January 31, 2009

Creative Direction Class Projects

This weekend I've been learning how to tweak Photoshop and I had a lesson on photomontages. This was my first time to do this, and I followed (most) of the directions. I left out a layer that I couldn't make look right and did a few other things that I'd never tried before. Filter is my new best friend, and I now know what to do with the "magic wand" in Photoshop!
I call this Through Mysts of Time. What do you think?
btw, the class is one of many offered here:
http://www.creativedirection-workshops.org/ and the teachers are Anne Cain, Croco Designs, Chris Griffin, and April Martinez. Amazing class. I'm way behind, but I'm learning so much. Will let you know tomorrow what else I do.
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