September 27, 2009

Now part of the Technorati crowd!

I've heard so much about Technorati that I had to go see what the noise was all about. It's essentially a search engine for blogs. Let's say you commented on a blog that had something to do with science, and you can't remember where. You can use this to search only blogs within science-labeled blogs. Plus, if you join (free) you become listed among the group of blogs within your chosen genre or type.

You're asked to post a claim code for the site to find, which verifies it's your blog you're "claiming". Mine is jk8hgnqsrp -- no one else can use it. It's a randomly generated code only for me.

How easy is that? Want to know more? is the place to start. So simple even a Kin male* can do it. =^_^=

*let's hope I don't start getting emails from those guys like Allstate did with cavemen!

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