September 26, 2012

Viki Lyn: Lover's Trill @VikiLynRomance

Lover's Trill.
Welcome to Romance Lives Forever, Viki. Let's talk about your book!
Title: Lover’s Trill
Author: Viki Lyn
Genre: M/M contemporary romance
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Cover artist: Kelly Shorten
Length: 19,602
Heat rating: 4
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Tagline: Classical and rock come together in perfect harmony but violinist, Andre, finds his trust in Leo tested. The rock star must prove his loyalty by using their one common passion – music – to bind their hearts.
Rocker Leo needs a break. From the band, roadies, everything related to his present life. Wandering the streets of Vienna, he chances upon a poster that just might change his life. Andre Revele, renowned violinist, and Leo’s ex-lover, is performing in the city. It’s been years since Leo slipped out of Andre’s life, but he’s never forgotten their passionate love of music and each other.
Andre is shocked when Leo shows up backstage after his performance. He is angry, but he can’t walk away. Against his better judgment, he invites Leo to his hotel for a drink. Not sure what he wants from Leo, he knows what his body wants. A night of passionate sex leads to another, until he’s lost his heart to Leo again.
When Andre finds his trust in Leo tested, Leo must prove his loyalty by using their one common passion – music – to bind their hearts.
What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Leo, late twenties, rocker
Andre, late twenties, concert violinist


Lover’s Trill, included in More Love Notes, copyright 2012, Musa Publishing
Happy to wander aimlessly, Leo slipped his hands into his fleeced-lined jacket. Living in LA, he forgot how cold it could be in February. He turned the corner and sputtered to a halt. Staring at the poster pasted to the side of a building, he didn’t need to read the name spelled in bold letters across the poster to know who it was. He could never forget that face in rapture — when playing or getting off. Music and sex had invoked the same feelings in Andre Revele. Passion was passion, and that man always had both in spades.
The black and white picture showed Andre playing the violin. Numbness swept across Leo as he stared at Andre caressing the bow in those slender-fingered hands — such artistic hands on a large man. It had been love at first sight — or at least lust — when Leo had walked into the practice room.
Out of Bounds
He could still remember a youthful Andre, not quite grown into his robust physique, as he played the last stanza of Bach’s Concerto in E. The violin’s notes had faded into magic dust, the music echoing in the atmosphere long after the performance was over. Bright green eyes peered through dark lashes and sensual pouty lips morphed into a shy smile. That’s all it took for the seed of love to be planted in Leo’s musical heart.
He scanned the poster for the dates of the virtuoso’s concert. Tomorrow night was the last performance. Leo shuffled on his feet, unable to move away. He bit his lip and traced He bit his lip and traced the image of Andre. Did he dare go?


How did you get your start in the industry?
It’s kind of a crazy story. I have an art degree and practiced my art for years. One day, I had a fit because one of my favorite television shows ended on a cliff hanger and wasn’t renewed— Caroline in the City. We all know how that feels. I was so bummed I wrote my own ending. And, I had a great time doing it. From that day forward I wrote several short fan fictions until I felt brave enough to branch out using my own characters and settings.
Also at the time, I co-owned an art gallery and gift store. I had no time to create in my studio and so I wrote stories. I fell in love with the process and was hooked on words instead of paints. I joined the local RWA chapter, got serious about writing and treating it as a business as well as a creative outlet. I took numerous writing classes. The industry is going through such a transformation that it’s an exciting time to be a writer, with a lot of opportunities.
What is the most important thing you do for your career now, as compared to when you first started writing?
John's Match
I give myself a break when my muse takes a vacation. I used to beat myself up for not writing days at a time. Then I realized I needed the break to regenerate and refocus. It’s important for every writer to know their personal rhythm. For me, I need time to relax. I quiet the voices in my head by playing computer games, watching movies, reading, visiting with friends over coffee. When I’m rested, I’m more motivated and ideas flow more freely.
Also, I’ve made peace with using social media. Some authors are so good at it and I’m envious, but I find it difficult to tweet, blog and FB daily or even once a week! I do it but it doesn’t come easy.
If you could change something about your first book, what would it be?
My first m/m book published was Blue Skye—book one of my Woodland Village series. I’m happy to say it’s been re-edited and re-published. I changed all the little things I didn’t like about it :) There were typos that shouldn’t have seen the light of day and was embarrassing! Also, I was able to change the location of a sex scene, add deeper POV and tweak the ending. It was a good story but now it’s a great story.
If you could give the younger version of yourself advice what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to take risk. I wish I had taken art classes the first time I went to college instead of ten years later. When I was younger, I didn’t give myself permission to fail.
What does "balance" mean to you as a writer?
I love to write and it’s a passion but it’s not the most important part of my life. Friends and family come first. I love so much of life— travel, art, food, sports. I can’t ignore my other interests. I have learned to incorporate all of it by lowering my writing expectations and taking a slower path toward my writing goals.
Do things your family or friends do ever end up in a book?
Yes, at least their habits do, or a certain turn of a phrase.
What are some jobs you've done before (or while) you were a writer?
Last Chance
Artist, urban planner, financial analyst, accountant, art gallery and gift shop owner
Which of your books would you recommend to someone who doesn't normally read your genre, and why?
For the past three years I’ve written exclusively male/male romance. I know many readers that might be reluctant to read about two men falling in love, but they’re so many sexy, romantic stories in this genre. If a reader doesn’t normally read the genre but wants to try it out, I recommend Blue Skye for a contemporary or Last Chance for a light paranormal. These are the first books in ongoing series. Last Chance is fun and while it has some dark moments, it’s really about Stu and Aric’s romance. It has some funny moments. Blue Skye has flawed characters with heart. And who doesn’t like childhood friends turned lovers!
What kind of books do you read when taking a break from your own writing?
I read Japanese manga (yaoi or boy’s love) and mysteries!
What do you think is the future of epublishing?
It’s changing the industry like Apple changed the way we purchase music. Digital publishing is not going away. Eventually, I see all books going to POD (print on demand) due to high paper and printing costs. It just makes sense.
Imagine you get to go on a dream vacation, but you have only one hour to pack and leave, and it starts as soon as you finish this interview. What will you take with you and where will you go?
I’d pack my carry-on bag with casual jeans, T-shirts and comfortable sandals and shoes. Slip my iPhone and passport into my purse and catch a plane to London.
What do you like to do when you're bored?
Read a favorite book or manga or watch a favorite movie.
Which statement is more like you:
"I am a vacation spa because I am laid back and relaxed."
"I am a ten-countries in ten-days tour vacation, because I do things as fast as possible."

Please Fill in the Blanks

I love pizza with mushrooms, black olives and pineapple.
I'm always ready for a vacation.
When I'm alone, I crank up my iPod and pretend I’m a lead singer of a rock band.
If I had a halo it would be held up by devil horns.
If I could go live overseas I'd jump at the chance to experience another culture.
I can never grow old because I’m mentally a kid.

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  1. I'm excited to have you here, Viki. I think we have the same type of halo. ;)

  2. Welcome Viki ...I love your work and thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Hi Kayelle,

    Thanks for having be as a guest today! I just got up (on Pacific Time) and fixed a cup of coffee and powered up my laptop. I'll be checking in through out the day to answer any questions and read the comments. Again, thx for having me. Viki

  4. Terrific interview. I feel like I really got to know Viki Lyn. But I do wonder if she ever paints or has ever created her own covers?

  5. Thanks for the great interview and sharing a little about Viki Lyn. I didn't know you were an urban planner. I enjoy your books.


  6. I don't get the chance to paint any more. Too busy writing stories...and also, I haven't been able to create my own book covers. The publishing houses all have their own book cover artist. I've been so very happy with my covers, the artists wonderful. So that hasn't been a problem. I feel that I could design a decent cover tho! LOL Viki

  7. M/M is my very favorite genre, and these look wonderful! I'm curious, what's your favorite yaoi? I like SHOUT OUT LOUD! a lot (especially with all the hockey references), and EMBRACING LOVE and Haruka Minami's one-shot SWEET when I want something really hot. The first few volumes of GRAVITATION are a lot of fun, too...


  8. Vitajex - I LOVE Shout Out Loud - I have all the volumes. Embracing Love is another favorite of mine and I cross my fingers that a US publisher will pick it up like they did Kizona and reprint all the volumes. I've never read Sweet but I'd like to check it out. Minami does beautiful artwork.

  9. Great interview, and I love the title, Lover's Trill.

  10. Hi all. I will be chosing a winner for a digital book tomorrow, Friday, September 27. Thank you for your comments. I enjoyed them all. And thank you Kayelle for having me! Viki

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