July 7, 2013

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Presenting Nobility 
Eva Caye, welcome back to Romance Lives Forever. Please tell us about your new book, Presenting Nobility.

Presenting Nobility, the seventh novel in the To Be Sinclair series of science fiction romances! The Heir Second thoroughly enjoys his privileges, but he must also teach and learn the responsibilities of authority. Driven to be worthy of his political power, Matthieu nevertheless suffers unimaginable losses while performing his Imperial duties and trying to find a lady worthy of being his Empress someday...
Published June 30, 2013
Length: 200,000 + words
Ever since he was six and witnessed the destruction of the old Palace, Prince Matthieu Sinclair has honed himself -- mind, body, and spirit -- until he is about as perfect a human being as has ever existed. However, as second in line to the throne, his duties are so extensive that to find a lady worthy of being his Empress someday seems like a hopeless task.
His grandparents Emperor Victor and Empress Felice Sinclair recognize the depth and extent of his talents, asking him to establish the Imperial Protocol Academy for the numerous Imperial grandchildren. He must also take space duty on the ultra-secret prototype courier vessel designed by the stargate scientists. As the socialites circling him begin looking more and more like sharks, Matthieu and his brother Theo look for ways to find ladies who could help them with their demanding lives.
When complications involving the ongoing reparations strategy by the Attican Empire evolve, Matthieu must leave his ladies more than once to oversee critical developments in person. Even Miriel Makov, the one lady he has found who could possibly take up the demanding position of Empress, abandons him in their darkest hour. If he is too busy to find a wife now, how will he ever be able to do so when he is the Emperor?
Above all, when the going gets tough, the only two truths Matthieu can stand upon are that the Imperial Family's needs come before his own, and that no knowledge is worthless. Using his vast array of skills, from piloting to matrixing to boxing off corners of his mind, a technique drilled into him for a deep-cover assignment, Matthieu has to face the dreaded opponent of his childhood: the Attican Empire!
This science fiction romance is the seventh book of the eight-part To Be Sinclair series. Several scenes describe sexually explicit behavior.
Available in ePub, mobi, PDF, and other formats.


The pilot reached across Theo to key in his communications code and queried the Sentinels in the air pad's corresponding control kiosk. Several minutes later, background laughter made it difficult to hear the response when the Sentinel on duty at the kiosk finally reported. "Apparently your landing was so gentle that the landing pad never registered it, Your Highness. Colonel Treneman says the algorithms can calculate between the anti-grav vector of approach and that of a resting state, but there is a failsafe that needs a quantum of extra force to indicate the car has indeed touched down. It's so minuscule it has never not been tripped before." The Sentinel chuckled. "Go ahead and give it a quick lift and bump, and the force-shield will drop into place."
Matthieu did so as Theo raved, "Man, I have to look at those calculations. Talk about a smooth landing; your skills are legendary, but they are going to have to invent a new word for this!" The building's close force-shield sprang into place, Matthieu powered down the car, and they headed for the kiosk as all the Sentinels with them discussed the incident. By the time the lift had taken them to the private Imperial foyer to the reception hall, Matthieu was almost blushing as they decided the word 'epic' might suffice.
By the middle of the ball, as word of his feat and his new single status made the rounds, Matthieu found himself hedged in by ladies eager to show him all their delights, chatting, flirting, gossiping, and smiling inanely while they danced. He was rather uncomfortable with the attentions, since he had only spent one year stag at these parties before attaching himself to Melody when he was 17 and she was a debutante. To relieve himself of some of the pressure, he began to sit out two dances for each one he took, heading back to a position just south of his father's pavilion at the north-east end of the ballroom.
Since Theo and their friends tended to gather in that area, Matthieu made sure to include them in the conversations begun by every lady flocked around them. At least some of his buddies could get laid, he thought bitterly while smiling into the chattering face of yet another deb. When one of the debs pseudo-sadly commiserated, "I'm so sorry to hear about your break-up with Melody," Matthieu thought about his step-mother's advice and decided to do something about the twittering wrens.
He smiled at her and considered the sudden silence of everyone in the group. "Thank you. Yes, the break-up was grueling, so I have decided I will only pursue sexual relationships instead of romantic ones for the time being." He gave her wide-eyed choke of disbelief a broad smile before offering her a gentle, questioning look. "I don't suppose you have a contraceptive implant, do you?"
Batting her eyes, she said quite faintly, "Ah, no, I do not."
"Ah. A pity. You're so lovely." He projected a sad smile. The deb turned away, and half of the other ladies left with her.
"Don't you think that was rather rude?" Eric's girlfriend Lady Catherine expressed appalled disapproval, complete with incredulous tone of voice.
Just as gently as before, Matthieu turned to her. "And you think it was polite for her to throw the break-up of my three-year relationship in my face in front of all my friends and you ladies? What do you think she was really trying to say to me?"
"Good point." Theo looked over the thoughtful faces in the group. "What do you think she meant by that, Catherine?"
Put on the spot, Catherine looked around at the dozen or so people now staring at her. "I… I really have no idea," she admitted. Attending to Matthieu again, she straightened. "I apologize, Your Highness. She was undoubtedly just as rude. You were right to say what you felt, especially since no one would ever misunderstand what you said for less than the truth. I'm amazed you said it so gently, to be honest."
He nodded solemnly as all his friends and the remaining ladies discussed the deb's possible motives. He finished off his wine and asked one of the ladies to dance. After three dances in a row, he calculated he could now have six dances to stand around looking Imperial, so he went back to his usual position. Everyone but Vic and two ladies were out dancing, so they struck up a conversation.
As Vic took one of the ladies out for the next dance, Lady Helena Michelson looked him full in the face and said quite frankly, "I have a contraceptive implant, in case you were wondering."
A brief pause and a smile later, Matthieu said, "I was."
The To Be Sinclair series can be found at Amazon and Smashwords, including an 'add-on' novel, Evan's Ladies, consisting of four novellas.
The To Be Sinclair Series

About the Author

A health crisis inspired Eva Caye to become an obsessive writer, completing eight books in her To Be Sinclair series before she could afford an editor. She published Dignity in August 2012, and her 8th book Nobility in late June 2013. She laughingly refers to Evan's Ladies as Book 6.5, an 'add-on' book to the series since it consists of four novellas. The other seven books are full novels, though most have 'Easter egg' short stories as bonuses for the reader.
The To Be Sinclair series is set some 600 years in the future and covers the lives and loves of the greatest ruling family in the galaxy. Her current works-in-progress are a finale to the series, and two prequels set in the TBS universe about 100 years in the future.
Eva lives with her incredibly supportive husband and two lovely mutts in a tiny, century-old farmhouse in Louisville, Kentucky.
Eva Caye

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