January 3, 2013

Music: the Food of Lust @lilliangrantaus #rlfblog

Lillian Grant, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Tell us about your book, Hot Male.
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
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Liquid Silver Books: http://lsbooks.com/lillian-grant-c161.php
Amazon http://amzn.com/B004F8XS84/

People often ask what inspires me to write. The answer is odd things, strange things, and sometimes bizarre things. An idea can arrive at the most inopportune moment and can be set off by a random thought. As a teenager I had a friend who had a flasher living across the street from her. Being pubescent girls we found the whole thing rather fascinating but it got old quickly. This memory came back to me as I was contemplating my neighbor, the local Avon lady, and wondering if she had ever watched Edward Scissorhands… and so my book, Go With the Flo was born. A heroine trying to emulate Peg Boggs and find her Edward Scissorhands ends up playing private eye in an attempt to find a missing flasher. Now aren’t you glad you can’t see what else is hiding inside my head?
Anyway, I digress. I do that a lot. Back to the topic at hand. I love music. Other then when I’m at the day job I rarely exist in silence. When I decided to write Hot Male about the dark haired, dark eyed, sexy male Irish stripper that played a bit part in Male Order and Male Review, I started the book in the middle. I had an idea to carry it on from where Male Review left off. Then I was driving to work one morning and the first few sultry notes of Gary Moore’s Parisienne Walkways wailed out of my CD player and I knew what was missing. I had an idea to write a short freebie that showed Michael doing a very slow and sexy strip to this song, but once it was written I wasn’t so sure. It was steamy as hell. I needed a cigarette after it was done and I don’t even smoke, but where on earth did it fit? I sent the prologue to Jennifer Hassani at Liquid Silver Books and asked for her opinion. She read it, found the song on You Tube, and told me this was no freebie, this belonged at the start of Hot Male. So after an extensive rewrite the very long and very sexy life of Michael Monaghan was born. It’s the biggest thing I have ever written, and Michael asked why I ever doubted he would be my biggest.
So now to the verdict. Once you’ve read it you tell me, would you love to see this scene played out in real life? I know I would!

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  1. You had me with the title, LOL. Who wouldn't want to read about a hot male or two?


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