July 1, 2012

RLF Gems - Blog Stats for June 2012

RLF Gems.
The top bloggers (by page load) for the month of June resulted in a tie for third place in the top five. This month was unusual in that the blog was closed for a period due to my illness. The good news is that I did not have a heart attack. The bad news is that I learned my heart did have a slight weakness that needed medication. I've been on the mend and taking better care of myself as a result.

In June, we had a few character interviews, which were well received, and every day that we had a posting saw top numbers. The article I wrote for the Marketing for Romance Writers blog tour (in preparation for Marketing Summer Camp) scored nearly twice as many hits as the next in line. That was gratifying, and a surprise. Model and photographer Cherif Fortin and his business partner Lynn Sanders hit it out of the park with their interview this month. I had them on twice because their article was so unique. They helped pioneer a new media that combines film, ebooks, audio books, and images to make a new media. You can learn more about it at this URL. http://is.gd/a3oh1m

Top Post - MFRW

Here are the top bloggers for June 2012:

1. Kayelle Allen - Why I Created Marketing for Romance Writers
2. Cherif Fortin, Lynn Sanders - New Media for Authors
3. K. D. Grace - Character Interview
3. Lynn Cahoon - Character Interview
4. Jane Wenham-Jones - Author Interview
5. S. A. Garcia - Not Only Angels Fall from the Heavens

My thanks to everyone who took part this month. Guests this month included (in alpha order by first name, not including myself): Alexandra Stewart, Berengaria Brown, Cherif Fortin, Cinsearae S, Danita Minnis, Jane Wenham-Jones, Juliette Springs, K. D. Grace, Lynn Cahoon, Lynn Sanders, S. A. Garcia.


  1. Thank you, Rosanna! This was a challenging month but turned out well.


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