March 1, 2012

RLF Gems - Blog Stats for Feb 2012

RLF Gems 
This is the second in a series of posts about the "Top Hits" on this website, who draws readers, and what types of articles are the most read.

I'll list them in order of "page loads" -- the number assigned by via a small html/java script on this page.

Not surprisingly, the top post of the month of February was the first "RLF Gems." I won't list it in the top five below, which has two entries at the number four spot in a tie.

#1 Victoria Lynne - With This Kiss (Book Release)

#2 Linda McMaken - Interview

#3 Xavier Axelson - Interview (Xavier was in the top 5 for 2011 posts)

#4 Vonnie Davis - Interview

#4 Frances Pauli - True Grit

#5 Kharisma Rhayne - Sexcation (a truly fun post) ^_^

Other authors included Marcia James, Jasmine Aherne, Evan Jacobs (founder of Kindlegraph), and Karenna Colcroft. I had several posts as well.

Congratulations to each of these writers for great posts and interviews during the month of February.

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