February 17, 2013

Opposities Attract? @vickibatman #RLFblog

Opposites Attract?
I come from a family of four girly girls, and my other half comes from four rough and tumble boys. We have two boys. So yes, the testosterone gets thick at my house!
Running out and doing the football thing? Not so much.
Running to the antique mall? Yipee. My men would rather stick needles in their eyes. LOL
Sometimes, there are remarkable differences between the opposite sexes. Check these out (mostly generalities):

Man                                                                Woman
Action adventure movie                               Romantic comedy
Non-fiction books                                         Romance books
Duck Dynasty                                                HGTV
A fast sportscar, big truck                            A practical SUV
Thick burger and fries                                   Small one with ten fries
Chocolate shake                                           Water
Spit on small cut                                            Antiseptic with bandage
Large dog                                                      Small dog, cat
Ten oz ribeye                                                 4 oz filet
Loaded baked potato                                   Small salad
No bread                                                        Bread with butter
No dessert                                                     Anything sweet
Handwash car                                               Car wash with vacuum
Donuts                                                            Multi-grain cereal
Surfs through TV commercials                    Reads thru TV commercials
Loves to cook                                                Hates to cook

See? Just from this small list, we notice the big differences.
But isn't being different a good thing? Would we always want to like the same things?
What I notice is how the columns complement each other. Kinda like a balance. So no, we don't always like the same things. I don't always watch romantic comedies. I adore Indiana Jones and James Bond, but will never be a huge fan of Duck Dynasty! On occasion, I eat a donut and deny myself dessert, like bad bread pudding. And my other half loves HGTV. Go figure.
Our characters -- usually -- imitate real life. Can't you see a hunky guy chowing down on humongous steak, and the girl daintily eating a salad or smaller meal? (And all the while she is secretly thinking "I wish I could eat like that.")
Or our hero lounging on the couch with remote superglued to his hand while the heroine is about to blow her top because he won't land on the romantic comedy? She picks up her HGTV magazine.
Not all of these generalities are hard core true. See the cooking thingy, for example. My men would rather throw meat on the grill while I like to gather a couple of things together and "assemble" something to eat.
The truth is if we are identical, we'd bore each other. We want to be interesting to our other half. To balance and complement each other. And occasionally, bend our other half's way because that is what we do in a relationship. We grow, live, do.

Let's add to the list. What are some guy/girl things?

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  1. Thank you, RLF & Kayelle (magical woman), for having me today!

  2. Excellent post, Vicki. I'm still laughing. I have five brothers so yes, I understand what you're saying. Enjoy your day.

    1. Isn't that true? I had no brothers, but two sons, and they had friends who hung out at our house. ^_^

  3. No girls can be overwhelming. Fortunately, later this year, I get a daughter!

    Oh, Kayelle, I forgot to mention the guy friends. All the chips and sodas... Too funny.

    1. We used to have LAN parties at our house. All the guys would bring their computers, and one would be plugged in to an outlet in every room of the house. Then they'd get on an online game and play, and shout thru the house to each other about where to go or what to do next. Now that was an experience in testosterone at its best. Give eight guys virtual swords and let them go at it. LOL

  4. Kayelle, this is hilarious. Mine used to play games online and I'd hear them shout things and go check.

    And when there's a particular college game on...there's lots of activity. And I GET to make queso.

  5. Thank you, RLF and Kayelle, for having me today. I'll pop back to see if others have their take on Opposites Attract.


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