March 3, 2013

Yoga of Writing @romancebysusan #RLFblog

Romance Lives Forever welcomes author Susan D Taylor to the blog for an article about writers and writing.
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The Yoga of Writing, by Susan D. Taylor

The yoga of anything, to me, means the place to find steady endurance. A place to be grounded and move effortlessly. That is one of the primary definitions of yoga. The Sanskrit root for yoga means to yoke or bind. Minds out of the BDSM red room. LOL. Yoga is an encompassing way of life used to ground the restless mind while centering the “self” within the body. In this way it is possible to move beyond focusing on the issues plaguing the physical, intellectual, and emotional self. To be ultimately free.
So then what is the yoga of writing? My interpretation is a place to find the ability to write without hindrances. For some people that place might be a physical location. Office, desk, laptop. For others it’s a state a mind: peaceful, exhilarating, motivated. Or this yogic state is as simple as a quality within the atmosphere.
For me, the yoga of writing is all of those and none. The yoking I experience from writing is the very grounding of my mind when I’m prepared and able to find creative release. The release experienced in a yoga class, a yoga mat, or a yogic moment, are the same. A small “aha” or something of an epiphany in understanding. In writing it is the moment of transcending one realm beyond the chair where I find the ability to be free to create the movement in a story or simply a sentence that resonates. Those moments for me do not last long. The human experience, my skill level, what’s going on in life impact the occurrence, and breath of creativity. But if I am aware of what I need to get there, it is possible to find my way back.
For some writers, blocks occur and it is discovering how to get around these walls or veils. Learning to let go, I accept maybe not today. I am free to simply be. The more we push or pull, Newton’s laws may be invisible and in affect. For every action… We must be careful to create open spaces in our lives where our judgments are left at the door and we are permitted entrance without regard for what we produce or not.
The yoga of writing is more acceptance than anything else. Learning to find and own who I am at this moment so that it is possible to show up again and again. The steady grace of coming back each day, and willingness to start again whether it be sitting at a desk, walking with my dogs, or on the mat.
Favorite quote:
“Sexy is a strange thing. I'm not sure it has to do with sex. Sexy has to do with not knowing what's coming next. It's unpredictability.”
― Christopher Walken
Susan Azpillaga-Taylor,
RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Author of Secret Desire

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  1. Kayelle, Thank you so much for allowing me to visit today and share my love of yoga and writing. Namaste!

    1. Glad to have you here! You make interesting points to link the two.

  2. I enjoyed your post Susan! I haven't made time to take a yoga class in months. I do moves throughout the day when I'm feeling restless and can't concentrate but I never gave much thought to why I do them.

    Your post inspired me...I think it's time to return to yoga class :)

    Have a wonderful day.


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