May 12, 2013

Cats, Humans, and the Kin: 5 Myths #RLFblog #humor #scifi

Laughing at a Human 

I write Science Fiction Romance, and many of my stories involve the Kin, a feline humanoid species who are at once quite human and quite catlike. It occurred to me that discussing myths about how cats view humans might be helpful in understanding how the Kin view humans. Here are my top five items from that list.

Myth #1: Cats don't like humans.
Cats like humans very much. They think humans are useful domestic animals. If possible, I'm told, every cat should own at least one.
Kin like humans too, but because humans fight so hard for independence, it's difficult to own one. Besides, unlike Kin who use only natural cleansers, humans tend to groom themselves with scented soaps and lotions, and the smell is-- well. The smell.

Myth #2: Cats don't listen to humans.
They listen. They occasionally blink to show they've registered human words. Now and then a cat will twitch its tail in response. Listening does not imply cats care what humans are saying. That is an entirely different matter.
Kin listen to humans. It's just that with the placement of their ears on the upper parts and sides of their heads -- the human voice enters on one side, and goes right out the other.
Keeping an Eye on a Human

Myth #3: Cats don't pay attention.
Far from true. Cats completely understand the meaning of focus, and nothing comes between them and their quarry when hunting -- unless they want it to.
The Kin focus extremely well, but are capable of switching focus in an instant, giving the impression they are not paying attention.

Myth #4: Training is difficult with cats.
Far from true. Most cats can have a human trained within 48 hours.
A Kin needs far less time. Izzorah Ceeow had Luc Saint-Cyr trained within seconds (Surrender Love) and Mehfawni Ruh wrapped Khyff Antonello (For Women Only) around her pinky at first sight. 

Myth #5: Cats expect humans to feed them.
This is mostly true. However, most cats are perfectly capable of rustling up a mouse or other pest for dinner if left to fend for themselves.
Forbid My Heart 
Kin have no need of anyone to feed them. They have opposable thumbs and are sentient creatures and can manage quite well in the kitchen. That said, if you live with one of these fascinating creatures, you learn quickly that like cats, there is no snooze button on one who wants breakfast.

A Kin-related book
Forbid My Heart: a Luc and Rah Story
Luc and Rah must learn: where the heart leads -- follow.
Genre: Science Fiction Romance, Gay Romance

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