June 13, 2013

Character Interview: Evan Sinclair #SFrom @EvaCaye #RLFblog

Evan's Ladies 
Eva Caye, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. We're excited to interview your character, Prince Evan Sinclair, from the book Evan's Ladies.
Genre: science fiction romance
Publisher: self
Cover artist: self
Length: 81,072 words
Heat rating: warm with one controversial topic
Tagline: What is Fate?
Blurb:  Science, sex, sorrow, solidarity, scandal, sympathy, and sense deprivation are hallmarks of this add-on novel to the To Be Sinclair series!
Prince Evan Sinclair may be a brilliant stargate scientist, but his love life has soared to incredible heights and plunged to unbelievable depths. Who will stay by his side forever?
Is true love more than attraction? More than compatibility? More than fascination? More than friendship?
These four novellas chronologically take place between Loyalty and Nobility, books six and seven of the To Be Sinclair series.
Part I: The Cremian Dance
Part II: Good Enough
Part III: Breathe
Part IV: Treasure Your Words
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What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Prince Evan Sinclair, 22, stargate scientist; Lady Nicole Knightley, 23, environmental scientist; Lady Sara Bonnaire, 22, assistant to the Lord Protector of the Ducal Assembly; Lady Vivian Oberman, 21, artist; Lady Leah Redgrave, 26, teacher.


Prince Evan Sinclair stared at a group of ladies near one dark corner of the Royal Rock-It nightclub. Brooding, he noticed two of the ladies glancing his way again. He turned to see his brother Prince Stefan give him an encouraging nod.
"Go on, Evan, that's why we are here," he urged. "That's probably why they are here, too. Sentinel doesn't publicize our outings, but they also don't hide the fact, or insist anyone else hide it. Those girls probably heard it through the grapevine and decided to do some Imperial-watching." He turned to his own Lady Angelica and asked her for another dance; brothers Josef and Brian were out dancing with their ladies, Roberta and Denise. Stefan and Angelica took off, leaving Evan alone at the table.
For pity's sake, he was an Imperial Son! He shouldn't be sitting alone when he could be dancing. Evan shrugged off a final negative thought about his recent break-up with Carol Michelson, picked up his glass, and strode toward the table where the five unaccompanied ladies were chatting between dances. Seeing him head toward them riveted their attention, and they elbowed each other. Evan forced a subdued smile.
He flashed them a grin as he approached the waist-high table. "I can already tell you are the smartest ladies here."
All the ladies looked at each other, blinking, though the one in the back twisted her lips in a wry smile. "Why is that?" He rather thought she would have been the last of the group to speak up.  Given the elaborate coiffures and dramatic face paints currently in vogue in the Demesnes and among her friends, her straight blonde hairstyle and minimal makeup seemed to indicate she would not care to stand out, though her dress was quite flashy.
Evan leaned against the table and set down his drink. "First, you picked a table against the back wall so you can hear each other over the music. Second, you found exactly five chairs so if a man approaches, his inclination will be to ask one of you to dance. And last, seating yourselves so far from the dance floor indicates you seek men willing to look beyond the surfaces," he pointed to the many tables surrounding the dance floor, "and into the depths." He waved at the tables around the walls. "You want men who want a relationship." He let loose another blazing smile.
As the other ladies tittered, the one with twisting lips said, "Or it could mean we want men who will go out of their way for us." She looked down into her glass and fought another smile as her friends rolled their eyes, bit their lips, shushed her, and made a few other deprecating gestures. Evan snorted a few times before introducing himself.
After Evan returned from three dances with Siria, Eleanor mentioned, "I saw in the news yesterday you and your brothers will be starting a company called Sinclair Enterprises. What is that about?"
"Well, we have been doing experiments in the Adamov Duchy, which will eventually lead to some developments we won't make public for several years. So it's all very secret, yet." He made a few general comments about the isolated set-up before grousing, "But the local wildlife is a plague. We've had to exterminate the mooncats in the area because they were interfering with our experiments and we don't know why."
"What a damn shame," Nicole growled with real vehemence, glaring at Evan with an angry set to her jaw. He was so startled he involuntarily took a step back, mouth slightly open.
"Don't mind her, Your Highness." Miriam aimed a sneer at her sister. "She's an environmental scientist. She would be out grubbing about in the wilderness right now if it weren't for the fact that Mother made her come to the capital this week."
He recovered quickly and offered Nicole a short bow. "My apologies, Lady Nicole. Would you allow me to offer you a dance to make up for my inadvertent slight?"
"No, thank you." The others gaped at her in astonishment as Nicole sipped and looked down at the table, smothering her ire with a veneer of indifference.
Evan was flummoxed, for he had never had a lady turn him down for a dance in his life. He became aware he was staring at Nicole while her sister harangued her and the other ladies offered to dance with him, but he couldn't help himself. She finally looked up, saw he was fixated on her, and looked away, embarrassed.
He rounded the table to approach her directly. Putting his hand on the back of her chair, he leaned toward her to say as privately as possible, "I can see I actually offended you gravely. I am truly sorry."
Flustered by either his proximity or his apology, Nicole took a moment before responding. "That's okay. You couldn't have known." She smiled at him wistfully.
Evan noticed all the other ladies leaning in to catch every word over the music. "I would be interested in hearing how you would have solved our mooncat problem. Would you like to go to the bar and discuss it with me?"
After a beat, Nicole smiled. "Yes, I would. Thank you, Your Highness." She slid off her chair as her friends gaped once more. Evan offered his arm, she took it, and he left the other ladies with a pleasant nod in their direction.
Getting her settled at the bar with a drink, he turned his seat to face her and put his arm on the back of her chair again. Lifting his glass toward her, he toasted, "To Science," and grinned when she clinked her glass against his with that wry, sly smile firm on her face, noting her twinkling hazel eyes. "I have always wanted to ask someone, of what use are quaids?" He had never been stung by the most notoriously nasty insect on Sinclair Demesne but knew of people who had even died from it, such as Angelica's very young son.
"Ah, yes, the inevitable question, I'd say." Nicole frowned and absently shook her head, clearly vexed by some private thought. "It's like that on every planet, by the way. The new colonists arrive and find out the hard way there are terrible creatures that threaten humanity's intent to dominate the environment, so the beasts must be eliminated at all cost. Usually they are turned into food or products, but there are inevitably some which cannot seem to be eliminated or used. There is almost always at least one reason to keep them around.
"Quaids, for example, manufacture and excrete complex alkaloids necessary for the microorganisms in the soil in which many native grasses and trees thrive. When those microorganisms are not present, the grasses do not nourish the wildlife and the native trees are completely stunted and worthless. Thank heavens someone figured it out before quaids managed to get eradicated."
"Is that why they kill people? The alkaloids?"
Nicole nodded. "The antidote is abundantly available, though, and easy to manufacture. Anaphylactic shock only occurs in about three percent of the population, so most people can get by until they get the antidote." She began asking about the mooncat problem the youngest Imperial Sons, all stargate scientists and executors of Mother's secret technology, had been experiencing in the Adamov Duchy.
They spoke for over an hour before Miriam approached them. "We are getting ready to leave. Do you want to come with us, Nicole?" She smiled uncertainly at Evan.
He looked back and forth between the sisters. "Could you give us a few more minutes, please?" Miriam nodded and backed away as he turned to Nicole.
They arranged to see the Sinclair Demesne's Museum of Natural History on Tuesday. He pulled one of his new code cards from his pocket. A dark, starry background showcased a silver representation of a stargate, with Prince Evan Sinclair, SGS and the graphic scan-only pattern of his vidphone code embossed in silver upon it. "Here is my vidphone code in case anything comes up and you need to contact me, or if you just want to chat." She reached for it, but he pulled it back slightly. "Ah, this is my private vidphone code. Please keep it safe."
Aware that her friends were watching, Evan slowly reached out with a seductive smile while checking her face for her reactions, and slipped the card into the sparkly panel of her dress that had been taunting him with a minimal but provocative view of her cleavage all this time. Nicole's knowing smile at his daring burst into a snicker when he tucked it deep into the right breast panel with two fingers; she laughed outright when he patted it there for safe-keeping.
Shaking her head at his roguish antics, she sailed off toward her friends, who were staring in frozen disbelief. Evan smiled at them all, waved, and went back to find his brothers.

Interview with Evan Sinclair

Tell us about yourself.
I am the youngest son of Emperor Victor and Empress Felice Sinclair. My fellow triplets Josef and Sophia and I were body-births, whereas our parents used gestation chambers for our first nine siblings. The benevolence and brilliance with which our progressive parents raised their Imperial Brood means my magnificent sibs are renowned for their wit, intelligence, and social skills. My identical twin Josef and our age-mate Stefan are so ingenious, however, that I always felt like a dunderhead next to them, so when Mother began training us up in her secret stargate science, I struggled to keep up.
When my first long-time girlfriend dropped me because she had fallen in love with Stefan, who would have nothing to do with her for breaking my heart, I felt even more terribly outclassed by my sibs, all of whom had found incredibly smart, loyal, and remarkable mates. All I want is to find an honest, brilliant lady who loves me for myself, stays true to me, and can stand to live with the dangers of being an Imperial spouse.
What do you think is your strongest point?
I will do anything to make my lady happy. Our parents based our sexual education on a Manuvian sexology textbook, The Pleasure Centers of the Body, so I know I can always make a lady happy in bed. But when she longs for her former lifestyle, or feels as if I cannot give her the attention she needs, I will pull strings and bend over backwards to be what she needs. And sometimes it is still not enough!
What was it like where you grew up?
Built almost 400 years ago, some 100 years after Landfall, the Palace and its walled and force-shielded grounds were considered a miracle of engineering in the galaxy back then. The kings and emperors over the centuries ensured it became a virtually impregnable fortress, and the queens and empresses a comfortable and beautiful one, but growing up in luxury does not mean your life is complete, nor completely safe. The Rendelian Wars and Dalanov's Coup meant Father grew up as the sole Sinclair scion on the planet, with rabidly paranoid Sentinels and watchmen from the time he was six years old. We children were constantly prepared for potential disasters, including memorizing 37 scenarios to maintain Imperial leadership depending on which combinations of us survived the next devastating attack.
Being surrounded by Sentinels meant it was nearly impossible for us to form outside friendships, for how many people really want professional, paranoid scrutiny of every facet of their lives by grim security men, just to be in our presence? Very few of my sibs developed strong friendships outside of their eventual spouses, so for the most part we grew up isolated in the Palace with each other as best friends.
Sunday Family Night gatherings exemplified our parents' determination to foster bonding between us, for we all knew we would be important in our oldest brother Zhaiden's government someday. Although we were allowed our choice of careers, we used Family Nights to coordinate who would take over which social duties during the week, as well as to ask for or offer help on our personal projects. We could invite friends or lovers to Family Night, though we usually only did so if we felt they could handle it, for to be Sinclair means responsibility in our every word and action. Since most people do not live like that, witnessing our dedication to each other and the Empire could be rather intimidating to them.
Until we were 20, the only way we traditionally found lovers was to meet them at balls, and Mother required the boys to introduce ladies to her before we could bed them in the Palace. We all complied, not simply because Mother was Empress and her word was law, but because she would also ask the ladies important questions such as whether they had a contraceptive implant. Even now I go through the process because the consequences of going against my parents' rules would be severe. Even then, it's sometimes not enough...
What do you wish was different about your life?
I wish I could walk around in public without the constant attention. Father upped our visible Sentinel details to six men when Anne, Stefan, Josef, and I mastered Mother's ultra-secret stargate science, and that does not include our invisible outer perimeter details. We must give 26 hours notice to Sentinel Command for any excursions, which means we often go in groups. And it's difficult to get to know people in such situations, especially because Sentinels only tell us about the more blatant assassination attempts on each other, so we naturally try to minimize our exposure for our subjects' sake as well as our own.
If you were given your fondest wish, what would it be?
To have married my first fiancée.
Describe a place of perfect refuge.
I'm not certain I can. Even the Palace got bombed in such a way that the overhead force-shields were utterly destroyed. Sentinel Command is the most secure building on the planet, so I'll go with that.
What is your most important goal in life?
To support the Empire of Sinclair Demesne in every way. Providing stargates to facilitate the spread of humanity throughout the galaxy garners the Empire vast sums of money, but helping my brothers with Sinclair Enterprises will lead to a revolution in starship technology, which will help us maintain our status as the preeminent Empire in the galaxy. And, all told, to support my extended family, since we are the interface between the Empire and the galaxy, protecting the Realm's interests from both civil and interstellar wars.

About the Author

A health crisis inspired Eva Caye to become an obsessive writer, completing eight books in her To Be Sinclair series before she could afford an editor. She published Dignity in August 2012, with the projected release of her 8th book Nobility in late June 2013. She laughingly refers to Evan's Ladies as Book 6.5, an 'add-on' book to the series since it consists of four novellas. The other seven books are full novels, though most have 'Easter egg' short stories as bonuses for the reader.
The To Be Sinclair series is set some 600 years in the future and covers the lives and loves of the greatest ruling family in the galaxy. Her current works-in-progress are a finale to the series, and two prequels set in the TBS universe about 100 years in the future.
Eva lives with her incredibly supportive husband and two lovely mutts in a tiny, century-old farmhouse in Louisville, Kentucky.

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  1. I think a lot of women would love to use gestation chambers to have kids, LOL. Huge SFR fan here.

    1. In one of my prequels, I describe how they are developed and the waves they make. I hope people appreciate the research I do to make it realistic! Thanks for reading!


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