June 10, 2013

New Adult: Death of a Waterfall | Interview @KaraLeighMille1 #RLFblog

Death of a Waterfall
Kara Leigh Miller, welcome back to Romance Lives Forever. Let's talk about your book, Death of a Waterfall.
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Cover artist: Rebecca K. Sterling
Length: Approx. 75,000 words / 292 pages
Heat rating: 2-3
Tagline: How far would you go to avenge the death of your unborn child?
Teghan Jacobs didn't think anything could be worse than learning she's pregnant by a man she's been dating less than six months. Boy, was she wrong. Her mother, whose drowning in the river of denial, refuses to take a side on the issue. And her overbearing, manipulative father threatens to disown her and cut her off from her trust fund if she doesn't have an abortion.
Donnie Marks couldn't be happier. The woman he loves, the woman he fought so hard to be with, is going to have his baby. Life has never been better. But when she shows up in his dorm room, sobbing and heartbroken, he learns the horrible truth of what happened. He vows to get revenge on the man who's responsible: Teghan's father.
What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Teghan Jacobs--20--College Freshman
Donnie Marks--20--College Freshman
Robert Jacobs--46--Lawyer
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Teghan walked to the door and opened it. "Get out."
He approached her. "I'm not leaving." They stared at each other in a silent battle of wills. "I know I broke a promise to you and I'm sorry, but I come here to fess up, to make things right and I find you with another guy. I'm the one who should be angry here, Teghan, not you." He crossed his arms over his chest. There was no way in hell he was leaving when he knew she was so angry with him--all though he still didn't know why she was so pissed.
"Fine." She swung the door closed.
Donnie hated the way her voice had flattened. "We can get through this," he said.
She faced him. "You wanna know the best part of Alex's message?"
He cringed. God only knows what Alex said. "No." He really didn't want to know, but knew he had to hear it.
"Alex said he still loves me, and that's why he made that bet with you. The one where you two bet me over a basketball game. You know the one I'm talking about, don't you, Donnie?"
Donnie looked at her, stunned. "What?" Of everything Alex could've told her, Donnie hadn't expected Alex to tell her that. Why had he? Surely it didn't look good for Alex either.
"Don't play dumb. I want to know what the bet was," she said.
"Does it really matter?"
"Yes." Teghan folded her arms across her chest and leaned up against the door.
Donnie sighed. "Alex and I bet on a basketball game. I win and I get to take you out. Alex wins and I walk away from you for good. It was just a stupid bet, Teghan. It didn't mean anything. We were drinking and…"
"Who won?" Donnie looked down at the floor. "Who won?" she repeated.


What is the most important thing you do for your career now, as compared to when you first started writing?
I have more of an online presence. I try to spend an hour or two each day interacting with other authors, bloggers, readers, fans, etc. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, which has led to some great new friends and wonderful contacts. I also take the advice of my critique partner a lot more seriously now than I did before. He tends to be right about a lot of things. Lol.
What do you enjoy most about writing?
The spark of a new idea. I thrive on that feeling. It's better than any drug. I have so many ideas and not nearly enough time to write all of them. So, I keep a notebook with all my ideas in it. Someday I'll get to write them. Hopefully.
What is your work ethic when it comes to writing?
I'm a workaholic when it comes to writing. My husband gets upset with me because he says that's all I ever do. I take my writing very seriously. This isn't a hobby for me, it's a job, my passion. I devote a good eight hours (at least) every day to writing, marketing, and research.
How do you cope with stress as an author?
Chocolate! Lots and lots of chocolate! No, seriously, when I find myself getting stressed out, (like I am right now trying to keep up with two blog tours, my responsibilities as an editor for Entranced Publishing, five kids, writing three books simultaneously, and doing some freelance work) I sit down and take a moment to prioritize. I figure out which projects need my attention the most--usually because of an impending deadline--and I make a list. I've also found that if I look at things in smaller chunks, things don't seem so overwhelming. I find that taking a walk or zoning out in front of a movie for a while helps, too.
Do things your family or friends do ever end up in a book?
Of course! In fact, in Death of a Waterfall there is a scene where Teghan and her friends are talking about the first time they all got drunk. Teghan had a "brilliant" idea to go swimming, but once she got to the pool she was afraid if she got in, she'd drown, so instead she passed out on a lounge chair. That's true story of what happened to me and a friend during high school.
What are some jobs you've done before (or while) you were a writer?
Huh, wow, I've had a lot of jobs. Let me see, I've worked in fast food (Arby's & McDonalds), as a paralegal, an assistant in a leasing office, a freelance writer on Elance.com, and now I'm an Associate Editor for Entranced Publishing.
What kind of books do you read when taking a break from your own writing?
I read primarily romance, mostly contemporary, young adult, dystopian, and paranormal. On occasion I'll pick up a Stephen King or James Patterson novel. My go-to authors are Ryan Winfield, Julie Ann Walker, and Lora Leigh.
What is your favorite holiday and why?
Halloween! I've always been a huge fan of horror movies, so I love the concept of a holiday where the goal is to scare people. Plus, it's that time of year when the weather is starting to cool down, the leaves on the trees are changing colors, and my kids are back in a routine of going to school every day.
What good book have you read recently?
Isle of Man by Ryan Winfield. It's the second book in his Park Service Trilogy and it was so much better than the first. Every time I talk about this book, I get goose bumps. The ending was horrific (in a good way) and I can't seem to shake it.
If you were a color, what color would you be?
Cerulean blue because blue is my favorite color and cerulean sounds exotic and tropical. And it's just a really pretty color.
Please underline which statement is more like you:
"I am a vacation spa because I am laid back and relaxed."
"I am a ten-countries in ten-days tour vacation, because I do things as fast as possible."

Please complete the sentences

I love pizza with extra cheese and lots of meat.
I'm always ready for a nap.
When I'm alone, I talk aloud to myself.
You'd never be able to tell, but I used to be really shy.
If I had a halo it would be a miracle.
If I could afford it I'd hire an assistant.
I can never take a cruise because my husband won't go with me.

Previous Books

Love by Number (Aurora Island Resort #1)
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Love at the Edge (Aurora Island Resort #3)
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The Valentine Voyeur

Books Coming Soon

The Georgia Corbins – Book Two: Levi
Love & Other Games: A collection of novelettes. My story is entitled Ice Gold.
Death of a Waterfall: Revelations (Book 2 of the Hayden Falls Saga)


In Death of a Waterfall, Teghan is faced with having to make a choice between continuing to live under the rules of her controlling father or stand up for herself and the man she loves. Have you ever had to make a difficult choice that you knew would have a huge impact on your life? What was it? How did you decide?
Two lucky commenters will win a PDF copy of Death of a Waterfall.

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