March 14, 2013

Character Interview: Jane Doe @sadiecass #RLFblog

Changing Tracks

Sarah Cass, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. We're excited to interview your character, Jane Doe from the book, Changing Tracks.
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Cover artist: Sarah Cass
Length: 112k
Heat rating: According to the publisher 4 flames, but I’d say 3, and I’m a prude. ;)
Tagline: There is nothing simple about forgetting your past.

Cole Mitchell runs the busiest saloon and brothel in Dominion Falls. He keeps his women at a distance, unwilling to relive a past he worked hard to forget.
Until the night Jane Doe falls into his saloon bleeding and near death. She wakes with no memory, only the firm belief someone tried to kill her. In the strange world of amnesia she manages to find solace in Cole’s arms and he finds home in hers.
While they work together to solve the mystery of her appearance, their pasts – her lack of, and his buried – build a barrier between them.
To make matters worse, Jane’s past isn’t willing to let her go. A stranger proves he’ll kill to keep his secrets safe. With those she loves in danger, Jane’s errant memory is all that stands between them and death. Cole can only do so much to protect her, will it be enough?

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What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Cole Mitchell is 36. He runs the saloon and brothel in Dominion Falls.
Jane Doe is 30. At first she’s unemployed, but ends up working as something akin to a hotel manager at the Silver Saddle.


Jane looked through the apples on display. “I see. Well, enjoy your amusement.”
He cursed his body’s instant reaction when she leaned over far and accentuated every curve. The corset she wore pinched her waist tight. A bustle helped fill out her curves, but he knew the ass underneath was firm and round. Unable to stop himself, he walked over to her.
He leaned back against the fruit bin, enjoying the generous amount of skin revealed by her low neckline. It had been a few days since he’d risked touching the soft flesh and he longed to do it again, to see if her reaction was as severe. Her enthusiastic response had made stopping near impossible.
After a few minutes of his staring, she warranted him a glance. “Yes?”
“If you’re looking for something else amusing, you won’t find it here. I’m just getting a few things done and heading back home.”
“Don’t mean ya can’t amuse me.” He grinned at the playful smile she offered him, forcing his hands to remain still. The scent of her perfume drifted toward him. She leaned over and he inhaled instinctively; oranges and jasmine. Nicer than he let his girls wear and far more intoxicating.
A wisp of hair swirled up in his exhale, trembling down to land on the edge of her throat. He licked his lips, wanting to feel how soft the spot was. How would she respond to a nip there? Before he could stop it, his hand started to move toward her and he had to force it back, scratching his side to cover the movement.
Setting down the orange she’d been holding, she straightened. “Well, I’m afraid I have a list of things to do today. And you know what? I could search all day and amusing Cole Mitchell would not be found there.”
Saucy. What a challenge she could be. He doubted she could be tamed, but he’d love to try anyway.

Interview with Jane Doe

Tell us about yourself.
“I’m afraid there isn’t much to tell, because I don’t know that much about myself.” Jane offers a sly smile. “After all, I do have amnesia.”
After a quiet chuckle, she shifts in her seat and folds her hands on her lap. “Short of what I’ve learned about myself is that I love words in every form, the written and spoken word alike. I have an uncanny knack to remember anything I’ve read. I also enjoy people, meeting them, talking with them.”
With one more crooked grin she leans forward, “And I like sex. I am apparently not shy, nor am I encumbered by the propriety and discretion usually attributed to a woman.”
Tell us about Cole.
“He’s a stubborn boor of a man, but has the ability to make me laugh or see reason when I’m at my lowest point.” A soft smile graces her lips as she relaxes back, her eyes drifting off to a point on the far wall. “Somehow he always knows when I need him – even if I don’t.”
She smirks, “Of course, the man is a man. Pig-headed, doesn’t think, has more temper than temperance of thought. It makes me more frustrated than anything on many occasions. He also likes to pretend that he no longer has a heart, but I know better. I’ve seen enough proof of it.”
What do you think is your strongest point?
“My ability to read people. Without it I might have never given Cole a second glance – and I might not have known to avoid that stranger as much as I could.”
What would Cole say is your strongest point?
“Can I quote him directly?” She laughed, “Then it’s that I ‘ain’t broke’. No matter what hell on earth life throws at me, I don’t break. I have come close, and will come close again, but I don’t actually break. I give him nothing to pity.”
What would Cole say is your biggest weakness?
“To quote him again…it’s my ‘damn words’. Apparently he doesn’t enjoy me citing the words of great men. Most especially when he has ideas for other forms of pleasure.”
What was it like where you grew up?
A small, unladylike snort escapes and she quirks a brow. “I have no idea. I learn that I grew up in Buffalo, but the only place I know is Dominion Falls. Amnesia is a difficult thing – especially when everyone wants to know about you.”
What do you wish was different about your life?
“Some days I wish that I could remember--if only to remember those that I loved once, and that loved me. To give them a measure of peace I can no longer provide.” She sighs, “But honestly, that’s just for them. To make things right for them and what I did to them that I can’t remember. For myself? I don’t wish anything to be different.”
If you were given your fondest wish, what would it be?
“To be able to write the wrongs of my past life--but I don’t know if that will ever be possible without knowing them all.”
Describe a place of perfect refuge.
“Cole’s arms, of course. If we’re arguing or he’s being a stubborn mule, than there is no other better place than a library.”                      

About the Author

Sarah Cass’s world is regularly turned upside down by her three special-needs kids and loving mate, so she breaks genre barriers, dabbling in horror, straight fiction, and urban fantasy. An ADD tendency leaves her with a variety of interests that include singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, and being a photographer. She fights through the struggles of the day, knowing the battles are her crucible and though she may emerge scarred, she’s also stronger. Changing Tracks is her debut novel, but she’s already ahead of the game with another novel set for release in April. While busy creating worlds and characters as real to her as her own family, she leads an active online life with her blog, Redefining Perfect, which gives a real and sometimes raw glimpses into her life and art.

Previous Books

An Uncivil War – short story in the HerStory Anthology
Sarah Cass

Books Coming Soon

Masked Hearts – April 2013
Derailed (Dominion Falls Series #2) July 2013
Dark Territory (Dominion Falls Series #3) September 2013


One free copy of Changing Tracks to a lucky commenter. Just tell me your favorite memory – the one you would never want to lose as Jane lost all of hers.

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  1. Thanks so much for having us by today!! Jane certainly didn't mind spending so much time talking about Cole! :)

  2. I completely enjoyed the excerpt and interview. Your characters sound articulate and well versed---a tribute to your writing style. I look forward to reading your upcoming releases.

    One favorite memory I would never want to lose? A day I spent as a child with my family. We visited an area called Limestone Gap, where the small creeks ran along limestone beds. The clear, flowing water raced across my ankles. We listened to Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings on a portable 8 track player. wow, thank you for the visit down memory's almost as clear as the day we actually spent.

    1. Wow...what a memory!! Sounds absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing. :)

      Glad you enjoyed the interview. Jane is a wonderful character...I love it when she steps up to speak. :)

  3. Great interview. This book sounds great! My favorite memory? There are so many, from every different stage of my life. Must be "G" rated, I assume. I guess it was the day at Juniata when the admission counselor told my son he was in -- admitted. It was his first choice school and he had to work to get in there. It was a great victory for him (with a little help from mom) and I was so pleased for him and proud, too.

    1. Our children's successes are always so much more amazing for us than our own, aren't they? Seeing my baby girl achieve her dream of being a 'fashion girl' on TV was one of the best of my life. :)


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