December 3, 2012

The Fickle Muse by LM Brown #amreading

Someone Like You.

I don't believe that you can be a writer of fiction without having heard of the muse. You see it references in blog posts (much like this one) and bemoaned on Facebook when it isn't cooperating. Others scorn the idea of a muse, stating that writing is a job and you just get on with it whether the muse is with you or not. Regardless of how, everyone eventually hears about the muse.
I am one of those who firmly believes in the power of the muse. The stories that come easiest to me are definitely those where the muse has been whispering in my ear and I have listened.
Of course I can write without a muse, but I find it harder to get started, more difficult to make the story flow and consequently most of those stories are of poor quality and will probably never see the light of day.
But when the muse is with me the stories flow from the smallest of inspirations. A picture of a single white wolf can spawn a story of shapeshifters, a quiz on a radio can generate a plot bunny like the one in my story DrivingMe Crazy, or a passing comment from my editor can inspire a story all of its own.
Unfortunately, most of the time the muse talks to me when it is far from convenient. When you're stuck at the evil day job, the last thing you need is a muse whispering in your ear and distracting you from your other tasks. Then, when I have the time to write the muse has given up trying to foist that plot bunny on me and the inspiration for a particular story is lost, sometimes forever.
There are times though when the muse comes to me just at the right time. Last weekend was one such occasion. A plot bunny was calling and I had no plans at all. Two whole days of writing like crazy and the first draft of a brand new novella was complete. Times like those are when I am most grateful for my muse and my belief is at its utmost. I even feel a little sorry for those writers who don't believe in the existence of the muse, for who writing is nothing more than a job.
My muses may not always come to me at the most convenient of times, but I have certainly learned to listen when they do.
I just hope my readers enjoy the stories the muses send my way.

Someone Like You by L.M. Brown

When Todd Hunter went to university he left behind his boyfriend, Deacon Jones. Todd knows Deacon is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, but for some reason Deacon has stopped returning his calls and is ignoring all his letters.
Now Todd is home for the holidays, and he wants to spend them with Deacon. It might not be so easy though. Neither Todd's family nor Deacon's are happy about their relationship and while Todd knows if they stand together they can make it work, convincing Deacon may be the greatest challenge of all.
Genre: contemporary gay romance (m/m)

Excerpt (G).

"How did you know where to find me?"
"Your dad told me. What happened?"
Deacon turned away to the door. "Dad kicked me out when he found out I was gay. Now I'm living with Billy. He's training me as a mechanic."
"How did that come about?"
"I broke into the garage after a couple of nights on the street. He found me the next morning, and we've been living together since."
Todd bristled at the casual way Deacon told him he'd moved on and found someone else. "You couldn't have picked up the phone to tell me?"
"I didn't exactly get a chance to pack. I had to leave my phone back home with the rest of my crap when Dad kicked me out."
"You could have gone to my parents and asked for my number."
Deacon gave a mocking laugh. "Yeah, right. I'm sure your parents would be thrilled to have me show up on their perfectly manicured lawn."
"They wouldn't mind." The lie nearly stuck in his throat, but he forced the words out anyway.
"You think they'd be pleased to find their precious son's bit of rough turning up at their front door? You always were an idiot."
Todd swallowed down the sharp retort and forced Deacon round to face him. "Don't talk about yourself like that!"
"Why not? You know it's what everyone says. Did you think I couldn't hear your other friends back in school all wondering why you went slumming when you started seeing me?"
Let Down Your Hair
"Do you think I care what anyone else says? You're my boyfriend and—"
"Was your boyfriend," Deacon interrupted with a shake of his head. "We've both moved on now. You've got your university and your new friends; I've got my job here, and Billy takes care of me real good."
Todd let go of Deacon's arm as though his hand had been burned. "You can forget about what we had so easily?"
"We had a fling while we were at school," Deacon replied with a shrug.
"A three-year fling!"
"Whatever. It's not like either of us had any other options back at school. Now I've got Billy, and you've got your pick of guys at university."
Todd ran his hand through his hair in frustration. "I don't want another guy. I only ever wanted you."
Deacon turned back to the doorway and wouldn't meet his eyes. "You need to forget about me and get on with your life. You've got places to go. You're going to make your mark on the world just like we talked about. I'm not going to be the one to hold you back."
"That sounds like my father talking."
"Your father probably wants what's best for you, same as I do."
This wasn't like Deacon. What had happened to turn him into the iceman standing before him?

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    1. Thanks and thanks for having me here again.

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