July 9, 2013

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Sunday Kind of Love
Charley Descoteaux, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let's talk about your book, A Sunday Kind of Love.
Genre: M/M Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Amber Allure (Amber Quill Press)
Cover artist: Trace Edward Zaber
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (13K words)
Heat rating: 3
Jazz trumpeter Jake McKynnie is living a lonely existence in LA, convinced that's the best he can expect from life. He indulges in a bender to drown thoughts of missing his estranged son's high school graduation, but to his shock, finds the boy on his doorstep the next morning. DJ grew up in a small Oregon town with his mom and stepdad, but now he's come to LA with big dreams of becoming an actor. He's also not above doing a little matchmaking for his lonely father while he's at it.
Jake takes DJ to a friend's salon, where he gets a hairstyle fit for professional headshots. As they leave the salon, however, the observant DJ sends Jake back inside alone to see Mason, the sexy stylist who was checking him out, which leads to a thrilling and memorable encounter.
After their impromptu tryst, Jake can't get Mason's strong hands and hot body out of his mind. And for the first time in years, thanks to his son and Mason, he can actually imagine an exciting future when it comes to his personal life. Yet Mason's hiding something about himself, and his secret could force him to blow town at any time. Will he stick around long enough to replace the ghost of Jake's past?
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What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Jake McKynnie is pushing fifty, he works as a session musician by day and plays double bass and trumpet in jazz clubs by night.
Mason Hall, also pushing fifty, is currently working as a colorist in a full-service salon.


Jake grinned. "This is my boy, Jacob. He needs a haircut befitting his new status in life."
The proprietor frowned theatrically. Jake barely noticed, his mind occupied with what the boy must be thinking. He'd never met a man like Antonio in tiny Willston, Oregon. Nobody was that tall, dark and polished in pink leather pants and a pink silk snake-print button-down shirt.
"A little young…"
Jake made a strangled sound that would've had him cringing at its ethnic offensiveness if he wasn't so mortified by his own choice of words.
"Antonio, that's not what I meant." Jake looked at the boy, who was almost completely covering that he had no idea what was going on. That, and the fact that he looked so much like his father, meant he may have a shot after all. "This is DJ. He just graduated from high school and came down for college."
"You are kid-ding me! This is DJ?" Antonio turned to regard the boy with a hand on his hip and a thoughtful expression. A slow smile spread across his face and he fluffed DJ's hair and then held it away from his face. "You did bring him for me. Come on, gorgeous, let's get started."
Antonio brought Jacob farther into the salon, an arm draped across his shoulders and Jake following close behind them. It always surprised Jake how many people could be in the salon—stylists, customers, and assorted friends of Antonio's—and yet it rarely sounded as though the chairs were full even though they usually were. But that could've had something to do with the volume of the music which wasn't overpowering but loud enough to conceal a multitude of sins.
Antonio sat Jacob down and put Jake in the next chair to watch while they discussed the merits of a few hairstyles. Jake felt an inordinate amount of pride as the boy warmed to the situation, as though he hadn't spent every day he could remember in a rural Oregon town of 1,200, but in LA as originally planned. Both spent a quiet moment not quite looking at each other in the mirror when Antonio said father-son facials were on the house as a graduation present. Jake didn't want to remind him of the honorary nature of his title, and it'd been too long since his last facial anyway. He pretended not to see Antonio's look that said it'd been a long time since he'd indulged in a lot of things the salon had to offer.
After a fun couple of hours Jake and Jacob headed for the car. Jacob stopped just outside the door to admire himself in the window's mirror-like surface.
"You should go on back and talk to that guy whose chair you were in. He was checking you out, Dad."
Jake watched as the boy turned his head to see his new look from every possible angle.
"Looks good." Jake resisted the urge to run his palm over the boy's head, like he had when DJ was two they'd had to give him a buzz cut after he'd gotten into some paint. "Feel like yourself now?"
"You bet. I'll take a little walk and check things out while you head back in for a few minutes." Jacob winked and would've left Jake standing there if he hadn't taken the boy's arm to stop him.
"Don't go feeling too cocky, now. Just because you're in LA don't think you can swish around anywhere you please and nothing can happen."
"I'll keep the swishing to a minimum." He waggled his fingers at Jake and took off down the street.
Jake ducked back into the salon and almost ran into Antonio. "Thanks for taking care of him on such short notice. You're the best."
"You're right about that." Antonio kissed Jake's cheek and leaned back to look at him. "And it was no notice, but who's counting. You okay?"
Jake ran a shaky hand through his own short hair which, if he were completely honest, felt just that side of shaggy. "Will be. Didn't expect to see him today."
"If you need someone to talk to you just call me, honey." Antonio hugged Jake hard for a short moment and then released him and gave him a significant look. "We'll get coffee."
"Hope I didn't tick off your neighbor by monopolizing his chair."
Antonio grinned so loudly Jake had to turn away.
"I'm sure Mase didn't mind. You know he gets all drooly over hard-bodied men with tattoos." He traced the Celtic braid encircling Jake's left biceps. "And you have tattoos. Mase! Mason, come over here and tell Jake you don't mind he grabbed your seat."
Jake watched Mason stalk across the room and pass Antonio going the other way. Antonio must've winked or signaled him somehow because Mason's step turned slinky as soon as he saw past him to Jake. Mason looked hot all in black, leather pants and a sleeveless shirt that wasn't quite see-through. He could've lost the leather bands around his biceps as far as Jake was concerned, but that was the only fault he could find without more time.


What inspired you to write this book?
This story began with a photograph and a comment by a reader on Goodreads, and took shape as a series of "What ifs".
I don't own the picture so I can't post it here, but you can see it on my Pinterest board for this book. Once I saw that picture I knew I had to write Jake's story (I'd known him for quite a while by then).
The 1st "What if": What if DJ, the boy who calls Jake "Dad", showed up at his door the morning after graduation?
#2: What if Jake took DJ to his friend's salon to get an "LA appropriate" hair cut?
#3: What if one of the stylists (the hot one who ties Jake's tongue in knots, of course) was the reason Jake hadn't been to the salon for a while?
Jake, DJ, and Mason took off with the story from there and I had to dance fast to keep up. They had control as soon as Jake and DJ entered the salon, but it took me a little longer to figure that out.
Comfort and Joy

A couple of readers of my debut, Comfort and Joy, said they wanted more information about some of the supporting cast. I've felt that way after reading a story too, so I gave it serious thought and decided to fill in some of the gaps sooner rather than later. A Sunday Kind of Love does that in a roundabout way.
Which character in your current book do you think readers will like the most? Why?
I hope they like Jake. He's a little dumbfounded by DJ's arrival but does his best to rise to the occasion. Life has knocked him around a bit but he's a scrapper and even though he thinks he's given up (on a lot of things), I doubt he ever could.
When you write, what things do you want close at hand? (Coffee, water, chocolate... pictures of gorgeous hunks for inspiration...?)
I usually have a large mug of Diet Mt. Dew, too many tabs open on my browser (for "research"), and a bunch of toys cluttering my desk. Right now I have a full cast of Star Trek (TOS) Mini-Mates, and a headless Barbie-sized doll with magnets in her feet—she poses like a dream but her head keeps falling off!
Are you a plotter, or do you prefer to make it up on the spur of the moment?
I'd love to be a plotter! I'm sure there would be a lot less editing in my future if I could do that. But I just try to listen to the characters and they usually tell me what to do.
Any advice for new authors?
Write the stories you want to read and work on developing your own unique voice. Voice is the best tool a writer has, so guard yours like your favorite grandchild.
What aspect of your life do you write into your books?
The world-view I inherited from being born into a low socio-economic class. When I was a kid my family was on public assistance for many years, and I lived with a single mom in the early 1980s. I've been on my own since I was seventeen and spent some time homeless, so you'll probably never see anything too upscale in my fiction!
What other jobs have you held besides writing?
I've done a lot of different jobs over the years—sometimes two or three at a time. I've been a florist assistant and a waitress, worked in a book store and a deli, a three-person newspaper and more than one library, and spent time on both sides of a bar (cocktail waitress!). I also tried to pass as a corporate drone for a while and didn't do half bad considering I wrote sometimes when I should've been working!
What are you currently reading for fun? Anything for research?
I like a little of everything when I'm reading for fun: Stephen King to Barbara Kingsolver, Michael Cunningham to Holly Black. Lately I've been preoccupied devouring Jordan Castillo Price's backlist . Her PsyCop series is amazing, but I caught up too fast and now have to wait for the next one to come out!
Some of my latest research topics have been photographing hummingbirds, trails and hikers' camps on the Oregon coast, qualifications of a home health aide in Montana, and tattoos. Oh, and the great Lee Lofland book Police Procedure & Investigation: A Guide for Writers (Howdunit) has been on the table beside my easy chair for the past six or seven months.
If you could time travel what era would be your first stop?
I'd stop in the mid- to late-60s and spend as much time as I could just going to concerts: Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Janis, Jimi, the original lineup of The Grateful Dead—if I could, I'd keep doing that until 1991 so I could see Alice In Chains' Facelift concert in Seattle that was almost snowed out!
What kind of music do you listen to while driving? Same question when writing?
In the car it's usually jazz—it keeps my road rage in check. When I write, though, I need silence (or as close as I can get, living on a busy street!). Sometimes I'll prime the pump by listening to the soundtrack for a story before I start writing, though.
Do you play any musical instruments?
No, but I wish I did! I've spent a lot of time with musicians, and even did some singing in a bar band, but the only thing I really have the discipline to stick with is writing.
What's your favorite movie?
The Wizard of Oz. It's delightfully subversive but wrapped in a shiny package of fairy-tale normalcy. Plus, the flying monkeys are cool.
Are you the eldest, middle, baby, or only child?
I'm the elder of two girls, which is probably why I'm so bossy.

Please complete the sentence

I love pizza with salami and olives.
I'm always ready for a Romance!
When I'm alone, I write.
You'd never be able to tell, but I spent my 40th birthday in the pit at OzzFest.
If I had a halo it would be black leather with fringe.
If I could rule the world I'd make sure everyone could make a decent living doing something that gives them joy.
I can never stop writing because my characters would never let me sleep at all!

Previous Books                                                                           

Comfort and Joy, Etopia Press (Dec. 2012)
How much love does it take to heal the wounds of hate?
Sam and Charlie have been together over a decade, and their commitment to each other has only grown stronger through the years. But love isn't always easy, and eighteen months after a violent assault, their fairy-tale relationship is still struggling. Charlie can't shake the lingering fear of attracting more violence by displaying affection, and he's angry at himself for not getting past it. Sam would do anything to help Charlie feel better—if only he knew what that was.
Directing Traffic, Dreamspinner Press (June 2013)
A new love was the last thing on his mind . . .
Neil Sedwick expects to spend his vacation in a sleepy tourist trap mourning his late partner's death. Instead, he puts his recently acquired CPR certificate to use and saves an elderly resident's life. But it's the survivor's nephew, sexy middle-school teacher Ty Bigelow, who causes Neil to reevaluate his routine and consider reopening his heart.

Books Coming Soon

I've just contracted a long novella with Dreamspinner Press. Curious Sustenance is scheduled for release in Nov/Dec of this year and I'm really excited about it. It's the story of a man who loses 98 pounds on Weight Watchers and the unexpected ways his life changes. It features an awesome gal-pal, an unusual sex club, and a mysterious Japanese shibari artist.
Swagmaster Designs Giveaway


To celebrate both of my summer releases—and the supporting cast that went through so much to make the stories work—I'm giving away two one-of-a-kind key chains. The book cover charms were made by Swagmaster Designs and I added a little something to each one.

In my Dreamspinner Press release, Directing Traffic, Ray Bigelow is in full cardiac arrest for most of his first scene, but he's a tough old bird. This story takes place in a little beach town on the Oregon coast, so in Ray's honor I added a stingray charm!
DJ had an easier entrance in my Amber Allure short, A Sunday Kind of Love, he only had to knock on the door. In all fairness to Ray, DJ's been through a lot for an 18 year old (but that's spoilery). Since he's planning to be an actor, I added the comedy and tragedy masks to his key chain.
Two lucky commenters will each get one of these lovelies!
Thanks again for having me, Kayelle! It was a blast!

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  1. Thanks so much for having me, Kayelle!

  2. Charley, you are a hoot and a helluva writer! I'm just glad to know you, and to have an ever-growing TBR list of your books. I wish you tremendous success.


    1. Thanks, Erin! That's pretty cool coming from such a great writer! :)

    2. How sweet! Thanks for popping in, Erin.

  3. Charley, you know I'd troll you anywhere. So looking forward to reading a Sunday Kind of Love. Most things in life are a bunch of "what if..." strung together. I'm starting today with what if I let salami have a ride on my pizza. I love green olives on my pie and now I'm going to try the salami idea.

    1. I'm a green olive person too. Never thought of salami till I read this. ;)

    2. *lol* Now I want to put little cowboy hats on your green olives. :)

      Thanks for stopping by Susan! :)

  4. So your main characters are not so young.
    I like that, I'm kinda getting a tired of all these young heros dashing around, especially when I'm getting gray hair.
    Would look forward to read this.

    1. Hear hear! I like older heroes as well. One of mine has a hero who's 63. Granted, he's immortal, but he does age before he dies and comes back young again. I think the age of characters needs to reveal some of their individuality. For example, it's hard to have a "seasoned warrior" who's just 20 or so, don't you think?

    2. Thank you for commenting!
      I hoped my older guys would still be sexy enough to appeal to readers. Personally, I like a man with a little experience. :)

  5. This sounds like a great read! Thank you, Charley and Kayelle for the great interview as well!

  6. Thanks, Charlie!
    Kayelle really does the Q&A thing well, doesn't she? :)

  7. Charley...loved this post, especially the biz of never seeing anything too upscale xx


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