October 26, 2009

Time for Miracles - Adam Lambert's new song

Adam Lambert sings the theme song for the movie 2012. This video shows him at his best.

October 21, 2009

Can you spot the imposter?

I came across this picture online and had to show it on my blog. Honestly, at first I gave it a glance, but on a second look I started laughing.

How many times do we see the weird in life and not even notice? Whether this is a faked pic isn't even a point. It's a great example of how easily we skim the "big picture" and neglect the details.

As a writer, I fight to notice them and be able to write them in such a way that others see them as well. I hope this example inspires others as it did me. The tiny differences are what make the picture. It's the differences in style, detail, voice, and skill that make the story.

I don't think the devil is in the details. I think it's the scope of the entire message.
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