June 16, 2013

MFRW: Follow Your Passion @AuthorTinaGayle #RLFblog #MFRWauthor

Summer's Growth 
Today, author Tina Gayle takes over the blog with a tip for following your passion as a writer.

Follow Your Passion with the Help of MFRW

You can't buy it...you can't get it from someone else--It is right there within you.
My passion to be a published author has taken me on a wild ride. The up and down adventure has required perseverance and tenacity. I've had to sit in the chair and write, deal with situations that I'd never imagined, encountered a number of "Oh Shit moments" and had more fun than I could have ever believed possible.
With no agent, spelling challenged, and an aversion to commas, my love of a good story kept me going. I took writing classes, networked with other writers and put myself where I needed to be to hone my skills. My rose colored glasses wouldn't let me see what others said were insurmountable obstacles.
Also along the way, I found promoting my book to be a challenge. That is one of the reasons I love Marketing for Romance Writers. The group is very supportive and helps me discover new ways to market my book.
This summer they are also offering a free summer camp to not only help me learn about new promotion sites, but to also help me be a better writer.
What more can you ask for?
No matter which road you travel remember to follow your passion and discover a new world of adventure.
-- Tina Gayle

Summer's Growth

A mainstream novel with romantic and paranormal elements about two women.
Mattie Winston, an almost fifty recluse who lives on a lonely estate and guards generations of family spirits, and a young college student, Amber Harrison, who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. The Winston spirits decided that Mattie needs to develop a life outside the estate and Amber is going to be the new family keeper, which throws the two together.
Both travel down different paths of self-discovery but their reliance on each other grows stronger after several scary moments. Mattie, challenged by an old flame, rethinks the idea of love. Amber, faced with the appearance of her distant grandmother’s ghost, decides to solve the mystery of why her grandmother disappeared without a trace. By the end of the book, after love is embraced and family secrets are revealed, Mattie and Amber are both ready to meet their futures with enthusiasm as stronger more self-confident people.

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