March 12, 2012

The Fifth Son by Blaine D. Arden

The Fifth Son.
Imagine, if you will, a place where almost everything is operated by magic: doors, windows, lights, ovens. Magic is an every day occurrence and everyone around you knows how to operate it. Imagine what it would be like for us non-magical creatures, to visit a place like that. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?
But what if doors won't open for you? What if you can't make a simple cup of tea, because you don't have the ability to boil water? What if you have to ask someone else to turn on the lights when it gets dark? Doesn't seem as much fun, then, does it?
That is pretty much what life has been like for Llyskel. He was born magicless in a world where everyone possesses magic to some degree. Where every other child would come into their powers at the age of six, nothing happened to Llyskel, not even the slightest spark. Doors remained shut, lights remained off – or on in many cases. No running off to scour the castle on his own, like his older brothers often did. No playing at being soldiers, and worse, no playing with his brothers at all. Not with a set of over-protective parents (read: mother) who couldn't bear anything to happen to her precious youngest. All Llyskel could do was watch, watch and draw...

The Fifth Son is about Llyskel, the fifth son of a King, who, unlike his brothers, doesn't have a career in politics or the military to look forward to. In a world where everyone possesses magic to some degree or other, Llyskel is powerless, unable to perform even the smallest magic-based tasks. All his life, he's been under constant guard for his own protection from the magical world around him, much to his annoyance. The only time Llyskel feels free is when he paints, where the only spells he needs are the ones he weaves with brush and paint, capturing moments of beauty and giving them immortality on canvas.
 Llyskel harbors a secret wish, though, a dark desire that haunts his nights. Only Ariv, a captain in the King's army, seems to sense the truth of Llyskel's needs. The pull he feels to Llyskel is unavoidable, and the passion between them undeniable.  But Ariv isn't the only one interested in Llyskel. The Queen of a neighboring country expresses her interest in the boy's talents, but her true intent goes far beyond a love of art. And what she asks may be too high a price for any of them.
About the Author
Blaine is a purple haired, forty-something, writer of gay romance with a love of men, music, mystery, magic, fairies (the pointy eared ones), platform shoes and the colours black, purple and red, who sings her way through life.
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  1. Welcome back to Romance Lives Forever, Blaine. Good to see you again! This looks really good.

  2. Thank you for hosting me again :)
    and thank you for the compliment. I hope readers will enjoy it.


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