February 24, 2011

Interview with Author Jody Wallace

Jody, welcome to the RLF blog! Please tell us about your latest book.One Thousand Kisses is a fantasy romance about a guy, a girl and a cat. No, the cat isn’t a shapeshifter who gets all up in their sexy business :). He just has an agenda that affects the protagonists’ relationship. The man in question is Embor Fiertag, sort of the president in the Fey Realm, and the heroine is Anisette Serendipity, sort of an intern at the fairy White House, aka the Court. Ani and Embor have a history because in the first book in this series (Survival of the Fairest), her sister almost got Embor killed over in humanspace. (Yeah, Ani’s sister is kind of a pill.) Anyway, Ani’s dating Embor’s chief political rival, but the fairy Seers predicted that Ani and Embor were bondmates. Embor hasn’t told Ani this because he realizes he needs to get to know her the old-fashioned way before springing a load like that on her. The problem is, there’s that ‘dating his political rival’ thing and Embor isn’t exactly Rico Suave. But at least he’s trying, the poor dear!
When the evil political rival (aren’t they all?) makes his move, Embor and Ani get caught in the crossfire and have to flee to humanspace to hide. But mostly they head there because of the cat. Did I mention the cat? Cats in the Realm can talk, if they want (mostly they don’t want). Master Fey has told Ani to tell Embor that he can lead Embor to the bad guys who nearly killed him in Book 1. No, not Ani’s sister. She’s a pill, not a bad guy. Then there are Embor’s own secret plans and clever tricks (tm The Enormous Crocodile, by Roald Dahl) and the fact that Ani has a spine that is starting to grow.
Is this confusing yet? I promise it’s written a lot better than my stream-of-consciousness interview. I should have just shared the publisher’s blurb. They’re better at this kind of thing.
Let me sum up: One woman, one man, one thousand kisses, one world to save...and one scheming kitty with an agenda.
What is the genre, and does it cross over to other genres? If so, what are they?
Fantasy romance. I don’t know if that’s considered cross-genre anymore.
What did you enjoy most about writing this book?
Putting the hero, who is kind of a stick in the mud, in all kinds of awkward situations.
If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
In the country, but close enough to a hospital for those inevitable trips to the ER you have when you have kids. Also, there needs to be a grabber store (more on that later).
What genres and authors would we find you reading when taking a break from your own writing?
Right now I’m reading a cozy mystery about a lady who inherited an apple orchard. I love romance, obviously, but I also like urban fantasy, regular sf/f, Southern fiction, women’s fiction, humorous nonfiction, YA and kid’s books. I’ve also been known to read crocheting books, the TV Guide, the fine print of publishing contracts, and lit-ra-chur.
What feature do you start with when writing a description of your hero/ine? Eyes, age, hair color, personality, name, etc?
I don’t know if there’s a pattern. Probably species? I usually come up with the premise first and then get all excited doing worldbuilding before I have to stop and think, “Hey...who’s this story about, anyway?”
If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with and why?
I guess One Thousand Kisses, because it’s more likely to be on sale as a new release. I think it stands alone pretty well. If you want to be a completist, the book that comes before it is Survival of the Fairest, in which the pill of a sister meets her match.
What do you hope readers take with them after reading one of your stories?
A sense of hope...that I will write another book.
A biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be (in six words or less)?
She Whined, But It Was Funny.
What song would best describe your life?
I’m not sure, but whatever it is, it’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it.
If you were a tool, what would people use you to do?
I’d like to be a multipurpose grabber--one of those extendable arms with a pincher at the end. You can use it to get cereal boxes down from the top shelf, pick up really gross diapers and transport them to the laundry, threaten the children, and reach underneath the stove to get out the damned cat’s toy. Again.
Picture yourself as a store. Considering your personality and lifestyle, what type of products would be sold there?
Grabbers. Grabbers for high things, grabbers for far away things, grabbers that look like people hands; grabbers that look like robot hands; grabbers that look like monkey heads; grabbers for nuclear waste; grabbers for picking up trash so you don’t have to bend over; grabbers for scrubbing the tub; grabbers for picking up teeny tiny things like needles in haystacks; grabbers for picking up children; grabbers for scratching your back; grabbers for sneaking up on birds that have escaped their cages; grabbers for when you need to take your words back; grabbers to install on the front of your car in case you’re ever in some kind of Mad Maxian high speed gun battle and ramming somebody from behind just isn’t enough, you also need to forklift them around some (these will be special order only due to size issues); grabbers for petting the dog if you aren’t supposed to touch the dog because he might keel over dead (tm Pushing Daisies); and possibly a line of high-fashion grabbers for when the craze really hits and people use them for everything and so they must, of course, be coordinated with outfits. A whole store full of grabbers. The store will be called “Grabbers, Grabbers, Grabbers” or maybe “Grabbersect” (one word) for short.
If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
Warning: Way Too Much Like Her Astrological Sign
What is the one question you wish an interviewer would ask you?
Answer: How worried should I be about a possible gnome apocalypse, really?
Samhain Books - http://store.samhainpublishing.com/jody-wallace-pa-304.html  http://store.samhainpublishing.com/ellie-marvel-pa-1226.html
Red Sage Books - http://www.eredsage.com/store/ELLIE_MARVEL.html
Amber Quill Books - http://www.amberquill.com/AmberHeat/bio_Marvel.html
Coming Soon
Alas, I have no current upcoming contracts. Maybe if I have awesome sales of OTK, they’ll beg me to hurry it up with #3!
I will probably give away some crocheted gnome charms to celebrate the release of One Thousand Kisses during February. If you don’t have a gnome charm, they’re handy for keeping BAD gnomes away. This is more important than you might think, considering the gnomes’ plans for humanspace. You can find out more about the realities of gnomes in my books plus here, at my site: http://www.jodywallace.com/gnomehunt.htm where I created a photographic essay to warn people of the truth.
Meankitty from Meankitty.com
Note: anything I giveaway from my own home is likely to contain a contribution from the cat, aka hair, which makes it more valuable.
Upcoming book giveaways:
I am giving away One Thousand Kisses at The Romance Studio’s Book-a-Day giveaway on 3/12 http://www.theromancestudio.com/bad_form.php
Blog: http://blog.jodywallace.com  (shared with Meankitty)
Facebook: I don’t have an author page yet, just a personal page.


  1. Thanks for being here Jody. It was an honor to have you here. Thank you for bringing Meankitty. That is, of course, an even bigger honor. ;)

  2. OMG< I totally flaked out and forgot what day this was posting! I apologize, Kayelle. I'd blame the cat somehow but that's probably why she wouldn't quit bugging me when I was on the computer last week....

  3. Jody - it was quiet that day. Not too late to announce your blog post on FB or Twitter. ^_^ See - you should always listen to Meankitty!

  4. Hey! How did I miss this? Oh yeah, I started a new full-time job. Which means the whole world comes to a stand-still.

    Great interview though! Enjoyed reading it and honestly, I never realized how fundamentally important grabbers were. I'm sort of sad that I don't have one. I mean, I have cats, dogs, and a husband who likes to tinker in 'manland'. That's his name for the extra garage where all manner of guy things live.

    Loved One Thousand Kisses, Jody! Ani is a great heroine who really comes into her own. She's a great match for Embor!


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