February 3, 2013

Publisher Week: Boroughs 1 @BoroughsPubGrp #RLFblog

It's my pleasure to introduce a new feature at Romance Lives Forever. This year, three publishers will be featured, each during one special week. Those publishers are Boroughs Publishing Group, Liquid Silver Books in June, and JMS Books LLC in September. 

Kicking off the festivities for 2013 is the Boroughs Publishing Group, Where Story Matters. E-publishing has changed the way the world reads. Boroughs Publishing Group is part of that revolution and joins with readership from Abu-Dhabi to Vancouver in demanding memorable stories that you’ll return to over and over.
Day One - Lunchbox Romances
Day Two - The Red Ridge Pack series
Day Three - Celebrating Regencies
Day Four - Our Editor-in-Chief, Chris Keeslar, on Writing
Day Five - Naughty and Loving it - Bad Boy Heroes
Day Six - The New Year's Eve Club series
Day Seven - True Love, Romance and Valentines

Let's begin our week long journey with a look at their Lunchbox series.

Lunchbox Romance - Delicious Short Romances Consumable During the Lunch Hour. A wonderful break from the day-to-day doldrums, Lunchbox Romance stories add sugar and spice to your day.

Featured titles:

First Impressions - Jackie Leigh Allen
Dani has a secret and it's not what Austin thinks when he first greets her at the front door. First impressions can be wrong or right...or wrong and turn out right.

A Matter of the Mind - Bellankentuky
Sometimes it takes a second glance to appreciate what's in front of us, then a long revealing stare to find true love.

Blaak Magic -- Manisha Kumar
Lies, lust, and passion. Is it magic...or something stronger?

Grease Stains and Love Songs - Gwyn K Weyant
A would-be Country & Western songwriter learns that appearances can be deceiving, which true love already knows.

Sam's Gift - Joan Bird
A desperate ruse with pizzas, a broken high heel and the most beautiful story ever told are just three steps toward healing the heart of book editor Jake Willis...and capturing it forever.

The Officer and the Goon - Elisabeth Silvers
A wounded warrior. A hockey instructor. For the love of the game. For love itself.

Individual stories cost $0.75 on our website http://BoroughsPublishingGroup.com and $0.99 everywhere else.
Also, readers can enroll in our Lunchbox Romance subscription service:
Five (5) stories for $3.25. That's a $0.50 savings off the cover price for five individual stories.
Ten (10) stories for $6.50, which provides the subscriber with a free story and $0.25 savings off story #9.

Submissions for the Lunchbox Romance line are welcome. We are looking for stories between 6,000 - 15,000 words in all sub-genres of Romance. Authors interested in writing for the Lunchbox Romance line should visit our submission guidelines page. http://BoroughsPublishingGroup.com/submissions

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  1. Thank you for hosting us. We're thrilled to be here and we look forward to chatting with all your fans, followers and readers.

    1. I'm honored to have you. Having worked with you and your authors last year, it's great to have you here with an opportunity to focus attention on your services.

  2. I love that there's a market for short romances! I'm popping over to check out the submission requirements now. As an ex-True Love writer, I'm missing my shorts.

    Thanks Boroughs!

    1. I love the idea of quick reads. This was a winner for me too.

  3. Love the cover on First Impressioms. So I bought a copy :)

    1. I kind of want the shoes :)

      Priscilla Shay
      RETURNING THE FAVOR now available
      (Amazon * AllRomance * Smashwords)
      Follow on Twitter @PShay339

    2. That is a gorgeous cover!

    3. And the shoes are awesome too. I would totally fall ... but they are amazing.

  4. Thanks Terry. Want to do a review? Jackie


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