September 30, 2011

Making the Most of a Crazy Day

If you're like me, you're busy. You're either en route to somewhere, coming back from somewhere, or getting ready to leave. Throw in a conference, workshop, marketing, the occasional tweet, Facebook page update, a few blog posts that you owe, and your day goes from busy to crazy.

Don't even mention responsibilities like family, housework, or things like hair or nail appointments. Some days I'm happy if I get to see the inside of a shower while I'm *not* cleaning it.

I've forgotten and missed blog posts or skipped updates on Facebook because my life is too crazy. Have you? Thought so.

Here's a tip I ran across that I can't wait to put into action.

As you do things to get ready for a conference, or learn marketing tricks, figure out how to create an update, and so on, jot down a note or two so that later, it will help you recall what you learned. Keep these notes in a running document that's open during the day. About once a week, go through it, and cull info for blogs or helpful tweets. It saves time, lets you share expertise, and helps you keep tabs on your activities. You've recorded what you're doing. Ever get to the end of a busy day and realize the "big" thing you "had" to do still isn't done? Yeah. Me, too.

Also, if you find yourself  replying to friends' emails explaining how to find time to do things, consider writing it in your word processing program instead. Tweak it, make it pretty, and then use it on your blog. It could make a good post. It's how you ended up reading this!
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  1. Kayelle...sometimes I think your a genius;) I do make notes, but not in a central notebook and that's where I go wrong - I waste time looking through seven notebooks to find my important note. Simply giving each notebook a title would help alleviate that big time waster.
    Excellent Post:)

    1. Thank you. I like the idea of naming them. Right now I have two steno pads going, each with notes about various things. The info is all mixed up. One goes with me everywhere, and the other stays by my pc. If could only merge them!


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