all has a queer 'bent' to it. Here you can enjoy all the convention trappings in an atmosphere where you're free to be yourself! We also offer some pretty unique twists as well, like our own versions of Match Game (a staple since 2007), Project Cosplay (2010), Nea's Drag Race (2011), and the wildly popular Sock Puppet Theatre Presents...
Come to OutlantaCon May 8-10, 2015 at the Marriott Century Center in Atlanta.
Venusian Airship Pirate
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Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Company

We take the finest available weaponry from each time and location that our travels take us to, that are available. We then modify it to fit our peculiar steampunk technology. We enjoy spreading happiness one gun at a time. To this date we have never duplicated an item, making each one a individual work of art. Hence our motto, "Distinctive Weaponry for the Discriminating Buyer."

MisakiYuki Craft

Arts and Crafts supply store and costume shop in Gainesville, GA. Owned by Kirstyn Lindsey and Keri Johnson. Art Freak and Costume Designers, Craft Freaks

The Art of Benstigation

Ben Butler: I am a Texas raised, Atlanta based artist/graphic designer. I am one of many and am looking to entertain with light shock and crazy thoughts.

Seafaring Steampunk

A lot of my pieces are simply just found items that I've put to a better use - steampunkery! I dismantle clocks and watches, and buy other parts from flea markets and thrift stores and the like. Because of this, very few of my pieces can be reproduced. So hurry up and get your one-of-a-kind stuff!

Empire Valley Series

A book series by author Ellie Collins.
After the government is forced to accept the existence of supernatural creatures, they are rounded up, imprisoned and shipped off to an island to live out the rest of their days, forbidden to leave or to ever have contact with humanity again. As seemingly random acts of violence break out across the island, the seeds of rebellion begin to take root.
Sophia Desai, a Shapeshifter, is an officer on the island, processing new arrivals and pushing papers. When she begins the investigation of a strange murder, she begins to see the true dark side of their home, and of the people who put them there.

Huntress Light Designs

Designs of the fantastical and spiritual.
The artist known as HuntressLight is also called "Kemi" on forum sites. She makes her living as an Administrative Professional, but art and tinkering are in her DNA. She keeps her soul fulfilled with crafting costume props and creating digital artwork. She's also a writer but that's a whole 'nother story. Prosthetic Horns, original jewelry, belts and bracers, collars and cuffs, puches and purses, plus much more.
Titan Games and Comics 

Titan Games and Comics

Titan Games and Comics is the Atlanta area's premier collectibles chain selling comics, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, collectable figures, RPG's and board games. Two great locations and friendly, helpful staff make your experience an enjoyable one.
Duluth location
Smyrna location

Games Well Played

Well Played is in the business of connecting people through the fun of games. We help you find new favorites and teach you to play in the comfort of your home.
Well Played Games will provide demo games all weekend at OutlantaCon of new and classic games for you as well as have them available to buy if you love them.
Last year's gaming table 

OutlantaCon's game room is open 24 hours a day. In it are a huge selection of board and card games for you fun needs including tabletop, RPG, and board games.

Social Media for the Convention

Location 2015 Marriott Century Center Atlanta!location/cp0k

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