January 2, 2012

Will Your Book Make Money?

Time is Money
Now and then I hear writers say they don't care if they make money. They have to write. It's in their blood. Some want to share the knowledge they have and are eager to get the book out there and into the ethernet where it can be shared. Others dream of making it big and retiring.

No matter which of these concepts fits you, if you are a writer, this article will help.

If you count the number of hours you put into writing, tally up the amount you get back in sales, and take away the amount you spent promoting, you might have made more money by not starting in the first place. ;)

Truth is, for writers, that's not an acceptable answer. We are driven to write. We want to share our stories and ideas. Some of us would like to make a living doing it.

It doesn't matter whether you're in it to make money. Every writer still has to do the same things. Youl have to write and then edit your book. You have to find a publisher and/or agent. If you decide to self-publish, you need to get a decent cover, format it as an ebook, and all of us have to market our books. Creating the book to be successful -- whether as a giveaway or a $39.99 book -- takes the same amount of work. If the book is badly written, improperly formatted, and not promoted well, it will fail -- whether free or for sale. You owe it to your readers to give it the best you can.

I've been writing for publication since 2004, and have six books out and one audiobook. I've spent thousands of hours promoting, writing, teaching, and learning. If I was doing it for the money, I'd have given up long ago.
If you've been saying that you don't care if you make money, or that you just want to write because you have to, stop now. Not stop writing -- stop saying that. Words are the seeds of prosperity or doom. We decide which by what we say.
I take pride in my work. If I continually tell myself I don't expect to make money, I am sowing the seeds of failure. Instead, I tell myself I expect to entertain people with this book. I leave money out of the equation. I focus on what I want to accomplish, not what I don't expect to happen.

It's been my experience that attitude will sell my book when nothing else will. I never tell people "I don't expect to make a lot of money writing" because guess what? No one expects to give me a lot of money, either. Instead, I say "I expect to __________" whatever it is I decide to accomplish.

What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to entertain? Educate? Change minds? Illustrate an idea? Open the world to a child? Set right a wrong?
Speak the things you expect to happen. Let the money deal with itself. Focus on what you want to get across to people, and the sales will follow. If they don't, it won't matter. You will have done your best. You will have pride in your work, and you will have accomplished your goal. It doesn't get any better than that. 
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  1. Thank you for a well written article Kayelle, it is to the point and honest.
    At the same time, it encourages new writers (like me) because we find out that it is not just me, but many writers struggle to get their words in print, but with hard work, following the writers rules and concentrating on positive thoughts we might reach our goal - having a book in print!
    Many thanks for this helpful article!

  2. I'm in complete agreement with you Kayelle. We create our reality with the words we speak. I need to make a living at this. Writing is my only job.

    I spreak prosperity and success over my work every day. I don't believe any of us were meant for mediocrity:)

    If you aim for the stars and miss, you can still swing from the trees, right? LOL

  3. I'm glad this is helpful. My sister suggested I offer this advice on my blog. ;)

    Good for you! That's exactly what we should be doing. We were meant for the stars - meant for the best.

  4. As I glanced back at my post, I realize I should speak good things about my spelling. LOL

  5. Awesome advice! There's a reason prayer/meditation is so important: we're forced to focus on what we want (goals) and how to get them with a few morals involved. Even with spells and witchraft...The future and our sanity is all about interpretation through channeling our thoughts. What's that they say about the cup is half full/empty. Or you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar? Perspective is key! *wink*

    ~the anthropologist

  6. Skhye,
    I'll definitely take honey. ;)

    I had to go back and reread your note to get what you meant. LOL! Yes, definitely. ^_^


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