October 17, 2012

Character Interview: Lady Keira @StephBurkhart #steampunk

Victorian Scoundrel.

Stephanie Burkhart, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let's talk about your book, Victorian Scoundrel.
Genre: Steampunk Romance
Buy links:
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Cover artist: Jenifer Ranieri
Length: 67,000K, 161 pages, PDF
Heat rating: "intense"
Tagline: When Alice follows her cousin, Edmund, back through time she has no idea the mischief she's in for.
Blurb: It's 2011 and compressed natural gas has taken over from the coal producing steam machines of the Victorian Age. Alice Windsor, Princess of York, follows her mischief-making cousin, Prince Edmund of Wales back to the past and 1851 where Prince Albert is hosting Britain's Great Exhibition.
Alice soon discovers Edmund has struck up a friendship with their great-grandfather, Prince Albert, and his mischief making entails leaving a dinosaur-sized footprint in history. She also meets Grayson Kentfield, Earl Swinton, and the Prime Minister, Sir John Russell. The Prime Minster finds her odd, to say the least.
It's only when Alice falls for the handsome Earl Swinton does she realize the dangers of time travel. How can she give her heart to a man from the past while striving to stop Edmund from changing time with his forward thinking ideas?
What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Alice Windsor: Princess of York, early 20's student, time traveler
Edmund Windsor: a Prince of Wales, early 20's student, time traveler
Keira Russell: Daughter of the Prime Minister, early 20's
Grayson Kentfield, Earl of Swinton, mid-20's, politician


Keira Russell frowned, running a hand through her hair, a little frustrated. She was enjoying Edmund's company far too much before His Highness, Prince Albert, asked for a moment of his time. Well, she guessed she could share him with the prince consort.
She glanced around, looking for Alice or Earl Swinton. Gone. Gone? Where would they go? It would be nice to wait with one of them. She quickly walked the length of the dance floor, but there was no trace of them.
Perhaps they went to the dining hall. Keira exited the ballroom. Alice was a bit quirky, but her care and concern for Edmund was real. She wished she had that in her life -- one person whose care was sincere. Dare she think she might find it with Edmund? She adored his attention. She had to selfishly admit she liked the fact he was taller than her. He could match her quip for quip, and she liked that about him, too.
The Count's Lair
Keira entered the dining hall and made her way to where they had sat for dinner. Then she paused. She watched as Princess Alice ran up to Alice's seat where her purse was and opened it up. Keira raised an eyebrow. What was a seven-year-old doing snooping around in a purse? Should she say something? Keira pinched the bridge of her nose, imagining the commotion she would cause. If Princess Alice denied her actions, Keira would bring down a heap of disapproval upon her and her family. Her father would be appalled.
She watched as Princess Alice took a necklace out of Alice's purse and replaced it with another one appearing to have a locket on it.
Keira crossed her arms and frowned. Royalty or not, that little girl had no business taking someone else's necklace.

Interview with Lady Keira Russell

Tell us about yourself. What are you like?
I look at the world with a very curious eye. My father, the Prime Minister, believes in cleaning up the coal dust, and so do I. I want to learn everything I can about the land around me.
What do you think is your strongest point?
I'm determined, patient, and loyal to the bone. When I set about a task, I go about it with my whole heart.
Do you have a weakness?
Perhaps I'm too trusting, but if you ask Edmund Windsor, I doubt he would declare I have one. One second thought, he might say I'm a bit headstrong. My father, Sir John Russell, would say I'm too picky.
What drives you to do the things you do? What makes you want to be the "good girl?"
I'm the Prime Minister's daughter! I have a reputation to protect. In all honesty, I have no desire to go against the grain of society. I believe in leaving the Earth a better place than what I found it.
What's your favorite guilty pleasure?
A biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in six words or less?
Whuzzes, Widgets, and Wingdings.
If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
What song would best describe your life?
Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.
If you were a tool, what would people use you to do?
I most certainly couldn't imagine! (rubs chin thoughtfully) All right - I suppose I'd be a datamancer, so people could calculate their odds at winning horse races.
As a child, what was your favorite thing about school?
Learning about math, numbers, the odds, and chemical equations.
The Wolf's Torment

Please Fill in the Blanks as Keira

I love beef wellington with wine.
I'm always ready for a game of darts. (but I'm not very good)
When I'm alone, I like to read the scandal pages.
If I had a halo it would be made out of brass and rivets.
If I could travel through time I'd visit Alice and Grayson.
I can never eat nuts because I'm allergic.

About the Author

Stephanie Burkhart was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire. Wanting a great adventure, she joined the U.S. Army and remained on active duty 11 years, spending 7 overseas in Germany. She started writing when she was 6, making comic books at the kitchen table. Now she lives in California and works for LAPD as a 911 dispatcher. Married over 20 years, she has two young sons, Andrew and Joseph. She loves to walk and now she travels California with her sons.

Previous Books

Budapest Moon:
The Hungarian
The Count's Lair - 2011 Silver Winner, Reader's Favorites, Romance: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Danube in Candlelight - 2012 Finalist Reader's Favorites, Romance: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Moldavian Moon:
The Wolf's Torment - 2012 Gold Winner, Reader's Favorites, Fiction: Supernatural
Twilight Over Moldavia
The Faberge Secret
Books Coming Soon
A Gentleman and A Rogue - Book 2, The Windsor Diaries, NOV 2012
The Secret Door, Book 4, Budapest Moon Series, FEB 2013
Stephanie Burkhart


Ask Keira a question. The novel is set in 1851 in Victorian England and has a steampunk theme. Her love interest is Edmund Windsor. I'll come back on the 18th and pick one winner to receive a PDF of "Victorian Scoundrel," Book 1 of The Windsor Diaries.

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  1. Great premise. Looks like a really interesting read.

  2. I love Kiera's comments. She's one fiesty heroine. And Victorian Scoundrel is a fun read. I highly recommend it!

  3. This is one of the first steampunk romances I've had on the blog, and I want to read it! It looks really good. I love the cover. Thanks for being here today, Steph.

  4. Lovely interview Steph, brings Keira to life. Loved Victorian Scoundrel and looking forward to book 2 of the Windsor Diaries

  5. Allie thank you for visiting. Maggie, feisty is wonderful word. I love using it. Kayelle, many tell me steampunk is a lot of fun and I have to agree. I like the cover too. The sepia overtones are perfect!

    Thank you so much for your patience. I would have stopped in earlier but I had a rich lunch and the weather was perfect for an afternoon nap.


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Wonderful interview...I love steampunk and Lady Keira sounds like a fun character! My question for her is: As the Prime Minister's daughter you want to be the "good girl" but we all have good and bad, so what is the biggest temptation for your "naughty self"?


  8. PC - thank you for your patience with me. Sigh...seems like my work is never done. My biggest temptation is Edmund. He is one big sin - lips like chocolate.... ahhh.... I have very wicked thoughts of doing naughty things to Edmund.

    Congratulations for winning the PDF copy of Victorian Scoundrel. Book 2 is due to release in November.

    Lady Keira.


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