April 9, 2012

Janet Elizabeth Jones - Artist, Author

Ellory and Taliesen.
My friend Janet Elizabeth Jones is a talented author. Her book, Revenant, is one of the finest romances I've ever read. When I reviewed it, I wrote that Janet was the type of author who made me glad I'd learned how to read. Her words are pure pleasure.

Talisen Davies is in love with a man who lived and died over two hundred years ago. She figures it's a pretty safe crush, until she finds out he's alive--and a vampire.

I'm sorry to tell you that this book is currently out of print. (I'm glad I own a copy!) I know Janet intends that it will be rereleased, and I will happily host her here when it comes out again.

The image above is of the hero and heroine, Ellory and Taliesen, and the art was done by Janet. These two have the sweetest love affair -- and though I've read their book multiple times, I never tire of it.

Her other book, Incubus is available in Kindle. It's every bit as scrumptious, with a hero who was a vampire, but has been "cured" by being turned into an incubus. Now, instead of blood, he feeds off passion in a woman's dreams.
Just when Meical discovers how much he wants to live...
Just when Caroline discovers how much she wants to love...
They must defend both life and love against death itself.

Without warning, he shivered. It was a familiar feeling.
The sensation stole over his spine like pinpricks. Soon every soul he knew would be wrapped in the deep sleep of the vampire. But this time, the day-death would pass him by.
He went to the door of the cabin, opened it and stared at the night sky. There was a bit of light blue toward the east. He slipped out the door and fixed his gaze on it, drank it down. There was pink. Rosy pink. Only hours ago, it would've been enough to kill him. Neshi's experiment hadn't been a complete failure.
Meical bounded into the yard and skidded to a halt in the snow. His heart thudded in his chest, while the pink became orange. Beautiful fiery red came next, but it was the gold he wanted to see, the bright, gold-white light of a new day, full in his face until it blinded him and burned its way into his memory forever. He'd take it with him wherever he was bound. Defiant, he shot into the air. Birds in the trees took flight around him. The wild things ran for cover.
Higher. Higher. It was brighter now. So bright. Too bright. Oh, yes! Nearly there. Nearly sunrise. He let the fragile warmth engulf him, felt it all the way to his soul. His face, his head, his entire body were warm in a way he hadn't felt in two centuries. The ball of fire and life topped the horizon and blasted away all the night, all the darkness, all the pain and isolation. Meical flung back his head and let his exultation fill the world below. "Neshi, you are a GENIUS!"
Meical's Sunrise by Janet E Jones
Closing his eyes, he basked in the golden glow that touched every inch of him. The sun rose higher, while he hung suspended in its light.
Voices echoed up to him from the woods far below. He ignored them. He wanted only the silence and the light, clean and pure and unending.
The voices became clearer, and the smell of human males tainted his serenity. Meical growled and turned his head to look down. It was just a pack of hikers, laughing as they slogged along the trail that passed Caroline's cabin. They were harmless, pleasant enough fellows.
So why did he have the urge to rip their heads off?
The contentment of the moment paled as Meical hung lazily in a sunbeam and eyed their progress closer to Caroline's abode. As they trudged along, their heavy, sweating bodies made crunching noises in the snow with every step they took. Even that bothered him. Surely they weren't foolish enough to come so close to Caroline, to encroach on what his. Never mind that he wasn't going to be around much longer. While he was still breathing, she was his to protect.
With another glance at the sun, Meical dropped out of the sky and landed soundlessly in the woods. Seconds of icy wind in his face and an easy burst of speed brought him to Caroline's porch. He slunk into a pool of shadow the sunlight couldn't reach and dissolved to watch the intruders. 

A video for Incubus

You absolutely must go visit Janet's website, and visit the Revenant page. Ellory is a musician, and Janet has his music recorded on the book's page. More artwork fills her site. If you like vampire romance, you'll love her books. http://janetejones.com

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  1. Welcome back, Janet. I'm excited to have you here today. To me, these characters are living people. I've spent a lot of time with them. I hope others get to know them like I do.


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