February 10, 2013

Why Brita Writes Fanciful Tales @britaaddams #RLFblog #gayromance

Please welcome Brita Addams to the Romance Lives Forever blog, with her take on writing and the not-always-smooth life of an author.
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I will not deny that being a published author is a wonderful advent in my life. It is also one that I never expected to happen.
Brita Addams
I've written all my life, started at about age ten, with a diary that my parents gave me for Christmas. I so clearly remember sitting in my bedroom, on January 1, and writing that first entry. I poured my heart and soul into those pages and over the years, I filled many a volume. I had missed years in there, as life does tend to get in the way of our best intentions. Sometimes, I was too heartbroken to even tell Dear Diary all about it, after all, the conversation is always one way.
When I married for the second time, I already had two children. My wonderful husband took on the responsibility and even told me, upon the marriage proposal, that "There are three of us you know," a play on the fact that I had told him the same thing when we started talking about something more serious. Today, nearly 33 years later, he often playfully sides with the kids, but now the ranks have grown considerably.
When we decided to have a child of our own, I decided to chronicle the, at times, bumpy ride. I started a diary from the day we said, "Yes, let's do it," right through the pregnancy, her birth, and the long and sometimes discouraging journey through a world I knew nothing about--that of a handicapped child, one who cannot bend her arms or her legs.
Having a physically disabled child is heartbreaking and there is no way of sugar coating it. We tread water that, at times, threatened to drown us, but then we'd look into her sweet little face and that grounded us in what was most important.
Her strength and fortitude, her uncomplaining manner, inspired me then and inspires me now, 28 years later. She twice graduated from college, is a published author, and is married now. She's patient and impatient, loving, kind, and has a caustic tongue at times. She is independent and takes no prisoners. Oh, yes, and she does all the things the doctors said she'd never do--brush her hair, her teeth, feed herself, walk, etc., but she is indeed above average in intelligence, as they promised.
I tell you this because the diary entries during this period were probably the most honest I've ever written. As an adult, our daughter read them and has learned the true nature of my feelings, both good and bad. She understands that the bad had to do with me, and she appreciates knowing that Mom had that vulnerable side. Sometimes life isn't all lollipops and roses, and sometimes Mom caves under the pressure.
I loved English class, and wrote short stories for them, with the encouragement of my teachers, who apparently saw a budding writer in me. Today, I often dedicate my books to those teachers, for they are the ones who inspired me early on, when I encountered resistance from those who should have been the most encouraging.
Raising a family occupied most of my early adult life. We have three children and their ages span a 14 year difference between oldest to youngest. There wasn't a lot of Mom time back them.
Now, I have the time and I use it to full advantage. I suppose most writers write because they can't imagine not writing. That's the way it is for me. Yes, it's nice when a publisher wants your work and sends you a contract, but I have many stories on my hard drive that will never see a publisher's desk. Writing is a need in me, an urgency to say what I have on my mind, without regard sometimes, to the marketability of the piece.
Sometimes I write things and get part way through and lose interest or find that a brick wall stands in the way of completion. Sometimes, there was no story there at all. Just a few words. A smidge of an idea that had no legs. It happens all the time.
I write because I can't imagine not writing. Aside from being a wife, mother, and grandmother, I am a writer. I've given my all to raising a family, to employers along the way, to extended family. Now is my time to fulfill the goals that I set aside for so long.
Regrets? I have a few. Don't we all? But if I spent the rest of my life lamenting the "shoulda dones," that wouldn't leave much time for anything else. Will I ever write the next great worldwide best seller? Probably not. But I will write what is in my heart, and for me, that's the better gamble.

Newest Releases

Serenity's Dream
Serenity's Dream is book one of my Regency historical Sapphire Club series. It originally came out in June of 2010. I recently revisited the series and rewrote the books. My editor re-edited them and seemed please with the additional thirteen thousand words I added to Serenity. I hope readers will be as well.
You can find Serenity's Dream here.
Blurb: Serenity Damrill has returned to her husband, Lucien after a ten-year absence. She carries with her a secret that could destroy her life and possibly all that Lucien has built.
Lucien was quite happy in his life running the Sapphire Club and has no need for the frigid wife who deserted him the day after they were married.
Can Lucien teach Serenity that her fear of the marriage bed is unfounded? Will Serenity's secret be the death knell for their marriage?
I also have ForMen Like Us, which also takes place during the Regency. You can find it at Dreamspinner Press. Just click the title to be magically transported.
Blurb for For Men Like Us: After Preston Meacham’s lover dies trying to lend him aid at Salamanca, hopelessness becomes his only way of life. Despite his best efforts at starting again, he has no pride left, which leads him to sell himself for a pittance at a molly house. The mindless sex affords him his only respite from the horrors he witnessed.
The Napoleonic War left Benedict Wilmot haunted by the acts he was forced to commit and the torture he endured at the hands of a superior, a man who used the threat of a gruesome death to force Ben to do his bidding. Even sleep gives Ben no reprieve, for he can’t escape the destruction he caused.
When their paths cross, Ben feels an overwhelming need to protect Preston from his dangerous profession. As he explains, “The streets are dangerous for men like us.”
In the April/May timeframe, Dreamspinner will publish Tarnished Gold, set in 19-teens-1930 old Hollywood.

About the Author

Born in Upstate New York, Brita Addams has made her home in the sultry south for many years. Brita's home is a happy place, where she lives with her real-life hero, her husband, and a fat cat named Stormee.
She writes, for the most part, erotic historical romance, both het and m/m, which is an ideal fit, given her love of British and American history. Setting the tone for each historical is important. Research plays an indispensible part in the writing of any historical work, romance or otherwise. A great deal of reading and study goes into each work, to give the story the authenticity it deserves.
As a reader, Brita prefers historical works, romances and otherwise. She believes herself born in the wrong century, though she says she would find it difficult to live without air conditioning.
Brita and her husband love to travel, particularly cruises and long road trips. They completed a Civil War battlefield tour a couple of years ago, and have visited many places involved in the American Revolutionary War. In May, 2013, they are going to England for two weeks, to visit the places Brita writes about in her books, including the estate that inspired the setting for the Sapphire Club series. Not the activities, just the floor plan.
A bit of trivia – Brita pronounces her name, B-Rita, like the woman's name, and oddly, not like the famous water filter. Brita is her real middle name, after her father's ex-girlfriend.

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  1. Welcome, Brita. Glad to have you here today!

  2. Thank you, Kayelle. I appreciate you having me.

    1. I'm glad you included the trivia about pronouncing your name. I had it wrong -- having to retrain myself to read it correctly now. ;) Like my name -- Kayelle is prounced like the letters K L. But I hear it all kinds of ways.

    2. I get Brit-a all the time. I met a woman one time with the name and asked her how she pronounced it. She said Brit-a. However, Brita is my real middle name and my parents said B-rita. I was named after an old girl friend of my dad and that's the way she pronounced it. Good enough for me.


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