January 11, 2013

Paranormal: Nymph's Labyrinth @DanicaWinters #rlfblog

Danica Winters, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let's talk about your book, The Nymph's Labyrinth--Book 1 of the Nymph Series.
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Cover artist: Crimson Romance
Length: 300 pages
Heat rating: Sensual
Tagline: Forbidden passions threaten to expose deadly secrets...
As a world shrouded in mystery and intrigue, the Sisterhood of Epione must not be exposed.
A Shape-shifting nymph, Ariadne, is tasked with keeping the truth of her group’s existence and their ancient mysteries far out of reach of an American archeologist and his troublemaking son. When forgotten and forbidden passions are awakened, Ariadne is forced to make a choice--fall in line and continue to be overrun and pushed down by the sisterhood, or follow her heart and put everyone’s lives in danger.
Can she have the man she loves or will the pressure and secrets of the past keep her from her heart’s desire?
What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Heroine: Ariadne Papadakis; Curator for the Heraklion Museum; Immortal
Hero: Beau Morris; Archeologist and Professor at the University of Texas, mid-thirties
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  1. Thank you so much for having me on your site today. If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask! I love an open discussion :)

    1. Glad to have you. I'm a big lover of mythology, and especially ancient Greece, so this book is right up my alley. Did you do much research for writing it?

  2. Hi Kayelle--
    I do more research than writing it seems. I am a Wikipedia and library junkie! For this book I took several Greek myths and weaved them together to create the character Epione (who is really the goddess of soothing pain in greek mythology)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epione. For her staff, I used the image of the rod of Asclepius--a rod with healing power. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_of_Asclepius Though I admit I tweaked it a bit to make it work within the story.
    I have a love for archeology so I had fun researching the eruption of Thera (in the prologue) and though it didn't get much time in the book it was one of the actions that set the story in motion. Great Question!

    1. Good stories are born from details. The backstory of characters interests me -- and I love it when they are woven into the tale rather than dumped in one spot. ;) The kind of detail you mention makes this a much more interesting story.


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