December 16, 2012

Paranormal: Come Fill Me @tinadonahue #rlfblog

Come Fill Me.
Tina Donahue, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let's talk about your book, Come Fill Me.
Genre: erotic paranormal
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Cover artist: Angela Waters
Length: 65,391
Heat rating: Hot
Tagline: Two men will stop at nothing to have her gift, her desire...and her love.
The Prophecy, Book 1
Years ago, with the healing abilities afforded by her blend of Aztec and extraterrestrial blood, Liz was free to do as she wished. Now she is trapped in a blood feud, forced to heal one of her clan’s most dangerous rivals so they can exploit his gift of prophecy.
As she drapes her nude body over his, the rush of his returning strength overwhelms her, and his stunningly sensual caress pushes her to her sexual limit.
Zeke Neekoma never expected to hunger for a woman he’s supposed to hate, but now that he’s tasted her, he does not intend to deny himself the pleasure of her body--or of kidnapping his enemy’s most cherished plaything. Brought to Zeke’s stronghold to heal his brother, Jacob, Liz surrenders her body’s most traitorous needs to the unrestrained desires of two powerful men. And the brothers fill the lonely void she has too long endured.
But her clan doesn’t intend to let her go without a fight...and the ecstasy that binds Liz to her lovers could be the thing that breaks them. Warning: Worlds collide when two Alpha males crave a woman they shouldn’t have. Their dominance and desire knows no limits, culminating in sex so torrid this babe’s never gonna be the same...or free of one brother’s touch.
What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Liz Munez is in her early thirties, a healer for her clan and also a pediatrician.
Zeke Neekoma, early thirties, is the head of the rival clan and a seer.
Jacob Neekoma is thirty, Zeke’s brother.
Carreon, mid-thirties, is the leader of Liz’s clan and once her lover. He’s ruthless and amoral, a matter she found out too late.


His lies had convinced Liz that Neekoma was worse than an animal...Carreon was the truly good man who’d wanted to end the battle and was about to lose his life instead.
That night, she crossed the line from an observer in her people’s war to an active participant, restoring Carreon’s health, rejoicing at his growing vitality, his body strengthened by her gift.
Months later, she learned what kind of man he really was and the truth of what he’d done. By then, it was too late to save her father or herself.
She shuddered at the horrible memories, then started at Carreon’s touch. Liz pulled her arm away.
Undaunted, he captured her hand, resting it on his left thigh, his grip warning her not to deny him.
“We had so much,” Carreon said.
Liz fought to control herself. “How’s my father?”
He squeezed her hand with fake concern. “Safe.” He smiled. “For the moment.”
Twisting her wrist, Liz freed her hand, keeping it from him. “Do anything to him, and I swear you’ll regret it.”
Carreon’s smile hung on, but danger blazed in his eyes. “Are you threatening me?”
Damn right. “Harm him in the least, and you’ll never be safe from me, Carreon. I’ll make you pay.”
Yellow beams from streetlamps cut across his face, silvering his eyes. They remained on her, reminding Liz of how a cat looks when regarding its next meal.
Just as quickly, his menace passed as though it had never happened. Amusement flooded his features. “That’s what I always liked about you, Liz. Your foolish spirit.”
“Don’t be so certain how foolish it is.” She spoke with the same airiness he had, matching the deadliness beneath it. “Remember, I’m the one with the healing gift, not you.”
Something akin to rage--or perhaps it was fear--flickered across the sculpted planes of his face. It didn’t register in his response. In that same calm, maddening tone, he said, “You’ll do what I say, or your father will die. Remember that, Liz, and how I’ve dealt with my enemies in the past.”
Revolted, she turned from him, recalling the rumors she’d heard. Until two years ago, Carreon’s father had been in charge. An ambush ended that while the man had been in bed with two of his mistresses. Bullets from assault rifles riddled all three bodies, tearing away parts of their heads and limbs. Although their hearts still beat for a time, the resulting injuries were so extensive only a miracle, not her or her father’s power, would have been able to repair them.
Some said Carreon had ordered the attack. A few claimed he was one of the assassins. As with the other parts of his past, Liz had learned about his father’s murder too late, along with all of his other lies.
With startling speed, she wondered if it were actually Neekoma she’d be healing tonight.
What if it wasn’t? How would she know? She’d heard of the man but had never seen him, had no idea how he looked or even a remote indication of his age. Like Carreon, Zeke Neekoma allowed no one to photograph him, preferring to keep a low profile that ensured the success of his attacks.
Leaving the city limits, the Escalade barreled through the desert in a northeasterly direction, toward White Sands, Alamogordo, Roswell. A route Liz knew well. Miles before all three locations was Carreon’s hidden estate.
Illicit Desire
Gusts swept past the Organ Mountains, feeding the giant blades of a wind farm’s generators before buffeting the vehicle. Liz clutched the leather seat, knowing what to expect during this ride. Within minutes, the SUV jounced as its tires finally left the pavement and hit an unimproved surface road carved through an especially barren area.
Nearly invisible during the day, at this hour the path kept the curious or foolish from exploring. Trenches and strategically placed rocks littered the perilous route. With each mile, the rocks grew in size, with some reaching the circumference and height of golf carts. Now fully night, threads of moonlight created ominous shadows, sparkling off cacti, the other scruffy vegetation and patches of gray.
More rocks? Human bones?
Liz didn’t want to know.
Beneath the night’s gauzy light, some kind of creature--dark and unknown--skittered out of one trench, then paused at another, perhaps waiting for them to pass, watching as they did.
Pebbles hit the Escalade’s undercarriage, their rat-a-tat-tat resembling gunfire. The driver negotiated another series of boulders, causing his occupants to jerk left, then right. With the path unobstructed for the moment, he cleared his throat. Carreon yawned.
Liz stared. In the distance, a faint flash of gold peeked from between a series of cottonwood trees and tamarisk. Hidden from all but the most observant, invisible to those on the highways and surface roads, the illumination came from Carreon’s mansion.
Built hacienda style, the two-story structure boasted an abundance of muted decorative lights. They glistened against the blackened sky, trying to reach beyond the building’s perimeters to the unforgiving land.
Liz wondered in which of those fifty or so rooms Carreon had imprisoned her father. That was, if he was still there.
The Escalade reached a particularly rough path. Her shoulder smacked into Carreon’s. He didn’t react. At length, the ride smoothed out, the tires whistling over the stately drive. On either side, fir trees, squat palms, countless shrubs and startling white flowers flanked the cinnamon-colored pavers. The mansion’s enormous brass doors shone beneath a set of amber lights housed in a fixture of southwestern design. Moths and other insects bobbed in the gentle glow.
They exited the vehicle. With his fingers wrapped around her upper arm, Carreon directed Liz past the mansion’s entrance and through the arched sections of the foyer, so dense with feathery vegetation it had the damp smell of the tropics. Wrought-iron chandeliers rained faint light on the gurgling fountain situated beneath a dome of Tiffany glass. Against the reddish walls, heavy Spanish furniture gleamed dully, their bulky forms recorded on the polished Mexican paver floors.
Carreon pulled Liz to the stairway and took the steps two at a time, expecting her to keep up. Breathless, she tripped near the top, striking her ankle against the filigreed rail.
White-hot pain shot from the bone to her calf.
Carreon glared at her, then looked past at the first floor, twenty feet below. His expression said he’d push her over the rail, making certain she died if she gave him any trouble.
Liz breathed sharply at the continuing pain. “If you kill me, there won’t be anyone to heal your men. No way will my father help you, especially if I’m dead.”
At her defiance, Carreon’s expression turned ugly. “And how would he know? Do you think I’d tell him?”
Liz’s body went hot then cold with fear. She pushed it back. “You wouldn’t have to. He’d see the truth on your face. You’re not as good a liar as you think you are.”
“Then I suppose it’s best I keep you alive.” He yanked Liz upward, ignoring her pained gasp, hurrying her to the landing.
Down the hall they went. Ivory wall sconces provided a gentle glow. Here, as in the foyer, hulking furniture and potted plants abounded, their green tint appearing even more delicate against the contrasting crimson walls.
Door after door marched up both sides, all closed. Liz ignored each as they passed, too ashamed to recall the men who’d taken her in those rooms. Decadent games Carreon introduced. Ones Liz discovered she enjoyed, as long as she had Carreon’s love.
He honored it by betraying her. From the beginning, he and his men had lied about her father.
With an equal measure of fury and grief, Liz wondered if she’d get a chance to see her father tonight. Holding her breath, she hoped to hear him calling for her. That he sensed she was here.
Only the slap of her and Carreon’s shoes echoed on the stone floor in the otherwise silent hall. This wing of the mansion appeared deserted, his men somewhere else, perhaps nearer the building’s entrance to protect it from attack. Unless that wasn’t a worry any longer, given that he’d captured Neekoma.
If that were the truth.
With long strides, Carreon turned down a hall to the right, then one on the left. At a noise from behind, Liz glanced over, seeing the young men from the drive here. Wearing determined expressions, they caught up to her and Carreon. Tonight, they’d watch as his other lieutenants had in the past.
The thought should have disturbed but didn’t. Numb with concern over her father, Liz moved without conscious thought.
Abruptly, Carreon halted in front of a set of double doors, lowered the ornate silver handles, then gestured her inside.
Her ankle started throbbing again. Her mouth went dry. She stepped into the spacious room and stopped, staring at the man Carreon claimed was Zeke Neekoma.


Tell us about your latest book, including its genre. Does it cross over to other genres? If so, what are they?
Come Fill Me is an erotic paranormal. Liz, my heroine, has the ability to heal with her touch. Zeke, my hero, can see snatches of the future. Their gifts are from their alien ancestors who came to earth millennia before, mating with the native people. Only a few in their respective clans have these gifts. Liz’s people are descended from the Aztecs. Zeke’s from the Comanches. Come Fill Me is a story about good versus evil and a love so deep, it transcends everything else. Think Romeo and Juliet. There are many complications for my lovers, including Zeke’s brother, Jacob, who also wants Liz for his own.
What is the single most important part of writing for you?
Making the characters come to life on the page, ensuring I’ve included lots of emotional build. It’s not enough for me to simply have an exciting plot, although that’s always welcomed. I want my readers to sigh, laugh, cry with the characters. Long after they’ve read the story, I want readers to be thinking about these people, wondering what they’re doing, how their lives are now.
Where do you start when writing? Research, plotting, outline, or...?
I get an idea first. Just pops into my head. Sometimes that happens because of something I’ve read on news sites or have seen on TV. After that, I start thinking, “What if...” and let my imagination run with the idea. From there, I move on to research, which provides even more avenues for my story.
How many hours a day to you spend writing?
Losing Control
I write for four hours before my EDJ (Evil Day Job), then again when I’m free for the day. Probably six hours total. I write every day except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.
Are your stories driven by plot or character?
Character. How they feel, their inner world drives the plot. To me, it also makes the plot more realistic. I’m not bending reality to get them to do something readers won’t buy. They’re reacting from deep within themselves.
If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with and why?
That’s hard to say. For erotic contemporary, I’d suggest Sensual Stranger. It was awarded Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category) because it’s more than hot sex, as all of my books are. The reviewer stated that even if one were to remove all the steamy scenes, what’s left is an extremely moving love story. For my erotic paranormals, I’d have to say Illicit Desire, Book Two in my Outlawed Realm series. Romantic Times gave it four stars and wrote: “It’s a rare treat to find an oft-used trope crafted into such a touching, sensual page turner.” Again, I strive for characters that readers connect with and root for on their journeys to the HEA (Happily Ever After).
List two authors we would find you reading when taking a break from your own writing.
Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid’s Tale still haunts me. An absolutely brilliant and terrifying book.
Lawrence Sanders - his Love Songs was amazing. His style - wow.
If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
Granada, Spain. One of my early novels was an historical based there. During the research I fell in love with the land.
Picture yourself as a store. Considering your personality and lifestyle, what type of products would be sold there?
Funky things. I’m very much into the avant-garde. The more different something is, the better I like it.
As a child, what was your favorite thing about school?
Reading. I’d become so lost in a book that after the reading period was over, the teacher always had to come over and tap me on the shoulder to bring me back to the classroom.
If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
Don’t tread on me. I’m not at all a shrinking violet, nor am I a doormat. One of my male friends calls me Snake Lady (affectionately, of course). When he first called me that and I gave him a frown, he said, “Hey, you don’t let anyone tread on you, right?” Very right.

Please Fill in the Blanks

I love pizza with three layers of cheese.
I'm always ready for chocolate.
When I'm alone, I enjoy reading or listening to music.
You'd never be able to tell, but I’m really not the nurturing type.
If I had a halo it would be very funky and cool.
If I could sing I'd love to sound like Adele.
I can never stop writing because it is my soul, my life force.

Previous Books

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Claiming Magique - Book 1 Appointment with Pleasure
Sinfully Wicked - ménage
SiNN - ménage
Take Me Away
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Books Coming Soon

Ellora’s Cave
Losing Control - Book 2 Appointment with Pleasure - December 28
Samhain Publishing
Shameless Desire - Book 3 Outlawed Realm - April 2013


Tina Donahue
One commenter (chosen at random) will have her choice of one of my backlist ebooks from this list:
1. Adored - RWA award-winning; EPIC 2011 Finalist; 4 Stars RT
2. Deep, Dark, Delicious - EPIC 2011 Finalist; Holt Medallion Award of Merit
3. Lush Velvet Nights - EPIC 2011 Finalist; Golden Nib Award
4. In His Arms - SIX 5 Star Reviews; 4 Stars RT
5. Sensual Stranger - 2010 Book of the Year (erotic); 4 Stars RT
6. The Yearning - Top Ten Bestseller
7. Take Me Away - #1 Pick, Miz Love Loves Books
8. Unending Desire - Best Book Rating LASR
9. SiNN - Nominated for Book of the Week LASR
10. Sinfully Wicked - Magnificent - Romancing the Book
11. Claiming Magique - Top Pick NOR; 5 Stars Erotica for All

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