September 10, 2009

DragonCon pics are up!

I've posted pictures of DragonCon 2009 on my website. Click here to take a look.
Wow! I moderated a panel at DragonCon this year and it was a blast. Eventually I'll have pics of the panel itself, but for now, I can pretty much share only one. Sascha Illyvich was in the group, and those are his arms you see around the woman almost on top of him. LOL - He has some interesting fans, I must say. To his right, listening intently to a question is Kiernan Kelly, (Ally Blue is unseen here, but she was next to Kiernan), and in the background is Fiona Zedde. The two people in white shirts are "Kiernan's Minions", who are her daughter Kelly and her "pseudo-son" Leo. Come to my website and you can see a whole lot more pictures of them in costume. Kiernan used to work for Universal Studios as a body painter, and she always brings her kit to cons. She also did my face. For the panel, "Exploring the Final Taboo, Same Sex Writing in Romance", we all tried to have something with a rainbow theme. Mine was right on my face.
Afterwards, we all went out to eat at the Metro Cafe in downtown Atlanta. The hostess hugged me and kissed my cheek, telling me I was beautiful and that she was proud of me for showing my beliefs so boldly. My purse/carryall has rainbow-colored handles as well, and it drew comments. I handed the hostess an autographed cover flat and she oohed and ahhed over Surrender Love's awesome Anne Cain art. Moments later, she had a crowd of friends around her, so I passed out some more. All of them promised to hit my site. It was cool -- I felt like a celebrity.
A friend of mine suggested I post two pictures of myself, one from an RWA con where I had the chance to finally meet the other RomVets, and especially Rae Monet, who has been an awesome mentor and help. It was taken about three years ago. The picture on the right is of me this year, where I'm 75 pounds lighter! Quite a difference. How did I do it? Small lifestyle changes and a goal of 25 pounds per year. That's about 1/2 pound a week, and I'm never hungry. Anyway, I'd love to hear what you think of any of the pictures, especially Sascha's!