November 3, 2011

Have Yourself a Paranormal Holiday

Romance Lives Forever welcomes author Cheryl Pierson. Please tell us about your books.

Love time travel? Crazy about holiday reads? Well, then, I've got some great short stories to tell you about, including my latest release, MEANT TO BE, that appears in a new Christmas anthology from VICTORY TALES PRESS.

MEANT TO BE is a time travel set on the last Christmas of the Civil War, in 1864. A young single woman, Robin Mallory, from present day sets out to pay a surprise holiday visit to her elderly relatives. When one of her tires blows out, she finds herself stranded on a lonely stretch of road with no one to call for help.

When a handsome 'Confederate soldier' tackles her in the early evening shadows, Robin is outraged and frightened. Jake Devlin is dressed from a time gone by, but what are re-enactors doing in these woods over the Christmas weekend? When the predicted winter storm moves in, Robin has no alternative but to take a chance and trust Jake.

Jake's presence is comforting, and Robin welcomes the sanctuary from the raw night that his camp offers. But something isn't right. Once they arrive at the camp, she realizes she's walked down a gravel road that's taken her backward in time nearly 150 years. Jake is an officer of the Confederate Army, serving under Cherokee Chief, General Stand Watie.

Unsure of Robin's motives and who she is, the general puts her in Jake's care. When they are separated from the rest of the unit, Jake is severely wounded. What will Robin do? Will she seize the only opportunity she may have to return to her own time? Or will she stay in 1864 with Jake and take a chance on a love that was MEANT TO BE?

MEANT TO BE appears in the Victory Tales Press Sensual/Spicy 2011 Christmas Collection anthology, along with four other great stories by my fellow authors, Kit Prate, Stephanie Burkhart, Christine Schulze, and Sarah McNeal.

I also want to tell you about some great stand-alone paranormal holiday short stories that are available for only .99 through WESTERN TRAIL BLAZER PUBLISHING.

MEANT TO BE is not the only paranormal Civil War era holiday short story I've written. Another one, HOMECOMING, is a sweet love story that first appeared last year about this time in A Christmas Collection: Sweet through VICTORY TALES PRESS (VTP). It's still available in the anthology, but now is also available in the .99 gallery at WESTERN TRAIL BLAZER as well. Though it's a Civil War themed short story, it has a very different take and a surprise ending I hope you will enjoy.

Homecoming by Cheryl Pierson
A holiday skirmish sends Union officer, Jack Durham, on an unlikely mission to fulfill his promise of honor to a dying Confederate soldier—his enemy. In an odd twist of fate, a simple assurance to carry young Billy Anderson's meager belongings home to his family a few miles away becomes more than what it seems.
As he nears his destination, the memories of the soldier's final moments mingle with his own thoughts of the losses he's suffered because of the War, including his fiancee, Sarah. Despite his suffering, can Jack remember what it means to be fully human before he arrives at the end of his journey? Will the miracle of Christmas be able to heal his heart in the face of what awaits him?

SCARLET RIBBONS is a story of lost love regained through a holiday miracle. The hero, Miguel Rivera, is a bordertown gunslinger who believes his heart can't be touched. Christmas brings him a miracle he never expected; one that can't be ignored.

SCARLET RIBBONS by Cheryl Pierson
Miguel Rivera is known as El Diablo, The Devil. Men avoid meeting his eyes for fear of his gun. Upon returning to a town where he once knew a brief happiness, Miguel is persuaded by a street vendor to make a foolish holiday purchase; two scarlet ribbons.

When Catalina, his former lover, allows him to take a room at her boarding house, Miguel soon discovers a secret. Realizing that he needs the scarlet ribbons after all, he is stunned to find them missing. Can a meeting with a mysterious priest and the miracle of the Scarlet Ribbons set Miguel on a new path?

A NIGHT FOR MIRACLES is a novella available through THE WILD ROSE PRESS. This story takes place in Indian Territory of the 1800's. A widow takes in a wounded gunman and three children on Christmas Eve. The small gifts she gives them all reveal something even more precious for all of them on A NIGHT FOR MIRACLES.
These are all great holiday short stories that will leave you wanting more. If this isn't enough paranormal reading for you, try my latest novel, TIME PLAINS DRIFTER, a WESTERN TRAIL BLAZER publication. Here's the blurb for this time travel story of good vs. evil.

Trapped in Indian Territory of 1895 by a quirk of nature, high school teacher Jenni Dalton must find a way to get her seven students back to 2010. Handsome U.S. Marshal Rafe d'Angelico seems like the answer to her prayers; he is, after all, an angel. In a race against time and evil, Rafe has one chance to save Jenni's life and her soul from The Dark One—but can their love survive?

All my novels, short stories and the anthologies I am a part of can be found here:

Excerpt from Meant to Be, a short story in 2011 Christmas Collection: Sensual/Spicy by Victory Tales Press.

He nodded. "You said this will be over, soon."

"In April."

Jake glanced around, and Robin felt his unease. He wanted to talk to her, but there was no privacy in the encampment.

"Walk with me, will you?"

Robin fell into step beside Jake. She could tell he was shortening his strides, slowing his steps, for her benefit.

She was unused to walking over the rough, uneven terrain, made slippery with snow. But Jake's hands always seemed to be there to steady her. When she took a faltering step at the top of a hill, his arm came around her. Electricity ran through her, and he stopped moving, turning her slowly toward him. They stood beside a big stone, dusted by snow. The world was like a sugar-coated fairy tale, Robin thought, and as she looked up into Jake's face, he gave her a slow smile, as if he'd read her thoughts.

His glove-encased hands came up to frame her face. He started to speak, but shook his head, his eyes looking past her. She moved into him, and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her next to him as he had all night.

She closed her eyes, savoring the warmth of his body; the clean, masculine scent that was uniquely his; the feel of another human being holding her this way. She might never have this again. If only it meant something! But she barely knew this man, despite the easiness between them that had been there since he'd tackled her and rolled her down to the riverbank. That brought a smile to her lips. No matter what, she'd have her memories of this odd time in her life.

"Why won't the general let me go back now?" The question was out before she could stop it. She felt Jake stiffen, but he didn't release her. "I'd never betray you to anyone."

Jake nodded against the top of her head. "I know that. But he…feels maybe he'd sleep better knowing you were back in your own time for certain. The best way to ensure that is to go through the time doorway when it's most likely to be there. We've had reports of some Union troop movements by ship up the river here that we've got to be ready for. It's unlikely to happen today or tomorrow, but you can't provide any distractions."

Robin raised her head slowly to look up into Jake's handsome features. "And…am I a distraction to you, Jake?"

He moistened his lips. "The biggest distraction I could ever have," he murmured softly.

Her arms went up, circling slowly around his neck. "I…don't mean to be."

He lowered his head a fraction. "It doesn't matter, Robbi."

Her lips tilted up to touch his in the whisper-soft brush of a kiss. "Jake—"

The longing in his name on her lips was only overshadowed by the want. He answered her soft plea with all the pent-up desire he'd fought back since the kiss they'd shared in the night.
His mouth came across hers searingly, branding her as his own with no words needed.

I write a mix of contemporary romantic suspense and historical western romance. Here's wishing you a very happy holiday season with lots of great reading ahead! 
-- Cheryl Pierson


  1. I cannot wait to read Meant To Be. I love time travel and paranormal. That scene where her tire goes flat in the middle of no where is like my big fear--just scares me to pieces.
    As you may already know, I loved The Homecoming. That story just stayed with me for the longest time after I read it.
    It was an honor for me to have a story in this anthology with you.
    I love all of your work.

  2. Sarah,
    I had written you a big long comment and then BLOGGER ATE IT! DAMN IT!

    Thank you so much for your very kind words about Homecoming. I had a lot of doubts about that story, so to hear that people liked it just makes my day.

    I am a time travel junkie, too, as you know. I loved your book HARMONICA JOE'S RELUCTANT BRIDE. I hope you will enjoy MEANT TO BE. I am so thrilled that you are my anthology-mate, Sarah! It's awesome, isn't it? I can't wait to read your GIFTS FROM THE AFTERLIFE!

    Thanks for coming by and commenting, I know you are busy on...BANJO!


  3. Sarah, thanks for dropping in today. Cheryl is being mugged by blogger today. It tried to eat her article earlier today, but I was able to wrestle it down and make it cough up the post. LOL

    Glad you took time to say hello.

  4. LOL KAYELLE! Yeah, what's the deal with blogger today, anyhow. It HATES me. LOL But, I will 'endeavor to persevere.' And hopefully, that's what will happen.

  5. So Kayelle, like Indiana Jones, you roped in the blog and made it speak.
    I try to support Cheryl whenever I can. She has always been there for me.
    You have a lovely site here, BTW.

  6. Sarah, you are a dear friend. Thanks again so much for coming over!


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