April 28, 2009

Warchild - Ash

I'm a sucker for drums. Since I got online this morning I've been listening to Sherrilyn Kenyon's brother - aka Warchild who sings "Ash" in tribute to Acheron. I found myself on Sanctuary, her site for fans, and have listened to this song over and over for at least an hour. I joined his MySpace page as well. Hot guy and in this video he plays the always hot Ash. Where there's Ash, there's fire... You can check out the site on Sanctuary, and of course his MySpace page. Warchild is a good name for the sound of Ash's music. Something haunting about it that I can't get out of my head. Plus Warchild has a CD coming soon. He lists his home town as Atlanta, which is 45 miles south of me. Hope to meet him at DragonCon this year and that he performs. Ash has always been my favorite SK character, and this song fits him so perfectly. Go listen and then tell me what you think.
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