November 8, 2012

Save Room For Ice Cream @emlynley #amreading

Brand New Flavor.
EM Lynley, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let's talk about your book, Brand New Flavor.
Genre: Gay Romance, M/M, Contemporary
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover artist: LC Chase
Length: 150 pages/37,000 words
Heat rating: 4 on a scale of 1-5

From EM Lynley

I'm so excited to be here at Romance Lives Forever to talk about my upcoming release Brand New Flavor. For anyone who's read more than one of my books, you may have noticed a common thread: I love to write about food and cooking. Even if the character is wandering the streets of Bangkok, as in Rarer Than Rubies, you'll get a mouthwatering description of the most delectable duck dish that had dozens of readers heading to their local Thai restaurants. I love to cook (and eat) and I've taken food writing courses and spent seven years in the Northern California wine industry.
Brand New Flavor is all about Jericho "Jay" Brown, an artisan ice cream maker. He's passionate about his frozen treats and the secret recipe he spent more than a year perfecting. He's just as passionate about Cameron Clay, a food critic, but their romance hits a rocky road before they can find out whether they belong together or not.
Be prepared for plenty of mouthwatering descriptions of ice cream--and hot guys--without the calories or guilt. But I'll confess, my editors and beta readers all went running for ice cream while they were reading this story. It comes out the day before Thanksgiving, probably the biggest food fest in the United States, so it's a perfectly fitting date.
Research for Brand New Flavor was fun! I visited and sampled ice creams, gelatos, sorbets and other frozen desserts while I was deciding just what would make Jay's particular ice cream so spectacular. I actually created my own fantasy of what ice cream could be, though as far as I know no one makes anything quite like I've described. I even spent some time in the kitchen at Scream Sorbet, a local shop where I watched the staff at work and peppered the kitchen manager with dozens of questions, about their process, ingredients, sourcing, and how to grow a small business. I also spoke with chefs about flavor combinations to make sure the flavors I made up would really work, and taste as good as I think they sound.
Along the way I tasted:
Hopefully this will whet your appetite for Brand New Flavor (you can pre-order from Dreamspinner Press now and download on release day Nov 21). And if you like that, stay tuned. It's just the first book in my brand new series, Delectable, which features characters from the food and wine industry.

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image credit: Creative Commons License: Photo by Alessio Damata


  1. All right. It's official. You already have me craving ice cream and a hot book to keep me warm :-)

  2. Will, she's good like that, isn't she? LOL

    Allie, me too! I only need some hot fudge for a topping and I'm good. I know it's messy. It'll need a lot of licking... ;)

  3. I just noticed that I tagged EM's image as BA Tortuga. >_< I'd just been working on posting a banner for her on my marketing group's banner project. Sorry about that, EM. I changed it.

  4. Hi Will and Allie, thank you both for stopping by and commenting. What's everyone's favorite flavors?

    Wait till you see what Jay's flavors are, you won't want to put hot fudge on them. They're pretty much perfect on their own!

  5. Thanks for fixing the pic, Kayelle!

  6. This is like trying to hold on to the last days of Summer now that the cold weather is settling in. Thanks EM! This also sounds like me when I'm trying to come up with a new recipe i my kitchen! :-)

  7. Hi Rush, thanks for stopping by to comment. What kind of things do you like to cook?

  8. Thanks for the contest! I spent a month in Italy this summer so I know all about artisan ice cream! My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip!
    OceanAkers @


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