May 31, 2013

Recipe: Sweet Potatoes Croquettes @elisevancise #RLFblog #MFRWcamp

Sweet Potato Croquettes
Sweet Potatoes, Croquet, and Summer Fun for Authors!

Summer is fast approaching and our muses are itching to get out and enjoy the sunshine. It’s a great time to pack that picnic basket with crowd pleasing treats like Sweet Potato Croquettes.
Sweet Potato Croquettes are quick and easy to whip up. Toss these ingredients in your shopping cart:
1 box corn flake cereal
1 40oz can yams (you can use candied if you prefer)
1 bag mini marshmallows
Cinnamon or Allspice

When you get home put that watermelon in the fridge to chill then preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Next you can get rid of all your pent up noveling anxiety by crushing the corn flakes, don’t make them too fine though you want some nice bits.

Now put the yams in a bowl and mix with cinnamon or allspice to taste. Once thoroughly mixed roll yams in ping pong or golf ball size balls with a marshmallow or two in the center.

Next just roll the yam balls in the crushed corn flakes until coated and place on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Once all rolled pop your croquettes into the oven for 15-20 minutes or until done.
While you’re waiting for your Sweet Potato Croquettes you can grab your mallet and try to get through the wickets or… You can hop online and make sure you’re signed up for Marketing for Romance’s A Taste of Summer Camp.

This three-day summer conference taking place July 12th thru 14th won’t disappoint. There will be great opportunities for learning, sharing and don’t forget the prizes! The best part it’s FREE. That’s right a free, online conference with goodies to boot.

Don’t miss out just because Romance is in the name. MFRW supports all genres and most classes can be applied to all areas of marketing and writing. The group’s motto says it all. Seek, Teach, Share, Learn, Succeed.

Registering for the conference is easy just join MFRW’s Yahoogroup and you’ll be in the loop for A Taste of Summer Camp.

Now mark your calendar, get those Sweet Potato Croquettes out of the oven, and get started on your summer fun! Be sure to keep a look out for more Taste of Summer blog posts from fellow MFRW members as we spread the news about this awesome event.

Author Elise VanCise Book: Don’t Touch
Dr Ryan Reign has unlocked a gift she calls a curse. Detective Jackson Prince and his partner need her help to stop a serial killer before he kills again. One problem Dr. Reign can't touch or be touched. Can the hard as nails cop Jackson find a way to touch her heart without touching her skin in order to stop the bloodshed?
Ryan nodded then went to the girl on the table. That's who deserved her attention at the moment. She was a pretty girl. Not tiny but not overweight, just built like a real woman, with curves.
The knife wounds looked as if they may match the weapon in the photos. They were fairly deep. It was odd though the seven wounds looked like they almost formed a circle. She wondered if this was done on purpose or just a random effect.
Everything else was run of the mill until she checked the eyes. The cornea of the left eye was missing. An exam of the right she found it was intact. "Make a notation to check her past medical records for a keratectomy."
It was odd to come across someone so young with such a procedure. The girl had fought back there were cuts and broken nails from trying to block the blade, defensive wounds, all over her hands and arms. "Lydia, help me get her undressed."
Don't Touch
The tech came over and they tugged the jeans off. Ryan always felt like she was playing dress up with an oversized doll. It would have been easier to just cut the clothing off but it might compromise possible evidence. So they undressed the bodies the old fashioned way.
Ryan caught her glove on the edge of the table tearing it from her right palm. "Damn." Seeing the tech cast a worried glance she added. "I'm alright, ripped my glove."
Lydia nodded and folded the jeans and a tube of lipstick fell from the pocket. Out of instinct, Ryan reached for it and caught it in her unlatexed palm. She swore angry that she had just contaminated possible evidence.
Suddenly images started to flash, the victim in a room, screaming. The girl crying as she applied the lipstick looking in a mirror. The feel of something being forced into her body. Ryan screamed in agony as she felt the knife being drawn out, knowing it would be plunged again. Falling to the floor, Ryan dropped the tube but continued to scream until shock made it all fade to black.

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Elise VanCise, freelance photojournalist and award winning author, is published in both print and digital media. Elise is a Florida Cracker, with a love for adventure and historic places. She is the NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison for Lake County, Florida, and Founder of Lake Writers of Lake County, Florida. She's also a member of She Writes, Marketing for Romance Writers.Org, and the EPIC Public Relations Team, and is an advocate for Public Libraries, Young Writers, Autism, and COPD.

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  1. Dang, Elise, great place to leave me hanging!!! And of course I'm now salivating to know how Jackson solves the touch-but-don't-touch issues. Great excerpt

    1. LOL Thank you Mona :) And thank you to Kayelle for having me today.:)

    2. Glad to have you, Elise. Thanks for sharing the MFRW experience with us!


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