July 15, 2013

Character Interview: Sean from The Final Line @kendallmckenna #RLFblog #GLBT

The Final Line 
Kendall McKenna, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. We're excited to interview your character, Sean Chandler from the book, The Final Line (Book 3 The Recon Diaries).
Genre: M/M, military, mystery/suspense
Publisher: MLR Press
Cover artist: Jared Rackler
Length: 108,000 words
Heat rating: 4 Flames
Tagline: Love and Dog Tags
Staff Sergeant Corey Yarwood is an instructor at the Basic Reconnaissance Course. His last deployment ended in horror, but he can't remember those events. Battling severe PTSD, Corey's drinking is growing out of control.
Sean Chandler walks into a dive bar, and into Corey's life. An actor and a musician, Sean has the empathy and compassion to sooth Corey's pain, and the strength to support him as he struggles to heal.
Corey's lost memories are pivotal to a civilian murder, and a military investigation. Remembering could mean salvation, or destruction. Will the truth be too much for Sean to handle?
What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Corey Yarwood, 27 years old, Staff Sergeant, US Marine Corps
Sean Chandler, 30 years old, actor/musician


The corridor was dim, lit only by the single bulb on the upper landing. Sean leaned against the door, on the other side of the small window, mirroring Corey. Moonlight streamed in, cutting through some of the darkness, and bathing Sean's prominent features in silver and shadow.
Corey's chest tightened painfully and he stopped breathing. Sean was so fucking beautiful. The moonlight caught the highlights in his light brown hair. His eyelashes looked longer and darker in the dimness and they swept softly against his cheeks as he looked down at his own feet. His sharp cheekbones cast dark shadows and his hazel eyes were so pale they were luminous. Sean's damned upturned nose that drove Corey fucking mad, was even more pronounced in the soft light. Corey's eyes locked on Sean's full, shapely mouth. The bow shape of his upper lip and the poutiness of his lower lip were enticing. They looked so soft and warm and Corey ached to just lean in and kiss Sean.
"So, I realized that I don't even have your number," Sean said, just above a whisper. He held his cell phone in his hand, thumb hovering.
Corey thought about it and realized Sean was right. Because he'd known where to find Sean this weekend, it hadn't occurred to Corey to get his number.
"Unless you don't want to exchange numbers?" Sean spoke softly but Corey could hear his disappointment like a forty-mike-mike.
"No! I mean, yes. Shit." Corey hastily pulled his phone from his pocket. "I was just trying to figure out how that had happened at all," he muttered. "I'd have been really pissed when I got home."
Sean chuckled as he keyed in the numbers Corey rattled off. Corey thumbed in Sean's number and paused when he went to type his name. "How do you spell Sean?" Realizing what he'd asked, Corey added hastily, "I mean, I know how to spell Sean but how do you spell it?"
When Sean laughed, his eyes crinkled and his wide smile made Corey feel like he'd been punched in the gut. His laughter was low and husky, both delighted and mischievous. Sean gave the traditional spelling of his name, the one Corey had always liked because it was simple and uncomplicated.
"C-o-r-e-y?" Sean asked.
"Yep. Simple and no frills," Corey replied.
"To the point, with no extraneous bullshit," said Sean.
Corey couldn't help but smile.
They stood, shoulders against the door, staring at one another in silence. Sean's eyes grew wide and his expression serious. He took one slow step forward until he was right in front of Corey.
Corey stood frozen, his eyes roaming over Sean's handsome face, taking in his smooth, tan skin and the heat just beginning to smolder in his eyes. He caught the scent of Sean's cologne and had to bite back a moan, it smelled so good.
Slowly, Sean lifted both hands, palms out. He stood, letting Corey understand his intentions. Corey shifted to lean back against the door, silently consenting for Sean to touch him. Sean stepped close enough that Corey could feel the heat of his body all along the length of his own. Gently, he placed his palms on Corey's chest. He stood patiently, as if awaiting Corey's reaction.
With his back to the door, Corey stood unmoving, feeling scalded by the heat of Sean's hands through his shirt. He was trapped by Sean's eyes, staring directly into his, unblinking. He was sharply aware of Sean's hands running slowly down his chest and over his stomach. Sean's lips parted as he held Corey's gaze steadily.
Corey's own lips parted as he breathed heavily, wondering where Sean's hands were going to wander to next. His heart was pounding and he knew Sean had to be able to feel it as he slid his palms over Corey's chest again. A quiet sound escaped Corey as Sean's hands curled up over his shoulders and skimmed down his arms. He hadn't been touched like this in so long.
One of Sean's hands dropped down to Corey's hip and panic flared in his chest. As much as he wanted to press himself against Sean's firm, muscular body, he knew Sean would feel his lack of reaction and take it the wrong way. To Corey's relief, Sean didn't bring them in closer. He slid his other hand behind Corey's neck and cradled his head.
Corey glanced down at Sean's wet, red lips. He felt the urge to push forward and taste Sean's mouth, but he held back. Sean was driving this between them so Corey waited to see where he would take them.
When he finally did lean in, Sean didn't press their mouths together. Instead, he rested his forehead against Corey's. Sean's hazel eyes held so much heat they nearly glowed. He seemed able to look right into Corey and see all the secrets he tried to keep hidden. Corey had never experienced anything like this.

Interview with Sean Chandler

Tell us about yourself.
Well, okay. My name is Sean Chandler. I'm thirty years old. I'm an actor, a singer, and a song writer. I graduated from USC as a musical theater major. I've had several roles on Broadway as part of ensemble casts. Recently, I've been getting some high profile supporting roles in movies. Mostly, though, I've had a lot of guest roles on popular and genre television shows, and I voice a lead character in a very successful animated film franchise. Most of my success has been in acting, so far, but I would really like to work in music a little more.
Tell us about Corey.
Corey. Oh, excuse me. That would be Staff Sergeant Corey Yarwood, USMC Force Recon. He's a big, blond, blue-eyed, tattooed Marine. He's so strong and so capable, he doesn't feel the need to prove any of it. He's really sexy, and really funny, and has no idea. He's also the strongest person, emotionally, I've ever met, but he doesn't know that about himself, either. He puts up with my crazy job and my unpredictable hours, like it's nothing.
Fire for Effect 
What do you think is your strongest point?
My creativity or my sensitivity. They're probably intertwined.
What would Corey say is your strongest point?
My patience. He thinks I'm more patient than I really am, though. For some reason, he thinks it's a burden to talk to him about the things going on in his life and his career. But it's not. He's interesting and enjoyable to be around, so no patience is involved. He just refuses to believe me.
What do you wish was different about your life?
I love my job and I wouldn't want to do anything else. But it requires a lot more travel than I wish it did. If there was anything about my life I wish was different, it would be that I didn't have to travel quite as much. Corey's job doesn't let him travel with me very much, and it even takes him away for days or weeks at a time. I guess it's not the travel that I'd change, it's the being away from Corey so much. I don't want to think about him getting deployed again.
If you were given your fondest wish, what would it be?
I've already been given my fondest wish.

About the Author

Kendall McKenna's first work of fiction was written at the worldly age of nine, and was a transformative work that expanded on the story told in a popular song of the time.
She tried her hand at vampire and cowboy fiction, winning high school poetry and short story contests along the way. It wasn't until she discovered the world of m/m erotic fiction and found her stride with cops, Marines and muscle cars, that she felt inspired to share her stories with readers who enjoy the same things.
Putting herself through college by working in a newly-created HIV testing clinic in her local Department of Health, introduced Kendall to the gay and lesbian community. Understanding and empathy has made her a lifetime advocate of GLBT issues.
A brief bout of unemployment gave Kendall the time and focus she needed to finally produce a novel worth submitting for publication. Her first novel, Brothers In Arms, introduced the world to her authentic military stories and characters.

Kendall was born and raised in Southern California, where she still lives and works. A non-conventional relationship has kept her happy for the last decade. Her four dogs enjoy it when she writes, as she sits still long enough for them to curl up around her.

Brothers in Arms

Previous Books

Brothers In Arms (The Recon Diaries)
Fire For Effect (The Recon Diaries)
Strength of the Pack (Tameness of the Wolf)
Nights In Canaan

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