May 21, 2012

Test Drive (Sex) by Kharisma Rhayne

Bound by Temptation.
Do you remember your very first test drive? The way it felt as your hand gripped it tightly? The way it "revved" up for you? Do you remember that feel of satisfaction and relief? The way you couldn't wait to take it out for another spin?
I'm not talking about a car here darlings. I'm not even talking your first time. That initial test drive. He's never seen you naked, you've never seen him naked, and you've never fully explored each other's bodies. Just the thought is hot. Right?
A new guy, he's hot and you just have to test drive him. Nothing will get his attention faster than simply telling him you'd like to test drive him or asking him if he'd like to fuck. I prefer test drive. After asking, I can follow up by asking if he's a V-6 or a V-8. I make it clear I don't deal with V-4's and I prefer V-8's – a V-12 will most likely get him more than an initial test drive.
Now that you've picked your car, you have to put him to the test. Ladies, you do not have to be a dominant character to do this. In the bedroom, my partner is always in control, even when you would think he wasn't. The difference is, I'm taking a more active role, not actually being dominant. Always go for broke your first time with someone. There is no do over. Yes, you can get more creative, know more about one another -- but there is only one very first time with any partner. However, you can make all your experiences like this first time. Learn to love every inch of your man's body and let him love every inch of yours.
Undress for him. Allow him to watch. As I've mentioned in an earlier article, you don't need to do anything fancy. There's no need for music or dancing. Besides, in some cases, you want him to just see you, not wonder if you used to give lap dances when you were 21. Then be brave. Ask him to undress for you. And watch. Closely!
Book 2
Watch as he pulls his shirt over his head. Take a good look at his waistline, his lower abs, his chest. Then give him a deep look into his eyes. Let him know you're as visual as he is and he's on the spot right now. As he unfastens his pants take it in, watch him. Pay attention to how they slide down his hips, how they hit the floor, how he kicks them away from his feet. Now, if he's commando, that's the end of this part of your show. If he is wearing underwear (preferably boxer briefs for me -- HOT!) don't let him turn around to take them off. Watch his cock pop right out of them at you when he pulls them down. Generally, I'd say watch those slide down too, but I'm too interested in the new prize that has just been released for me. So, honestly, I'm viewing his cock and wondering at a good glimpse of his balls. Is he one of the guys that likes them touched or left alone?
Finally, you're both naked. Get him on the bed and admire every inch of him. Let him know that his turn is coming. You'll be all his as soon as you're done with him -- and keep your word. The key is all in your touching and your eyes. Let him see you watch him. Let him see your eyes take in every small detail of his body as you touch him. And don't just touch him with your hands. Use your mouth, your tongue, your hair, your breasts, even your body.
One thing here that I definitely have to mention, do NOT be afraid to let him know that you're enjoying him. So many women thing they should be silent in bed. No moaning, no panting, no other little random noises. Come on! Do you have any idea how much more that turns your partner on? To see, feel and hear your enjoyment. It doesn't matter that he's not touching you at this point. Trust me; my partner can get sounds out of me not having even laid a hand on me. Sometimes it's the anticipation of his coming kiss and knowing he'll be pressing his body against mine. Other times it's just me touching him and looking at him. Your partner should turn you on like that. If not, do something like this more often. Really get a feel for how they look without their clothes. Learn to enjoy their body.
Pay attention to his nipples (no they aren't just for ladies). Run your hand and your mouth down his abs. Rub his balls (gently of course...figure out what he likes) and stroke his cock. Climb on top of him and rub your body against his. I am serious. He will enjoy it.
As you do your test drive more often, it can still feel new. Add new things to it. You'll know each other a little better each time. Maybe he likes to be bitten, or maybe he likes the feel of your nails digging into him. Add those for him. He doesn't have to be inside you and pounding away to get those things from you. Do them while you're still admiring his body. See the reaction the sensations give him.
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Each time you finish with him, allow him his turn. Don't be afraid to squirm. And again, don't be afraid to let him hear how he's making you feel. Let him see and explore just as you did with him. Remember, you can't expect him to give if you won't too. Does he do something that really drives you crazy? Let him know. He'll do it more often if he knows. Your partner can't always tell that there's a certain way you might like something over another. Some even prefer some direction. Don't be afraid to tell them.
Keeping sex new is the biggest part of any relationship. With that, it doesn't mean you need six hundred days of six hundred new things. You'll find things you enjoy and they'll feel new each and every time they're done. This is one of those techniques for my husband and I. I never tire of looking at him. I never tire of the way he feels under my fingertips, how he tastes on my tongue. No matter how many times we've done this, it's just as exciting each time. Watching his arousal, feeling your own arousal and hearing never gets old.
I wish this works the same for any one of you who tries it. It's a great way to get to know one another and a total way to be intimate. May you and your partner have many, many test drives in your future.
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  1. I couldn't agree with this more "Keeping sex new is the biggest part of any relationship"... so true and many couples forget that

    Great post Kharisma

  2. Welcome advice for any relationship, Kharisma!

    Dawne, true, right? ^_^

  3. Thanks Dawne & Kayelle.
    I find that sometimes keeping sex new is just as hard for an erotic writer in their books as it is for people in their relationships. :D

    Thanks for having me back today Kayelle ♥

  4. Great post, Kharisma, and some very sound advice. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Blak & thanks for stopping in ♥


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