October 26, 2009

Time for Miracles - Adam Lambert's new song

Adam Lambert sings the theme song for the movie 2012. This video shows him at his best.


  1. Awesome! I kind of wish he'd done his own video and not one based on a movie. You know what I mean?

  2. I think he has some vids for his new CD coming out soon. I really want to see this movie. Anything blowing up is way cool to me. ;0 The fact that Adam sings in it is icing on the cake.

    I about wore out my speakers on What I've Done by Linkin Park, which was from Transformers. When I saw the movie, the song wasn't played in full until the very end. Every time I hear it now, I see Bumblebee and Optimus. lol

    Guess I'll hear this song and see Adam getting bumped into as he passes thru the crowd.

  3. I don't care I think Adam Lambert has a phenomenal voice.
    I wish he'd do a few more ballads cause I'm an old softie, but lordy, the man knows how to use his instrument (and I mean his voice! ;~D)

  4. I saw the movie Kayelle with DH and loved it but then I am asucker for world ending movies. LOL I didn't know he sang the theme song till I stumbled upon the youtube vid. I LOVE this song...heck I love the whole dang CD. LOL

    Dawn R.

  5. I saw 2012 with my son Jamin. We were grabbing the armrests at some of their close calls, like flying out of the city as buildings are crumbling and freeways are breaking in half. I almost needed crisis counseling when it was over. lol

    No, wait... that was after Avatar.


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