November 18, 2011

Interview with Jevocas "Java" Green

Between Lines
Romance Lives Forever is pleased to welcome Jevocas "Java" Green. This versatile actor is also the co-founder of Jymeni Productions, a writer, artistic director, executive producer, and make up artist. I had the privilege of meeting Java at Atlanta's homegrown science fiction convention Outlantacon. He attended a reading of my book Wulf, and became a fan of my character Luc Saint-Cyr. I've since become a fan of his work as well. I'm excited to tell you more about him. Jevocas Green will be a household name one day, and you can say you heard about him first right here on RLF. =^_^=

Java, please tell us about Between Lines, including its genre.

"Between lines" is a coming of age gay romance story based of actual events from my life. It's a story of how love and acceptance can conquer all. The story follows Chris Simpson (Cort King), a meek shy High School student who lives with his stern and bigoted father. Chris has been teased, bullied, and humiliated at school and turns to his two best friends Raven (C.C. Nash) and Gavin (Eric Green) for support. When his Math teacher suddenly pairs him with the Captain of the Football Team, Josh Strickland (Ryan Hunt), also one of his tormentors, he feels that his life can only get worse. Chris soon finds out after his first tutoring session with Josh, that his Macho Jock persona is nothing but an act when he discovers that Josh has had feelings for him all along.
Jevocas Green
Struggling with this discovery, Chris finds out something about himself; that he may in fact, reciprocate these feelings. After turning to both his best friends for support, Chris lets Josh know the feelings are mutual, but at a price. His father finds out about his newly discovered sexuality and begins to beat and abuse him. Meanwhile, Josh's former football player turned Politician Father (John D'Angelo) finds out as well. But as a twist of fate, accepts Josh with open arms and does everything in his power to make sure the two of them get together. After a climactic confrontation between Josh and Chris' Father, the two find that their love was deeper than they thought, and the two will have to definitely work to make their love last.

I noticed it says the film is loosely based on a real story. How did you come up with the idea?

Well, I always knew I eventually wanted to do a story based on events from my life. And I tried to pick one that I knew would connect to a lot of people. I also knew that telling the story would be very emotional for me, and it definitely was. I wanted people to know that its not always easy being gay. We have no choice in the matter, its who we are. And the hardest part of accepting yourself is having people around you who accept you. Especially your parents.

What is the single most important part of performing for you?

Making the crowd take something away from it and having fun while I give it to them. I always try to find a deeper meaning to every role I play, or project I direct, or show I choreograph. I feel that everything and everyone has a story and the audience needs to feel like they walked away with a better knowledge of something.

Filming Between Lines
What did you enjoy most about producing Between Lines?

Wow. I really don't know where to start with this lol. I guess a lot of it was the casting process… finding someone to portray all these important people in my life back in high school and going back in time and recreating that life. Mainly, casting the guy to play me. And Cort King did and AMAZING JOB! He had my personality DEAD ON! It was quite uncanny.

Where do you start when creating a character for a film? Research, plotting, outline, or...?

Well the good thing about "Between Lines" is that most of the characters were already fleshed out because they were based on real life people. There were those who I had to change around or change who or what they were physically to make the story flow better, but all and all, they were all based on someone I knew. But for anything else, I generally look at what the overall story is going to be. Then based off that, I map out the Journey from point A – B, and then basically fill in key people who would progress the story. Again, I tend to base a lot of characters off of people I know or have met at some point. This makes writing them a lot easier. But I also pull a great deal from characters I've always imagined seeing on screen in my head and pull from that.

What did you learn from producing this film? 
Make up on the set of Between Lines

PATIENCE! And MAKING IT WORK! Filmmaking takes a LONG TIME, even when its no action or special effects. People will be late, Props will be missed, anything that COULD go wrong WILL go wrong, and its all about how we problem solve to resolve the situation.

How do you balance life with deadlines and appearances?

Gah, I don't very well lolol. I try to make time for everything, but I tend to over book myself a lot. I have a wonderful assistant at the moment, Robert Bierman, who's working for me part time. But he's done a great job at helping me remember deadlines and dates, and getting me where I need to go on time… or close to it. Other than that, my Droid! lol I'd be SO lost without my phone. A lot of the stuff I put in my phone and schedule alerts to let me know its time to do something.

What is the craziest thing you did as a kid, and would it ever end up in a movie?

GAH! Ok, hmm… well, I used to run around as a superhero a lot as a kid. I know tons of movies have been made about this, but for three years straight, I lived as Batman in my neighborhood. It was pretty awesome. I made EVERYTHING! I had ropes, batarrangs (made from soup can tops – super dangerous), the costumes, smoke bombs. Made my 10speed into a batcycle, and my neighbor's go-cart became our batmobile lol. I'd love to see that worked into a movie. Cos I got into some WICKED trouble lol.

What are some jobs you've done that would end up in a movie?

Oh jeez! just about EVERY SINGLE ONE! My very first job at Long John Silvers would turn into a Ghetto Comedy. My job at Six Flags would have to be shown on HBO or something. So much sex, drama and backstabbing lol. My current Job at GA Eye Partners (an ophthalmologist's office) would be ANOTHER soap opera! lol And there's no telling with Rocky Horror and Netherworld Haunted House! lol.

Directing a scene
What do you hope moviegoers take with them after seeing your work?

That no matter who you are, or what you're going through, love yourself. Also, that hatred, for no matter what the reason, only tears us down in our society. People should be free to love who they want and how they want without the scrutiny of other people judging, bullying, or threatening them.

How can Romance Lives Forever readers support your new film?

Or sharing it on your FB, Twitter, or any other social media sites you may know of so that we can get the word out about the film. :D

If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
Kayelle and Java
OutlantaCon 2011
I'd probably want to live in Japan, or London. I'm a big fan of both places and have always wanted go be there.

As a child, what was your favorite thing about school?
Well, school was really tough. I got teased a lot. And bullied a lot cause I was really small and skinny, and just generally a push over. But I'd have to say, a lot of the friends I acquired, and any chance I got to perform in any capacity, I dove head first.

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
"Caution: Cuddler. Also very busy, emotional and spontaneous – love with caution! Lol"

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  1. Java, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I'm so excited to have you visiting with me! I wish you the best in every endeavor.


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