February 2, 2013

Erotica: Highlander's Witch @jenniferfrance #RLFblog

Highlander's Witch

Jennifer, Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let's talk about your book, The Highlander’s Witch.
Genre: Time Travel / Erotica
Publisher: IUniverse
Length: 345 pages
Heat rating: High
Tagline: When a current day witch finds herself in 14th century Scotland, she wonders what could be worse; being tortured as a spy or burned as a witch.
For years, twenty-three-year-old Skye Bennett has been waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet and bring about her darkest fantasies. But there’s just one problem - she comes from a family of witches and her older sister, Sarah, uses her power of fire to interfere in every intimate relationship Skye has.
When their aunt mistakes Skye’s date as her soul mate only to discover he is really Sarah’s, her family tries to make up for it by finding the man Skye truly belongs with. Unfortunately, their last attempt failed miserably when they set her up for a speed-dating event, so her aunt resorts to magic to accomplish their desires. Suddenly propelled back in time without warning, Skye is saved from a brutal cougar attack by a Scottish Laird who has just returned from another skirmish and only wants to sit in front of a warm fire with a mug of ale. Instead, Aiden finds Skye and believes the unknown ‘lad’ to be a spy. When he finds out the spy is a female his concern grows, as does his lust.
Aiden realizes this woman can be his downfall but she calls to him in a way he cannot deny. Has she been sent to destroy all he has fought for, or is she his salvation? Fighting his desires, he knows he must ensure the safety of his home and kin from those that wish to destroy what he has fought to hold onto.
In this tale set in fourteenth century Scotland, a witch must determine if she can trust the man who holds her life in his hands - even as he steals her heart.
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What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Aiden - 28ish - Scottish Laird
Skye - 23 - witch/healer


(since you can read the 1st chapter on my webpage - here’s the first kiss)
“Missin home lass?”
Skye jumped and turned to see Aiden standing close by, the guard a number of steps away with his back to them. She looked at his hardened face wondering how she could be so attracted when it was so primal and forbidding in appearance with all the hard angles and set mouth. She was drawn to his even white teeth and couldn’t help but wonder how he looked when he smiled.
Then he grinned and her heart leapt into her throat as heat spread throughout her body. She tried to swallow it down as her breath caught at the sight of a simple smile. Beautiful was all she could think as his creases appeared around those to-die-for blue eyes, every angle softened, but it was the slight dimple in each cheek that captured her attention before drawing her eyes to his mouth.
“Or tis dreamin ye be doin?”
She jerked her eyes up to his as she realized she’d been staring and licked her lips only to watch his smile disappear as he lowered his gaze to her mouth. Her heart flipped, she felt achy in all the wrong places at that darkened look. She jerked her face away and looked back out the window silently demanding her body to knock it off.
“Which be it lass?” Came the low sensual question.
Think Skye, what was the question? Oh yeah. “Miss home?” She shrugged and she gave it consideration, glad for the distraction. “It’s hard to explain really.”
“Will ye try?” Came the soft request.
Skye looked at the man before her and everything inside her cried out to tell him all, she wished he had magic so she could explain away how just his voice made her insides melt and longed to step inside the power of his embrace even after everything he had put her through. She looked out over the landscape holding back the desire to stare at him as well as to spill her life story, completely confused over her feelings.
“My sister, Sarah, and I grew up with loving parents. They took us everywhere with them so we were pretty use to traveling.” She took a steadying breath as she pushed aside the hurt of being left behind when they took their final vacation to celebrate their fifteenth anniversary and the plane had crashed, killing everyone. “When they died my aunt came to live with us. She was very much different from my parents; a loner.”
She quickly looked at Aidan. “Don’t get me wrong; she loved us, brought laughter back into our home, but she was…” She searched for the word and then just shrugged and looked back through the window. “just different, eccentric I guess. Unless there was something to teach us Aunt Gladys kept to herself and left Sarah and I to ourselves. So my sister and I did everything together, even though she was four years older than me we were inseparable.” She shook her head as the memories flooded her mind.
“And then came Doug. My aunt swore he and I made the perfect couple.” She laughed not seeing Aiden stiffen. “But it became very clear that we only made good friends and that it was he and Sarah who were really supposed to be together. Now they are married and expecting a baby.” She drifted off.
“They have each other.”
Letting the curtain go Skye crossed her arms and leaned a shoulder against the wall. “They have each other.” She shrugged through her agreement.
Aiden watched the flames from a torch play over her features in the now darkened alcove, seeing the resolve in her features that still didn't cover the sadness.
“You have to understand that I love them both and am so very happy for them because they are meant to be together.” When he came closer she swallowed and looked away nervous at the way her stomach twisted and her breasts tingled. She hurried on covering her emotions with chatter. “So, yes; I miss my family and I do, um, need to go home. Just -” She couldn’t think anymore, he was so close and the air became so warm.
Aidan didn't understand the lure of the woman in front of him but he trusted the instincts honed in a lifetime of battle, they had kept him and his men alive on too many occasions to doubt them now. The need to have her, to place her before him naked so he could feast on her skin, and then make her a part of him gnawed at his gut even while sleeping. He woke up hard, his dreams filled with taking her hard, hearing her cries of passion as he rammed his staff into her wetness.
Now it was her unspoken fear of not being wanted, alone, that drove him to shelter her, to wipe away the sadness in her eyes and heart. He drew near her like a hunter approaching his prey. He watched as her breath quickened causing her breasts to swell with each intake, her eyes darted everywhere as she pressed her back against the wall, but she didn't run and that made his cock harden in hunger.
Skye didn't feel the coldness of the stones on her back; it was the heat that pooled between her thighs and spread up to her breasts that warmed her and when she cast a quick glance at him she found she couldn’t look away. He was a predator and she the prey and it excited her. This man who was so hard and tall that could move with such stealth and grace and a voice that made her yearn to reach out for him. She felt feminine when he was so close, her breasts heavy and needy for his touch.
He placed a hand above her and her breath hitched as the smell of things earthy and primal invaded her lungs. He was going to kiss her and she knew she was going to let him. His head lowered so slow, too slow. All those years of craving to be touched centered on this man.
She couldn’t wait. Always thinking in the now she fisted her hands into his shirt pulling him to her as she moved to press her body to his.
Ecstasy coursed through her veins in molten waves as his mouth captured hers, a hand large and sure reached around her waist and held her close as she willingly accepted his dominance, feeling the ache between her legs as her clit swelled in need she pressed against his firm thigh.
She reveled in the control he had as his embrace heated her flesh, his mouth sliding from her lips to a neck she never knew was so sensitive. In the recess of her mind she knew this was different than any other attempt she’d experienced with someone else.
Whereas before she had enjoyed the touch of another and looked forward to finally having sex, this was a hunger for more. A need that took away any thought but the ones of his one hand at the small of her back and the other fisting her hair at the nape of her neck keeping her from moving away, something impossible to comprehend as she softly cried out when he gently bit at her neck. Feeling the restraint to bite her harder made her rub her aching pelvis into the hard muscles of his thigh, seeking relief as his mouth slanted back up to her mouth and forced her to open for his tongue.
Aiden felt his control slipping. The way she responded to his touch, submitting to his need to control, to take, and encouraging with her mews of pleasure and frustration for more made him want to push her, lift her skirt, and fuck her there against the wall. Instead he took a deep breath knowing now was not the time nor the place. Inhaling her light scent he tilted her head up, placing a soft kiss at each corner of her mouth before slowly easing away.
His cock twitched at the glazed look in her eyes, the way her mouth was slightly opened to allow the needed air into her lungs, and how they curved down when he broke from the embrace. He stood there forcing himself to remain apart from her but teasing himself by remaining close enough to feel her heat reaching out to him as he watched her eyes clear, then her mouth closed and she swallowed.
He couldn’t help the grin at her dazed comment. Watching her hand reach up to smooth over her lower lip plump from his kisses he gritted his teeth and pushed away.
“Me mother requested ye to break yer fast with her an me sister.” He turned and nodded for her to follow, grabbing the torch as he led the way back down the stairs the guard had previously brought her up.
Wow was all she could think as she absently followed Aiden.
Never before had a kiss made her loose all thought. All previous kisses dulled in comparison. She’d always been thinking about how the kiss was, how she should be kissing, where it would lead, and would her sister be popping up to ruin it all. This time she could only feel and need.
Oh Lord, and want. Can’t forget want. And she so wanted more! Everything in her still tingled, from the vee between her thighs to the neck he had bitten on.


Tell us about your story's world. What is it like in this period or place?
On my bucket list of men-to-die-for, a hunk in a skirt has always been at the top. Since I love tales of alpha males and men always seemed more primal in earlier days, I had to figure out a timeframe in Scotland’s history where a Scottish Laird had time for a romance to bloom and the end of the 14th century seemed like the best idea.
Throw in an outgoing girl from the 21st century trying to deal with life as a witch, add a family (also witches) trying to find her true love, and I had the perfect mixture.
Using a culture’s suspicions against an enemy country that was still steepled in a love for storytelling and a woman who is struggling to do the right thing also had all the makings of something worth telling!
Which character in your current book do you think readers will like the most? Why?
With the belief that all readers enjoy the main characters, I’m gonna say Keir. I don't have too many main “secondary’s” because the Highlander’s Witch was intended as a stand alone. Besides, I always pictured Keir as another hunk in a skirt.
You say “was intended as a stand alone”. What does that mean?
Just that *grins* …
And then the requests began.
A reader asked for a sequel. I shook my head and apologized telling them I have other daydreams I needed to write about so they would get out of my head. Then more requests came in and I was like really??? And, when it didn't stop, I actually began thinking who could I use for a sequel?
Sooo… when I get a chance, I’ll look further into making those people who requested it a sequel.

Why do you write?
It’s a hard question to answer, there are so many reasons.
It guess calms me. I can think clearer when and after I write. It’s like when a body becomes frustrated, excited, overwhelmed, they have to find some release/relief. Writing does that for me.
I get to create someone I would love to be (heroine) and place them in a situation I would love to be in and go through the “natural” situations one could find themselves in and have it turn out in a way that makes me happy - which is a deep and unconditional love.
I think readers are like that (being a voracious reader myself). They want the handsome man who loves them for all their quirks as much as they want the happily ever after and there has to be a captivating journey to enjoy as well allow the emotions to grow.
When you write, what things do you want close at hand? (Coffee, water, chocolate... pictures of gorgeous hunks for inspiration...?)
I could have chocolate and gorgeous hunks for inspiration?!? Dagnabit (yes, I use that word - often), who forgot to send me that memo??
Actually, I’d probably have to say something to drink and, on a rare occasion, something to snack on. I really get lost in the story/writing and forget about anything else but hate to get out of my seat until I am done or until I’m at the point I am sorting out the fine details, so need something handy right there to satisfy me.
But I am going to definitely think about having some pictures around next time!
Are you a plotter, or do you prefer to make it up on the spur of the moment?
I guess I am a bit of both. Every book starts the same way. Since I have a difficult time falling asleep, I tend to daydream until I do.
Remember the bucket list? Well, I usually start there. I go through my mental rolodex for a man-to-die-for then think of a setting and start daydreaming.
Unfortunately, if the dream doesn’t make sense, I can’t get to sleep until it does. It doesn’t help that I could be starting my dream somewhere in the middle - the whole love part (what better way to fall asleep?). Then I start thinking; where am I and how did I get there? There’s the major back peddling to the beginning of how it starts and, as I find a suitable and exciting way to begin it, I begin writing (usually the next day). If I can’t think it through while writing then, when I go to bed, and can clear my head of the day’s activities, I can usually get through it. Kinda sorta how Gone With The Wind was written, but not :P
What's your writing schedule like?
It varies depending on what writing I’m doing. If it’s straight out writing, you won’t find me NOT writing at every moment I can (can you say TV dinners or leftovers??). If I am stuck, I might spend some time fine tuning what’s already written to help me get back in sync with the story but I tend to take breaks to think things through. If I am editing, I can go days and, depending on if it’s the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or whatever time I’m editing, it can go even longer - sometimes I’ll even start another book to give me a break (NOT because another character is sneaking into my daydreams and forcing me to pay attention to them - never that!).
I justify the break as a way to get my head out of the story, focus on something else then come back with fresh eyes.

When an idea hits you, what do you do to capture it?
Write. I have to.
It goes something like this: Wherever I am in the book, right below where I am writing, I have all the characters names and what info I need on them to help (eye, hair color, nickname, etc) and BAM, this idea comes to me. It could be a sentence, scene, or comeback line that wont work at that moment so it remains on the page where I have the other information and there it stays there until the time comes where it fits.
It sucks when the idea hits when I’m in bed. I’m just too lazy to get up or turn over and jot down notes and the next day I am raking my brain for what it was.
Which part of your book was the hardest to write and why?
:blushes: The sex scenes. Geez, Louise. I can get going on the story, it leads to a sex scene and I am good in the beginning but then it gets to the point where I have to wonder how else to describe some … body part … that I haven’t already done once or twice before - or three times. Not to mention I’m visualizing the scene (duh) as I am writing and then I get turned on … My poor/lucky husband J
What are you currently reading for fun? Anything for research?
I have an addiction for Christine Feehan so you name it and I’ve got my nose buried in it.
As far as research, I usually do that as I’m writing. Sometimes you don't know whatcha need to know until it crops up. Like a toilet - Did they have those things in 14th century Scotland? They did??? (seriously - they did) Well, what the hell did they call it?? (I still don't know the answer to that and had to choose the oldest term I could find (that would be ‘cludgie’)

What's the best gift you ever received?
My husband’s unconditional love. Seriously. I tested that man’s patience numerous times - past and present - and he still tells me there is no other woman for him. What gift could be better’n that?!?
If you could time travel what era would be your first stop?
Junior year of high school. The whole Peggy Sue Got Married is something I often fantasize about. Of course, I would be me knowing everything I know now then … oh the things I would make up for!
I know - boring, huh? But if you were considered half the nerd I was, you would obsess over it too!
Do you believe in luck?
LOL. Yep. There’s good and bad and I get plenty of both - I just never know which is gonna hit and when.
What is your secret talent?
Okay, bear with me here as I explain this… When I was within 5 years of retirement (from the Navy), DH asked what I wanted to do. I was worried that our kids would join the military if it was in their face so I wanted out of state. It was pretty much settled we would go to MI so I told him he had to build my dream home (I mean, it snows in MI and I’m a Cali-girl, so I needed something worthwhile - right?!?)
Anyway, he agreed so, when I deployed for the war, I took graph paper and drew out my house and it turned out beautifully! I also did all the faux painting and have absolutely no experience in designing houses or painting and people constantly think I had a professional do both

Please complete the sentence

I love pizza with parmesan but prefer just the crust.
I'm always ready for French vanilla ice cream with grapenuts cereal.
When I'm alone, I shop, daydream, watch naughty movies, write, and read - sometimes 2 or 3 at the same time.
You'd never be able to tell, but I’m an eBay addict.
If I had a halo, it would be held up by my horns.
Jennifer France
If I could do anything over I'da stayed in VA.
I can never change the past because I might not have the present I have now and I have one hell of a present.

Books Coming Soon

The Viking’s Reward (trilogy) - time travel/erotica
Boundaries, Pushing Limits (series) - current day/BDSM
So many requests for a sequel to The Highlander’s Witch, I gotta come up with something


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