May 26, 2012

Fairy Tale Erotica by Liz Adams

Alice and Jack.
Please welcome Liz Adams to Romance Lives Forever! Liz, take it away, and tell us all about your fairy tale erotica.

Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land
Genre: Erotica
WARNING: This portrayal of Alice contains her sexual discoveries with hot, strong men and their unique, fantastic talents: M/F, M/F/M/F, M/F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, and lots of sex with strangers! If you read this book and its steamy, explicit sexual content, the Cheshire cat won’t be the only one wearing a wicked grin. For 18 years and older.
Alice came upon a strange man licking the roses at the side of the road. The man was flat. Literally, two-dimensional. The trunk of his body was squashed and flat like a piece of paper. His flat body was dressed in green overalls with three red hearts on his breast pocket.
But his head and limbs were normal.
The man stood over one of the rose bushes. He guided one of the white roses to his lips, and licked its petals.
At least, it was a white rose.
Or was it red?
Actually, it looked like red liquid dripped from his tongue as he painted the white petals red.
“Are you bleeding?” Alice asked.
The man jumped. “You—you scared me.”
“I’m sorry, it’s just—your mouth is all red. Are you bleeding?”
“No, I’m painting.” He glanced over his shoulder down the road as if to see if anyone was coming. “I’m the gardener, and was supposed to plant red roses for the queen.” He rushed his words in a conspiratorial tone. “There was a mix-up with the seeds. Some white roses grew with the red roses. If I don’t paint these white roses red before the queen arrives, she’ll have my head!” He rushed both hands over his crotch to emphasize his point, and then guided the white rose he was painting back to his lips.
Alice stifled a laugh. What was the queen going to do with his flat body, cut a hole where his penis should be?
“I know a gardener who works in my yard. His name is Jack.” Alice wasn’t really sure why she said this. Maybe it was because she didn’t know what else to say.
A distant voice boomed. “Here comes the queen!”
Alice and the gardener turned toward the road. A parade of flat people marched in front of a high seat being carried by more flat people. On the high seat was a woman who must have been the queen.
“No! No! No!” The gardener said in a panicked voice. “I’m not finished! If she sees what I’ve done she’ll have my head!”
Alice didn’t think he had anything to worry about. Surely the queen would understand a mix-up with the red rose and white rose seeds. But what if the queen were as ruthless as people had been saying?
“Quick,” Alice said. “Hide under my dress!”
“Thank you! Thank you!” The gardener folded over and positioned himself between Alice’s legs.
The processional of flat people approached. They wore military uniforms. When they were close enough, Alice could see the rows of hearts like medals across their coats. These flat soldiers kept their heads at attention, staring straight down the road as they passed Alice as if she wasn’t there.
As the raised platform with the queen was passing Alice, Alice was about to breathe a sigh of relief when the queen shouted, “Stop!”
Alice stood tall and demure as was expected before a queen. Though she’d never actually met one.
The entire processional came to a halt. The queen gazed down her nose at Alice. A beautiful woman with challenging eyes. Long, black hair under a golden crown, and red lips in the shape of a heart. “Who is that woman?” the queen yelled at a soldier.
“Not known, your highness!” the soldier called out.
“Idiot,” the queen muttered. To Alice she said, “Who are you?”
“I’m Alice.” She tried her best to curtsey without hitting the gardener beneath her.
“Well, Alice, why are these roses white?”
Alice felt a finger pull aside her underwear, exposing herself to the open air.
“How should I know?” Alice gulped, and suppressed a shiver.
The queen grit her teeth. “Where is the gardener?”
Alice felt the gardener’s warm breath against her. And then his tongue. Even though no one could see what the gardener was doing to her, having them all watch her getting turned on was enough to make her blush. 
“The gardener?” Alice asked giving way to the embarrassment she felt by smiling.
“Yes. Where is the gardener?”
Alice felt herself open up. What was he doing? Painting her pink folds red? Did he think she had a rose between her legs? The gardener found her deep opening. Alice felt him painting her with fervent strokes.
“The…gardener?” Alice managed.
The queen huffed and exasperated breath. “Do you even know what a gardener is?”
Yes, Alice thought. I’m getting to know his tongue very well.
The gardener licked in the most luscious way, taking his time to make luxurious circles. Alice quivered.
“Yes.” Alice sighed. That was the spot. Her juices dripped down to her knees.
“Well then.” The queen over-enunciated her words. “Since you know what a gardener is. Then maybe. You can tell me. If you’ve seen. The gardener.”
Round and round with hot, slick licks, the gardener painted Alice.
“The gardener?” Alice moaned.
She couldn’t believe she had an entire unsuspecting audience watch her as she was being tasted, and turned on in a most delightful way.
“Oh, for heaven’s sake! Do you or do you not know where the gardener is?!”
His tongue pushed inside. Her whole body flushed.
“Oh!” Alice cried, her body trembling. Never in all her years... the thought faded as her body heated.
“You’re a strange bird,” the queen said. “But your face has good color.”
The queen turned to a soldier beside her. “Invite her to my croquet game.”
Alice’s body flushed hot. The gardener kept up his twirling tongue. She worked hard to stay still, but she wanted more. She wanted him to put a warm, smart finger inside her. She was close to climax. A well-placed finger would get her there for sure. She wanted to squirm. Heat pulsed through her and she held herself still.
The soldier spoke. She heard him through her heat.
“You, Alice, are hereby invited to join the queen in a game of croquet. Please follow us.”
The processional marched past her. Alice didn’t want to move, not yet.
Alice felt the tongue slip out, and a finger reposition her underwear. She sighed. The gardener came out from under her dress.
“Thank you for saving me,” he said. “I am truly grateful. Oh, and I painted your rose red.”
Read the full novella at:
Liz Adams, author of the erotic fairy tale Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Liz studied music and creative writing at UCLA and worked as a freelance model before making her writing her career. In her spare time she cuddles with her husband on the couch to watch her favorite shows.
About Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land
Having returned from university for the holidays, Alice can’t shake the truth: She’s still in love with her childhood crush Jack, the buff and handsome gardener. But as inexperienced as she is with the fine art of sexuality, and having never been able to achieve the big O, will she ever be good enough to satisfy Jack?
A fall deep down a well takes her to an erotic wonderland fairy tale where she can do her due diligence at learning how to please a man and how to achieve orgasm. She shares her sexual discoveries with a young man named “Rabbit” who likes to explore, a group of strong villagers, a “Caterpillar” who has more hands than Alice can handle, a Mad Hatter who finds Alice’s exquisite weakness, and a whole host of talented characters.
All lead to the Queen and her majesty’s dark secret. Will Alice’s sexual discovery be just the thing to snag her desired man Jack? And will her erotic fairy tale help her discover the key to her own pleasure?

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 What readers are saying…

“Liz Adams’ Alice’s Sexual Discovery is an exciting new erotic twist on the old fairytale. As you follow Alice through her journey, you will find yourself slipping into her delectable fantasies. The descriptions involve all of your senses, letting you feel each teasing touch, taste every musky man, and smell the steam of sex. Just when you think Alice is done teasing you, a new scenario pops up that will leave you craving more. I highly recommend that you take a journey and lose yourself in the passionate wonderland you never knew existed...until now.” - Rebecca Hoffman, editor with Grit City Publications and author of Drop in the Ocean:

“I have to confess I always thought Alice in Wonderland was a bit stupid. It didn’t quite captivate me and I figured my imagination just wasn’t that obscure. The same however can’t be said for Liz Adam’s wonderfully creative erotic rewrite. Right from the moment Alice falls down the hole we realize this is a very different – yet similar – Wonderland. It helps to have read the original because it’s just wonderful to see how Adam’s has re-imagined the characters and events. A rabbit? Sure, but it’s the name of a deliciously cute naked man. Off with their heads? Absolutely...but not the heads the original queen was after. Overall? This is deliciously wicked. Have a man or a vibrator with you when you read it.” - Simone Sinna, erotic-romance suspense author of Embedded and Exposé:
“I loved this book. I read it almost all in one go. The story pulls you in and won’t let you leave, very much like Alice’s experience between the pages. Every scene is deliciously sensual as you follow Alice on an adventure to find what’s eluding her. Even when some of the encounters are as strange as events in the original, they are so naughty and outrageous you can’t help but be turned on by them. Liz Adams has created a fantastical world where anything can happen and her characters are so vividly drawn you really feel as though you are in the story. She keeps you on a knife edge right to the very end, just like Alice. Liz is a brilliant storyteller and her words flow effortlessly across the page. I promise you, you won’t be able to put it down.” ~ Lexie Bay, author of Inside Looking Out:
“A wild, erotic ride through the scenes of the book’s namesake, complete with all the characters, but in x-rated versions. A sexy adventure for Alice, ending in a completely romantic happily-ever-after. Erotic fantasy readers will love this book.” ~ Randi Alexander, Author of Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied:
“Ms Adams has truly changed the way we look at fairy tales in this erotic tale that introduces you to the new rabbit hole! I look forward to more erotic tales from this talented author.” ~ Tonya Kinzer, Author of The Boss’s Pet series:
“Liz has written a story that blows your mind. With lots of sloppy fingers, Alice’s clit throbs for attention from the naked buff men she meets along the way. With tongues that make Alice flood the world with her sweet elixir. Wow! In between that, the swallowing, chewing and licking certain types body parts. Alice grows or shrinks to help her reach the perfect orgasm erotic style. With continual prodding and poking throughout the book, in search for sexual arousal. You’re going to wish you had a dress like Alice’s that will take you to Wonderland and back. So the whimpers will escape your lips.” - Melissa Craig, author of Plentiful Package:

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  1. It's been fun having you here today, Liz. Your story takes a whole new look at this fable.

  2. Thanks, Kayelle! It's been a pleasure. A delicious pleasure! ;-)



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