September 30, 2012

Hearts and Fangs Everywhere @ejkolodziej

Witch Devotions.

Turning over the blog to author Elizabeth J Kolodziej today. Enjoy the ride!

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Hello everyone! I am Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, author of the Last Witch Series and lover of kittens and puppies. I must say that with the third book coming out I have come a long way from where I was in 2009. Yes, 3 years seems like a very short period, but I personally think there are 3 regular human years and 3 long author years.
The Last Witch Series has been my baby because it was something I grew from nothing. It now has two novellas connected to the series, was in brick and morter

Barnes and Noble stores, got great reviews from places like Readers Favorite and Reader Views and I think it is still going places. In fact, I don’t think a series really starts to pick up until the third book comes out.

I did a poll once around five months ago asking regular people when they began reading a series. The answer? When the third book comes out and they know the reader is serious about their writing career. I can’t say I don’t feel similar considering the boom of self published authors out there who believe they want this for a career. However, most don’t seem to register how much work goes into being an author, traditionally published or indie.
With the thrd book out I have been asked if this is the last book and where I want to go from here. The answer? The Last Witch Series has at least two-three more books to go until it ends. Maybe more. Truthfully, I would like to make it an eight book series. Why? Eight is my lucky number. Go figure.
However, the beauty in this is I have now grown so much as an author that I am seeing the beauty in dabbling in other genres. For instance, I have created the zombiepunk series. I pray to have Gravely Inanimated out by the end of the year, or if anything early next year. Steampunk is a fun genre (I really love the clothes!) and not only that but italso  gives me a whole new arena of people to talk to and meet.
Also, there are my erotica books like, Demon Protection Plan, where I can be a little more naughty and have more freedom in how graphic I get with the sexual content. That is a whole other sort of lovely readers I get to meet and know.
Elizabeth J. Kolodziej
What genre is next? I have no idea. I always said I would never write zombies, but look at my steampunk book. So maybe I will write a little scifi. The point is after three plus years I have learned to keep my mind open to new and different writing. The way I write a book for Last Witch is totally different from the way I do it for ZombiePunk. In my opinion, one is more intricate and detailed than the other. That isn’t to say you get something more out of one book, you will just end up reading a different kind of style. And that’s ok! Different is not a bad thing and trying something new only brings out more ideas.
I am proud that I have come as far as I have in these past three years and I hope to keep going further. It is my fans I have to thank for being able to keep on going along with the tons and tons of marvelous writing friends I meet. I am in this for the marathon, not the sprint. You will continue to see me everywhere you go.

Hearts and Fangs,
Liz ^_^

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