March 20, 2013

Character Interview: Wolfkeeper @LisaDay12 #RLFblog

Wolfkeeper's Woman.

Lisa Day, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. We're excited to interview your character, Wolfkeeper from the book, Wolfkeeper’s Woman.
Genre: Western Romance
Publisher: Lisa Day
Cover artist: Lisa Day
Length: 215
Heat rating: 2-3
A furiously proud Indian warrior Wolfkeeper killed her husband and stole her infant son. Hate for the white people filled him. He had need of the child. His goal; the child must live.
He needed the mother to accomplish that goal. When lust grew he wanted more than just her body. He wanted her heart and soul. Not anyone or anything would stop him from his goal. When she refused, he decided to take them one small piece at a time.
A woman alone with her husband dead and son abducted. She stood before the one she hated. Her only goal: the child must live.
Cassie soon discovered she had two battles to fight. She needed to protect herself from him.. He had total control over their lives. But, now he was demanding her surrender to him. She also needed to save her son. She would do whatever it took to protect him.
Only the ultimate mother’s sacrifice would save the child, but would it save her from him?
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What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Wolfkeeper: A well respected warrior and leader of The People in his late twenties.
Cassie. A young wife and mother that is widowed in her early twenties.


The temperature had dropped during the night, and Cassie woke up shivering from the cold. They had traveled north and climbed higher into the mountains. The night time temperature was cold when compared to the daytime warmth. Cassie was grateful when Prancing Bear brought Timothy to her. The top of her dress was damp and added to her discomfort. The child’s warmth helped warm her up a bit.
She was ready to fight this time to keep him with her. That was until she realized the shadow before her wasn’t Prancing Bear, it was the other one. She never heard him move, but he was in front of her now. Cassie really thought that with Prancing Bear, she might have a chance. She thought his eyes were kind, for a savage. Well, definitely kinder than the one now here before her.
Once Timothy was gone, it did not take long for the chilling cold to re-penetrate Cassie to her bones. In her distress, she began shaking from the cold. Cassie watched through the flickering fire light Wolfkeeper re-wrap himself as he settled back down. All at once, he sat up with the blanket wrapped around him. He held the ends open and motioned for her to move into his arms for the warmth that his body could offer her.
No,” Cassie said, shaking her head. There was no way she was going to move into his arms. She would freeze to death first.
She overheard him mumble something while he laughed and turned his back to her. Fifteen minutes later, her teeth were chattering. Cassie believed death would be soon. At least that was what she hoped for until she thought about her son.
Damn, damn, damn.” Cassie would have blushed scarlet red at her very first curses, but being cold and angry won out over primness.
She swallowed her pride and stomped over to Wolfkeeper. She tapped his shoulder. For some reason, it never occurred to her that because she spurned his offer earlier, that he would refuse her. until that moment.
He didn’t. He turned around and allowed her to move into his arms. Using the blanket, he wrapped them both in a cocoon of glorious heat. He did take advantage and pulled her tightly against his chest. Cassie’s nose pressed against him. She had to turn her head to breathe. There was no choice, she had to rest her head on his chest and let his heartbeat drum into her ear.
The smells of the virile warrior assaulted her nose; sweat, horse, and leather. But then she recognized soft pleasant scents similar to different herbs. It annoyed her to find anything pleasant about him, especially the way he smelled. Wolfkeeper’s body heat poured over her. He was like a wood stove filling a room with its radiate heat. Cassie’s trembling stopped. She finally took the comfort his body provided and surrendered to it, falling asleep.
Wolfkeeper on the other hand did not sleep. Mixed emotions assaulted him. He was giving comfort to the enemy. And he wanted to put her underneath him. He didn’t only because he needed the answer to why.
He did enjoy watching the distrust in her eyes. He also found their light brown shade fascinating. And their little gold specks danced when her emotions ran high. Smiling, Wolfkeeper knew at least this night her fear of physical aggression from him would be only in her mind. He did wonder why thoughts of future nights with her stirred his blood.

Interview with Wolkeeper from Lisa Day’s: Wolfkeeper’s Woman.

Tell us about yourself.
I am Wolfkeeper. A strong and loyal brave of The People. I am of the Wolf clan.
Tell us about Cassie.
Cassie, my people know her as Ghostwoman. She completes my heart. You know the piece that is missing until your search is over and you find your true mate. My woman has had a hard road to travel. I wasn’t sure she would find her way to me, but she did. A weaker woman would not have succeeded. It is hard to forgive someone who brings you pain. The beauty in her heart came through allowing her to forgive the sadness I gave her.
What do you think is your strongest point?
My commitment to my family, my people, and my woman. I would fight to the death to protect each of them.
I will aid my people to make to right choice to protect of all from those how are our enemy.
I will give all my strength to see my family happy and strong.
I am of the Wolf clan. We mate for life. My woman, Cassie will forever be protected and loved by me.
What would Cassie say is your strongest point?
She tells me I am bull headed. I know, I am strong like the buffalo bull. But, when I ask her what she means by the buffalo’s head she only laughs, and tells me that she loves me anyway. White woman still confuse me especially my own.
What would Cassie say is your biggest weakness?
She would not say. It would not bring peace into our lodge if she did.
What was it like where you grew up?
I had a happy childhood. My uncle taught me the way to hunt and provide for my family. My father saw that I grew into a man that would be a strong warrior to protect the People. Grandmother shared her words of wisdom with me, so I could understand what my heart would yearn for and not fear it desires.
What do you wish was different about your life?
I grew up knowing the white man was becoming a threat to my people’s way of life. I also understand we would not survive this coming evasion. The white man came as the locust destroying everything of beauty in it’s path and when they moved on nothing would be left. Not even the People.
Describe a place of perfect refuge.
On a chilly night stilling around the fire in my lodge surrounded by my children. My woman would be snuggled close to my side. I would be telling my family the stories of long ago.

About the Author

Lisa Day grew up in the New Jersey suburbs across from New York City. This made her believe she was sophisticated. Wrong. She was just a girl from Jersey. In junior high right before the English teacher destroyed her love of reading completely she discovered novels for teenage girls. Saved by a love story. As an adult she became a ferocious reader and easily read two, sometimes three books a day. And yes, her housework suffered.
Many years later now retired and living with her husband. She renewed her love of novels and this time started to write a few of her own.

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