July 17, 2013

What I did during #MFRWorg Summer Camp @AuthorTinaGayle #RLFblog #MFRWcamp

MFRW Summer Camp 
Today Tina Gayle shares her take on Marketing for Romance Writers Summer Camp, held last weekend on the Coffee Time Romance forum.
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I can't tell you how excited I was for MFRW summer camp to start. Not only had I signed up to give a class, but there were so many wonderful classes to take. I love learning new things so I've been biting at the bit to get started.
I was blown away with the pre-camp class by Kristyn Phipps. She explained how to use Buffer, had pictures and diagrams and cyber popcorn...oh, my. Best of all, I was able to read it a day later. I couldn't attend the class on the day she posted it, but managed to learn it a day late. Man, how I love internet classes.
Now with the stage set for camp to begin, I had to get my stuff up and going. My class of "Cut the Crap" (on editing) needed to be ready to run with the rest of the classes by Friday. I had the handout ready and then sat down to fill in all the things that weren't in the outline. It is amazing how a one page outline can morph into pages of explanation. I broke the class up into several parts so as not to overwhelm my students and to concentrate on one point at a time.
I posted the new thread and watched as the number of views when up. Silly, I know, but I was surprised by the number of people who could relate to the points I was making. While I waited for comments or questions, I ventured into the other classes.
Wow, talk about finding useful information. From discovering how to form a Street Team group to understanding POV, there were classes on so many topics I struggled to read all the information in the time I had allotted for camp.
The best part is that even though camp is officially over. I can still go back and read through the parts that I missed. Check it out at http://coffeetimeromance.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=1977&page=4&order=desc
I can also download all the handouts so I can review them later. Check them out at http://marketingforromancewriters.org/camp.htm
Coffee Time Romance did a wonderful job of making this appear seamless. I know it wasn't, but as an attendee, I had no problems with viewing classes or leaving comments.
Also, there were fun games on Pinterest. I didn't play, not because I didn't want to, time became a factor for me. My husband decided a round of golf was needed to round out his weekend so what can I say, I indulged.
For those of you who didn't attend the camp, I strongly recommend that you check out the above sites and gain what you can from some excellent information. RWA is having their national convention this week. I have to say summer camp was better. One, it isn't as expensive (Free for the camp.) Two, no crowds. Three, great information, and four, all while living in the comfort of your home. What more could you ask for?
Man, summer camp so rocks, I can't wait till next year.
Thanks to everyone who made this happen. You guys are the best.

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