April 17, 2013

Cover Love: Surrounded by Roses @mornic1 #RLFblog

Surrounded by Roses

Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a book and includes only a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the author. Today's featured book is Surrounded by Roses by Nicole Morgan.

After years of working on submarines and loving what he does, a training exercise goes horribly wrong. Suffering from the loss of his best friend, Trevor Purlington comes home to try and get past the demons which keep him awake at night.
Emily Dennis spends her days working as a nurse and her nights anticipating correspondence from her deployed submariner boyfriend. The last thing she expected was to find him at home waiting for her after a long shift at the clinic where she works. After being apart for so long, she was ecstatic to finally have him home.
Trevor came home to Emily a different man, one who was starting to overshadow the man she once knew. Overwhelmed and confused, she refuses to give up on the man that she loves and vows to do whatever it takes to knock down his walls and bring back the Trevor she once knew.
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  1. Thanks so much for having me today, Kayelle! :)

    1. Thanks, Nicole. I was offline all day working. Looks like your post had plenty of views, and you'll see it mentioned on Twitter for the next few days. ^_^

  2. Lovely cover Nicole--I hope Emily succeeds! Meredith

    1. Thank you Meredith - Emily does a great job! ;)


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